Lydia Depole’s Leela with Friends

Lydia Depole’s Leela

with Friends




This Leela is fundamentally about why “Hearing” could not be acknowledged by our Beloved Master.

There are prerequisites for the Initiatory process that occurs at the first period of the intensive listening-hearing stage of practice (1.1). 

When devotees provide the Divine Heart-Master with the Requirements of His Heart (and even every Necessity), they soon become the servants of His Heart’s Intention in the world–both during and after (and forever after) His physical Lifetime of Avataric Incarnation. In this manner, the Divine Heart-Master’s Work in the world becomes entirely dependent on those who love Him. When devotees of the Great One become the recognition-Awakened servants of the Divine Heart-Master, the Great One Serves them via the Divine Heart-Master’s Avatarically-Born Bodily (Human) Divine Form, and via the Divine Heart-Master’s Avatarically Self-Revealed “Bright” Divine Body of Mere and Blessing Divine Spiritual Presence. And those who are Thus Served by the Great One soon become the necessary servers of His Serving Work. — Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Ruchira Avatara Gita, verse 49

Fulfillment of The Nine Great Laws is the means whereby the devotional and Spiritual culture of Adidam justifies the Grace of access to Avatar Adi Da’s physical Form, His Sacred Empowered Holy Treasures, Set Apart. Those Requirements were initially summarized as: 

  1. A True culture, mission, and Ruchirasala of Adidam (bringing real gifts to Avatar Adi Da)
  2. A True Samrajya
  3. The True Global Ashram of Adidam
  4. Right direct service to Beloved Adi Da in His bodily (human) Form
  5. The Culture of Access