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For those interested in Adidam’s copyright protection of Adi Da’s Work, here is a communication sent out in March of 2017 – from my understanding – it still holds.

Om Sri Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj


Dear devotees, friends, and supporters of Avatar Adi Da (and anyone reading this note),

Avatar Adi Da Samraj Labored tirelessly throughout His Avataric human Lifetime to create Agents that would forever serve to connect human beings with His Divine Presence and Person. Among these Agents are His Divine Word, both written and recorded; His Divine Image-Art; and His Likeness, which includes representations of His bodily Form, but also, for example, His Laugh.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj Gave explicit Instructions as to how these Agents were to be preserved and related to, now and in all future time. This is not simply a matter of an artist or author expressing his wishes as to how his work should be treated; it is that, also, but it is a much more profound matter, because the Author is the Divine Person, and His Instructions are Given in order to serve the Divine Liberation of beings now and forever.

As with all aspects of Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Work, oversight and governance are vested in the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. Right protection and use of Bhagavan Adi Da’s Gifts are the province of those who serve the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam, necessarily under the cultural guidance of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. The protection of Bhagavan Adi Da’s Intellectual Property- Word, Image, and Likeness – are therefore the particular responsibility of the Samrajya. All devotees, by virtue of our Eternal Vow to Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj, are stewards of His Intellectual Property, and His Work altogether. The Samrajya is the legal owner of the Property, and those devotees who serve the Samrajya must exercise ceaseless vigilance in its protection, always culturally guided by the Ruchira Sannyasin Order.

This letter continues the discussion of rightly protecting Bhagavan Adi Da’s Gifts to the world in this age of the Internet. The communication contained herein has been prepared by the Samrajya, in close consultation with the Ruchira Sannyasin Order, and is specifically and formally authorized by the Ruchira Sannyasin Order.

In this letter you will find Bhagavan’s own Instructions and Admonitions about protecting the Gifts of His Word, His Art, and His Likeness (i.e., images of His bodily Form).

We are very fortunate that Bhagavan Spoke in detail about these matters, establishing clear principles and guidance. And He not only stated the principles but also explained the logic behind them.

His Purpose in establishing these principles was to ensure that people throughout the future can have access to His Word, His Art, and His Likeness in the exact form and manner that He wanted people to receive these Gifts.

This discussion in this letter refers to all forms of Bhagavan’s Word, Art, and Likeness-reproduced, published, or displayed in all formats, including (without limitation):

• Word

• printed publications

• ebook publications

• websites

• audio recordings of His Spoken Word

• video recordings of His Spoken Word

• Image-Art

• fabrication of His Image-Art

• publication of His Image-Art in print

• publication of His Image-Art in ebooks

display of His Image-Art on websites

• display of His Image-Art in screen-projected form

• Likeness

• photographs and video recordings of His bodily Form

• artistic representations of His bodily Form that are derived from photographs

• readily identifiable and characteristic elements associated with His Human Life and Form, such as, for example, His Laugh.


Purpose and right use of Bhagavan’s Gifts

Bhagavan forcefully Admonished us to make sure that His Gifts are a means by which people are drawn into the devotional relationship to Him:

My Word must not be abstracted from Me.


My Word has no casual function.


When access to Me is just sort of “dished up “-with all My Words, and pictures of Me, and videos of Me on the internet-it makes a substitute for real practice. Then you have Me available through a “program “–without connectedness to Me, without accountability, without real devotion, living in My service, really turned to Me. That defeats the whole process of the sadhana. Then you have a substitute for Me, like a teddy bear. And, by those means, you generate an illusion of relatedness to Me. And it is an illusion. You must actually participate in the relationship to Me.


My Way is not to become the subject of some “rip-off” business made independent of Adidam. That dilutes the mission.


Adidam organizations as the vehicle for Bhagavan’s Gifts

The most basic means of guaranteeing rightness is to have Bhagavan’s Gifts come to people through the gathering of His devotees functioning through formal Adidam organizations. (Bhagavan Adi Da allowed for the possibility of some of His Works, including both Word and Image-Art, to be published by professional publishers outside Adidam, such publications requiring the same formal authorization by the Ruchira Sannyasin Order that is required for Adidam publications.)

My Word must always come through My sacred gathering. The sacred gathering is the means for presenting My Word, and My Word is not to be represented, generally speaking, outside the sacred gathering. To want to represent My Word outside the gathering is to undermine the mission of the gathering itself and to misuse My Word, really.


To do something outside the organization just tends to weaken the organization.


My Teaching- Word should not be published outside of the organization. The most anybody else could do is quote with permission, and so on-unless a special arrangement is made in some particular instance.


Those outside the sacred gathering may, if they have a positive disposition, study My Teaching-Word, and write books in which they make reference to Me in positive terms, and so on. That is a form of service.


Ruchira Sannvasin Order Authorization

The cornerstone of guaranteeing rightness is the process of authorization by the Ruchira Sannyasin Order Office. Bhagavan established the principle of Ruchira Sannyasin Order Office review in order to ensure that His Word is always rightly and accurately presented and is never revised.

There are to be no publications but Ruchira-Sannyasin-Order-authorized publications that are offered through the organization and mission. There is no basis for publishing anything otherwise.


