Love of Me Must Be the Measure of Your Intimacies

Love of Me Must Be the Measure of Your Intimacies

Recent Instruction on Emotional-Sexual Responsibility and Adapting to the Practice of True Intimacy

from The Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”).

©1993 Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Pty Ltd, as a trustee for the Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Trust.
Produced by the Free Daist Communion in cooperation with the Dawn Horse Press.
ISBN: 0-918801-75-3.

Excerpt from 6/22/92.
Letter to the Reader.

Part One: Be Established in Your Heart-Relationship to Me:
Live in the Heart Place (5/30/92).
Right Approach to Me (7/28/92, 7/29/92, 6/3/92, 7/30/92).
Practice This Real Devotion to Me (8/24/92).
Rejoice in Me (1/13/93).
The Greatest of All Secrets (12/14/92, 7/9/92).

Part Two: On Emotional-Sexual Self-Understanding:
The Right Approach to Intimacy in the Way of the Heart (12/15/92).
The “Oedipal Consideration” (7/13/90).
Emotion and the Ordeal of Self-Understanding (6/5/92).
Be Willing to Do Something Different.
Work out Forgiveness and the Expression of Love with Your Parents (1/21/93).
Self-Observation and Surrender (7/9 & 7/16/92).
“In Love” Is a Great Matter (7/16/92).
Everything Should Be Confessed (11/28/92).
A Yogic Relationship vs. Romance (10/10/90).

Part Three: On Promiscuity:
Love Is Serious, Even When It Laughs (7/4/92).
The Freedom to Enter Into and Abandon Emotional-Sexual Relationships (5/21/92).
I Call You to a Living Emotional-Sexual “Consideration” (1/22/91).
Promiscuity and Intimacy (5/30/92).
Observing Promiscuity (7/17, 7/18, 12/14, & 6/17/92).
The Discipline of Intimacy Is Just as Intense as the Discipline of Celibacy (12/4/92).

Part Four: On Establishing a New Intimacy:
Announcing a New Intimacy (6/7/92).
Cultural Agreement (10/2 & 10/14/92).
Keep One Another Real (12/15 & 7/7/92).

Part Five: On the Sexual Arts:
Going Beyond Your Limits (6/13/92).
Ecstatic Living (6/13/92).
To Women, on Preparing for Sexual Occasion (5/30/92).
To Men, on Interest and Excitement (5/30/92).
To Women, on Interest and Erection (5/30/92).
Clothing (5/30/92).
Makeup for Men (5/30/92).

Part Six: On the Roles of Men and Women:
The Play of Polar Opposites (1/21/93).

Part Seven: On Sexual “Conscious Exercise” and Regenerative Sexuality:
You Must Adapt to the Sexual Discipline-It Is Not Something You Can Do Immediately (9/19/90).
The Control of Orgasm by Men and Women (9/19/90).
Frequency of Allowable Orgasm (1/2/90).
Finger Pressure (10/2/90).
Menstruation and Sex (10/20/90).
The Effects of Degenerative Orgasm (9/17/90).
Bodily Integration with Sexuality (10/2/90).
Regenerative Orgasm (11/11/90).
Degenerative Orgasm Should Be Bypassed, but Orgasm Itself Is to Be Converted (11/7/90).
Addressing Functional and Stylistic Limitations (9/19/90).

Part Eight: On the Sexuality of Young People in the Way of the Heart:
Fantasy and Reality (5/21/91).
Sri Da Avabhasa’s Instruction to a Young Woman (1/12/91).
More Instruction from Sri Da Avabhasa to the Same Young Woman (1/12/91).
Honesty Is to Be Valued in the Way of the Heart (5/22/91).

Part Nine: On Homosexuality:
Whatever Your Sexual Practice, Practice the Way of the Heart with Discrimination (8/7/90, 5/26/92).

Part Ten: On the “Architecture of Living”:
Give Time and Space to the Community of My Devotees, Give Your Intimacy Over to Yoga, and Give Your Life Entirely to Me and to the Process of Divine Self-Realization in My Company (3/29-4/4/91).
Change Your Action (4/10, 4/11/91, 6/3/92).
Including Children (7/19/91).

Part Eleven: On Renunciation:
The Effort Toward Union Has Nothing to Do with Realization (5/25/92).
The Purpose of the Sexual Discipline in the Way of the Heart (1/2/92).
Celibate Renunciation (5/30, 6/11//92).
Transform the Conditions of Existence (6/7/92).
You Must Shine (3/19/92).
The Commitment to Ecstasy (6/9/92).
Get Straight—and Really Dance! (7/6/92).



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