Abusing Disciples


.”..at times Baba, when confronted with breaches of discipline, or even for no apparent reason at all, would become extremely angry and abusive, even physically with the disciples” Ramjoo’s Diaries – p. 21



Meher Baba and Charles Purdom (arms folder) – According to Purdom’s autobiography, he first met Meher Baba by chance while he (Purdom) was on holiday in a retreat in Coombe Martin, Devon, in 1931. Baba was on his first visit to England.

C. B. Purdom


Another feature of Baba’s working is his abuse of disciples (more on this), sometimes in their presence, at other times in their absence. I have referred to the abuse of Masters by each other: they will even throw stones at each other. This is done so that the Master who abuses may attract to himself what are called the “sanskaras” of the race, for the Master has no sanskaras of his own.

When we abuse another we create “sanskaras” for ourselves, that is to say, psychic impressions — the abuse falls upon our own heads. When Upasni Maharaj abused Baba, he was attracting to himself — for the purpose of dissolving them — Baba’s own sanskaras, until Baba had himself reached perfection; thereafter, in such abuse, he was blessing mankind.

When, therefore, Baba rebukes a disciple it is for the sake of protecting him, if he is in danger, or of attracting to himself the sanskaras, or impressions, that are affecting the disciple and so freeing him from them. To be abused by a Master is a blessings.


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