My Teaching Word should not be published in any form other than RuchiraSannyasin-Order-authorized publications. There are only to be Ruchira-SannyasinOrder-authorized publications, and that includes everything.

* * *

The Ruchira Sannyasin Order Office is supposed to review the literature, make sure the literature is acceptable, and review anything such as advertisements and any other publications.


Formal permission from the Samrajya and the Ruchira Sannyasin Order Office must be given relative to every publication.


Formal licensing

Anyone who wants to reproduce, publish, or display Bhagavan’s Word, Art, Likeness, or other intellectual property owned by the Samrajya needs the Samrajya’s prior permission, which should be requested through the Adidam Holy Institution. There are some exceptions (known as “fair use”) to this requirement, but they are very limited.

Using My Word on the Internet requires specific permission.


Photographic Images of Me must be controlled, just like anything else. It is part of publishing.

Audio and video recordings of Me require specific permission.


Everything, including My Image-Art, must be authorized in particular. This is not to become a kind of bureaucratized system that prevents publication of My Word and Leelas-quite the contrary. It is a means to fully support it and make it happen.


Right use of Internet

Publication of Bhagavan’s Gifts on the Internet should have a missionary purpose and not be “an electronic throwaway”.

The internet has to work as a real missionary device, as a fundamental means to bring the Message of Adidam to the world. It cannot be done minimally. The websites must be made so attractive that people will want to be in them. The websites should not be doing any of this “self-guruing” shoring-up of the ego. That should not be promoted by the mission.


The Internet should be made use from a missionary point of view. It should generate income, and it should not just be an electronic throw-away.


I am not saying not to use the Internet. But I am concerned about taking every Word of Mine and putting it on the web. Putting it on the Internet is filled with possibilities for total wiping out of My Teaching-Word. You must not throw everything away. You must not just give everything away. You must sell It. You must keep It properly under control. You must manage It rightly. You must represent Me rightly.


Just deciding to publish My Books for free on the internet is a throwaway.

[NOTE: Bhagavan made only one exception to this Principle: He Instructed that Not-Two Is Peace should be made available on the Internet as a free download, because of the unique purpose of that Book as Bhagavan’s Address to all of humankind.]


There is a way to use the Internet, but it takes true devotees who really know what they are doing to make it happen.


Internet publishing must be managed properly or it is a throwaway. It gets ripped off and, the next thing you know, I never said it. And it goes nowhere. So Internet publishing has to be rightly managed and implemented. Everything has got to be done that way, and not just thrown out there casually.


Adidam is not a virtual commune of some kind where people just blah-blah one another. Adidam is a participatory Way of life, in which you have to be accountable, in which you have to have face-to-face connectedness with other people, and so forth. You have to have direct access to My Teaching-Word and to Me. That is not on the Internet.



Bhagavan Gave a great deal of Instruction relative to how His Image-Art is to be rightly displayed. In general, He did not want His Image-Art to be made freely available for electronic reproduction (with the formal Da Plastique websites and the formal Adidam websites being obvious exceptions to this general rule).

Bhagavan intended His Image-Art to be displayed in ways that allow the viewer to really participate in the process of transcending “point of view”. This primarily means that He intended His Image-Art to be displayed in its monumentally-scaled fabricated form.

Bhagavan approved of His Image-Art being displayed in projected form only for certain specific purposes, including presentations about His Image-Art and Orpheum performances by the First Room Theatre Guild. Any use of His Art in any form (whether printed, electronically displayed, or projected) He required to be specifically approved by Da Plastique and authorized by the Ruchira Sannyasin Order Office.


Concluding Admonitions

Bhagavan clearly Communicated the reality-picture of the human world that makes all these forms of protection necessary.

There is a lot of violation of intellectual property copyright these days. The insand-outs of all that, which truly set the Treasures apart, protecting them in perpetuity, are of great importance.


You have to protect My Work, because it is not just some friendly little world out there. It is basically a competitive game. Life essentially is that, and religion is that. Religions are all competitive businesses. In the most vulgar sense, they are. You have to get a clear understanding of how things work. The Holy Institution and the Mission are in a competitive marketplace. So you have to put yourself in the position of understanding that it is a competitive world and function accordingly.

You must not allow Me to be swallowed up in the nothingness. The Institution and the Mission must be clear-headed enough to understand the real world in which they are operating. Do not be naive about it.

There has to be this clarity, this strength of mind and understanding about the world, and how to address it and how to deal with real issues, and how to keep from getting exploited.

Do not be a weak little namby-pamby about it all. Protect your Treasures.


As inheritors of His Divine Legacy, we are extremely fortunate that our Beloved Master went to such lengths to make explicit His Wishes and Intentions for the use of His Work in all its forms. When it comes to making His Work available on the Internet, no interpretation or guesswork is needed for us to know precisely what we can and cannot do with His Word, His Art, and the representations of His bodily Form. Of course, there are profound Spiritual reasons for maintaining fidelity to Bhagavan’s Instruction, but at the most basic level it is very simple: Bhagavan has Told us how He wants His Gifts to be made available to the world, and we have the happy obligation of doing as He Asked.

If there are any questions about any matters of copyright, trademark, or intellectual property, please email) Adidam by using this FORM.

In love and service to Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj,

Jonathan Condit, Michiel Vos, Roger Tonkin, for the Adidam Samrajya, Samrajya IP Officer