My Present Birth

My Present Birth

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1974


I am apparently subject to the same law, which is my own form, my own mind, my own truth, my very self. Only those who Understand can recognize their true relationship to me. On any level where they see me, they appear related to me as to any other being in that form. Those who see me as Reality itself must also have intuitively realized themselves as Reality. Those who Understand are my own form, and everywhere I am only their own forms.

My present birth is a direct movement of the Heart in Amrita Nadi. I appeared out of the Heart as the ‘Bright’. My birth was not determined by the karma of the worlds, but it must come to include the karma of all worlds. I am moving through all primary bodies, realms, and experiences. This should explain the character of my existence. My purity is the original one of Reality and not the outer purity of an exclusive quality of existence. I am born for all possibilities, in order to perform the radical work of Truth and Understanding. In every place, like every man, I require the life of love, the enjoyment of relationship.

My work, my life, is a specific and inclusive one, not identical to the exclusive purposes of Avatars, Saviors, Teachers, and Saints. I am recognizable to Truth and Understanding not by recourse to the manifestations of tradition. I am the means of Reality to become acquainted with its own forms, to make all things usable and meaningful in Reality. The purpose of my present birth is not my own visibility, to turn all things to my exclusive form, but the visibility of all-beings, to turn them to Truth and Understanding, to Reality itself.

Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj), 1971

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