Liisa OMaley – Memories, Reflections and Teachings – A Tribute to Ram Dass



Memories, Reflections and Teachings

Liisa O’Maley

Video #1

My Introduction

“The Genie Comes Out of the Bottle”


Rhode Island Retreat, 1976

Table of Contents

Session 1 – The Genie Comes Out of the Bottle

Sesson 2 – Second Grade Lessons

Session 3 – The Original “Be Here Now”, Bindu to Ojas Box Set

Session 4 – First Class

Session 5 – The Birth of the Hanuman Temple in Taos, New Mexico

Session 6 –Small Influences, Great Outcomes

Session 7 – My Personal 44 Year Relationship with Ram Dass


Liisa OMaley/Vasu
The Beezone Farm
Taos, New Mexico

February 10, 2020

Liisa O’Maley

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