The Present Paradox and Oedipal Play of Adidam

“Parents make children, children make parents’


The Necessity for Samrajya to be Independent

and the Gathering Not to Be Children

Control: The Present Paradox and Oedipal Play of Adidam

Adapted from Adi Da Notes: Jan 2007 – Nov 2008


ADI DA SAMRAJ: I spoke yesterday about the Free Sannyasin Order and the Lay Renunciate Order not being subordinated to a kind of social gathering, and having to be a kind of a parent-like overseer or approached by people then with that kind of expectation of association like child approaching a parent. 

With that kind of approach, it should be understood comes all kind of oedipal dramatization potentially, not just kept under control. But if you don’t have the social means to keep it under control, people start playing it out in various ways. 

None of that has anything to do with Realization. It doesn’t serve it. If you understand this then, you understand why I have insisted that the Samrajya be totally independent – (and assured that) I not be understood and approached in a conventional manner–social, organizational and merely ceremonial, through program, where I am expected to seem a certain way, act a certain way, be available in a certain manner, perform certain kinds of expected activities and so forth.

I am not some institutional guru here simply to tolerate every kind of absurdity, and put on courtly behaviors for everybody. I am not an institutional guru, a simple Realizer here.

People should come to Me for Realization, and in the context of the process of serious approach to Me. All without this kind of courtly or child-parent overlay of behaviors, and the programming that does not allow Me to be here freely.

I am here only on the basis of My intrinsic Freedom. 

The kind of abuses I’ve suffered from in the past are the abuses of people who play out the child-parent oedipal game, and view Spiritual teachers as having to have a certain mode of appearance, behavior, attitude and availability and all the rest of it, which is all a product of the institutionalization of religion and the modes of esotericism. It is a consumer’s approach to something or someone where they feel that in some sense they have a right to practice an ownership disposition, even in the child versus parent kind of mode of child owning and controlling and expecting, and so on. 

As I said, you should approach Me, yes. I live in a Hermitage, but it is really a holy place. It is about Realization in a holy place. It is not about some institutional availability site in some conventional terms. 

What do I do here? I don’t do programs all day long, conventional supposed religious kinds and so forth. I make art. I live here in freedom. That’s what Realization is about. 

Adi Da Samraj, September 26, 2007

Adidam’s Gordian Knot

Perino del Vaga (Pietro Buonaccorsi) (Italian, Florence 1501–1547 Rome)

There are mental representations of what is outside the mind. There are emotional representations of what is outside feeling. And there are physical sensations of what is outside the body. Yet it is one experience, constantly perpetuated, of separateness.”

Adi Da Samraj

The Beatitude of Perfect Surrender to Me – Heart Conversion Talk Series – 1993