God To Man and Man to God – Contents


Edited by C. B. Purdom London, Victor Gollancz LTD, 1955

A short history of the book

1967 expanded release of God to Man and Man to God entitled The Discourses (Online edition)



God to Man and Man to God

The Discourses of Meher Baba




Part I

I – The New Humanity

II – The search for God 

III – God – Realization 

IV- Aspirants and God Realized Beings 

V– The State of the God Man 

VI – The Work of the God Man 

VII – Avatar 

VIII – The Circle

Sahaj Samadhi

IX – The way of the Masters

X -The qualifications of the Aspirant

XI -Discipleship

XII -The formation, function and removal of sanskaras

XIII -Meditation

XIV -The nature of the ego and its termination

Part II

(to be continued)