Mani S. Irani and Meher Baba

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Mani S. Irani explains the hand gestures of Meher Baba (1982)

Manija Sheriar Irani (December 15, 1918 – August 19, 1996) was the younger sister of Indian spiritual master Meher Baba, and one of his mandali. She was chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust and the author of 82 Family Letters.

Besides Meher Baba’s chief woman disciple Mehera Irani, Mani Irani was said by Meher Baba to be his second closest woman disciple and his spiritual sister. Mani was one of only four women out of twenty companions to accompany Meher Baba in his New Life phase, beginning in October 1949. By Meher Baba’s directive given during his lifetime her remains are buried adjacent to Baba’s samadhi in Meherabad, India.

Mani, Meher Baba, and Mehera Irani


Meher Baba, 1925

Meher Baba interviewed by Louis van Gasteren 1967 

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