Meher Baba and Upasani Baba Last Meeting

The Last Meeting of Meher

and Upasni Maharaj

from the Awakener
Magazine, Vol 14

In the words of a visitor who
accompanied Baba:

As previously arranged by Baba ‘s
orders, I reported myself with my car at Panchgani on the
night of 16th instant. On the morning of 17th Savak Kotwal,
with myself driving, left Panchgani. We reached Poona at
about 9:30 a.m. and had our lunch at mother Shirinmai ‘s
house. Leaving Poona at 11:30 a.m. we reached Ahmednagar at
1 p.m. At first Baba thought of spending some time at the
Dak Bungalow but seeing it full, went to Meherabad.
Meherabadians were both delighted and surprised to see Baba.
I returned to the garage to equip the car and drove to
Meherabad at 2 p.m., accompanied by Gulmai and Kaka Baria.
At Meherabad, Padri and other members requested Baba very
earnestly to allow Padri to accompany Baba with his camera.
Baba agreed and we all left Meherabad at about 2:30 p.m.
– Shri Baba, Gulmai, Kaka Baria, Savak Kotwal, Padri
and myself.

Two miles away from Sakori is a
village called Dahigaon. We reached there at 4 p.m. A small
garden surrounded by fencing and a but were found to be very
pleasant by Baba. On our arrival at this place we saw
Yeshwantrao unlocking the gate. Yeshwantrao is an old
disciple of Upasni Maharaj and holds Baba in equal reverence
and devotion. When asked, Yeshwantrao said he had been asked
by Maharaj to unlock the door and clean up the place. It was
Baba’s definite orders that no one of Maharaj ‘s mandali
should be in the vicinity of the but and Gulmai had been
expressly instructed to the effect that Shri Maharaj was to
come alone to the meeting place.

Baba ordered Gulmai and myself to go
to Sakori and bring Maharaj. We arrived at Sakori at 4:30
p.m. and took the car straight to the residential
worship-house of Maharaj. A few minutes ‘ waiting and Gulmai
was summoned inside. She came out with a message that
Maharaj would be ready to accompany us in a few minutes. As
we waited, all the disciples of Maharaj were scanning us
with eager and puzzled eyes, conjuring up causes for our
expectant waiting. At 5:30 p.m. Maharaj joined us in the car
and within a few minutes we reached Dahigaon Garden. Shri
Maharaj got out of the car and went straight to the but
inside the garden. The rest of the party, including Gulmai,
waited outside the compound and had definite orders that we
should not step into the compound or even look towards the
hut. We were also instructed that soon after Baba clapped
hands, we should enter the compound, and Padri was to take

The atmosphere was solemn and
serene. We then heard the clapping for which we were
expectantly waiting and with due reverence rushed in. During
the meeting Baba had been all alone with Maharaj, and no one
had been there even in the compound. It was a magnificent
sight to see the two Masters walking together, with their
faces lit up with a glowing radiance and incandescent
brilliance. Padri made the best of the moment and took the
photos. As the two reached the gate Gulmai garlanded them.
We paid our respects here to Maharaj. Yeshwantrao, who was
standing at some distance, tried to approach for Baba’s
darshan, but Maharaj stopped him, saying, “Meher Baba cha
hokum naki ” (Meher Baba ‘s order is not to take darshan).
Baba had a hearty laugh at this remark. Bidding all goodbye,
Maharaj got into the car and Gulmai accompanying us, I drove
to Sakori. On the way, Maharaj said it was an ideal place
for the meeting — solemn and beautiful. Further, we
were asked when we intended to leave for Panchgani. I said,
the same night, reaching there at midnight. He warned me to
drive the car carefully.

We pulled up the car right to
Maharaj ‘s residential quarter and having had His blessings,
returned to the garden. Gulmai remained at Sakori. I then
found Baba in a particularly good mood and we reached
Ahmednagar late in the evening. We had dinner at Khushru
Quarters, prepared by my wife Vilu, and left for Panchgani,
reaching there at 1:20 a.m. the next morning. On the way
Baba asked me whether I felt sleepy. I was wide awake all
the time, as the journey was very pleasant with Baba near
us. Savak Kotwal amused us on the way with his Hindustani
and English songs sung “Indian-wise. “

In His discoursing mood Baba gave us
to understand that when Maharaj entered the hut wherein Baba
was alone, Baba paid His respects to Shri Maharaj, and
Maharaj, with His hands, lifted Baba and embraced Him
heartily for a long time and shed tears. Maharaj spoke a lot
regarding war, Maharaj’s and Baba’s disciples and mandali
members, Baba ‘s silence and His speaking, etc. No details
are given to us by Baba. Further, Baba said Maharaj remarked
to Him that the power of all the Satpurushas was focused on
Baba. By this meeting one point was decided definitely: that
Baba will speak without warning on any day between 15th
February 1942 and 15th February 1943. He may speak on 16th
February 1942 or 14th February 1943. During this period,
Shri Maharaj and two other Satpurushas will shed their
mortal garb. Much worldly destruction is to come in the near
future when every individual soul will give up hopes of any

Baba presented Maharaj with a small
box of Baba ‘s lockets, — Maharaj had a good look at

What was said between the two
Realizers comes from ‘The God-Man’, The Life, Journey and
Work of Meher Baba with an Interpretation of his Silence and
Spiritual Teaching by C.B Purdom 2010 edition.


These are the words of Meher Baba.
p. 256

“Later on Maharaj sent word by Adi’s
mother Gulmai, “Soon I shall drop this body, so tell Merwan
to come and see me. I said I would not set foot in Sakori,
so a meeting was arranged elsewhere in a hut. We embraced
each other and I put my head under his foot. He said, “You
are Adi-Shakti” (The Supreme Power). He started weeping, and
said to me, “Keep you eye on Sakori.” Then we both went
away, and three to four months later, Maharaj dropped his
body, and Godavri was given charge of the nuns. Godavri was
in the secret all the time but never said a word about me.

from the Awakener
Magazine, Vol 14

from Circular No. 2, sent by Adi K.

October 24th, 1941, Bangalore,

Adi K. Irani relates: “Meher Baba
told me that, during the period when he was brought down to
normal human consciousness, in the old days at Sakori, He
and Upasni told each other of their experiences. Baba’s
cosmic vision was from a distance, of a totality of things
appearing in small size, whereas the view of Upasni was of
large objects nearer in view but less in number.