The Great Process of Listening, Hearing, and Seeing

Santosha Adidam


“If you insist, you could practice this Way in the context of every stage.  But it is possible to establish the foundation of true hearing and seeing, and establish a foundation…”

The Fundamental Structure of Existence, The Completing Discourses of the 25th-Year Revelation



The Great Process of Listening to Me, and (Then) Hearing Me, and (Then) Seeing Me


            The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of The Heart (Whether In The Manner Of The Devotional Way Of Insight Or In The Manner Of The Devotional Way Of Faith) Begins With The Process (or Ordeal) Of Listening, or A “Reality Consideration” Of the conditional self and How it Operates As self-Contraction.

            This Becomes Hearing, or Most Fundamental self-Understanding, Operative As The Free Capability For self-Transcendence.

            When Sympathy With the self-Contraction Has Fully Relaxed By These Means, The Beginner’s Original (or Foundation) Feeling-Motive Toward self-Transcendence Is Uniquely Magnified and Activated, Such That It Becomes A Directly and Comprehensively Effective Impulse.

            When That Impulse Has (Thus) Become Really (Directly, and Comprehensively) Effective, The Same Feeling-Motive, or Open Heart, Goes On To The Next Stage Of The Way Of The Heart, Which Is Seeing, or Heart-Attraction (and Spiritually Activated Heart-Response) To My Spiritual (and Spirit-Baptizing) Presence (and, Thus and Thereby, To The Spiritual, and Spirit-Baptizing, Presence Of The Divine Person).

            This Spiritual Heart-Response (or This Spiritually Activated Devotion To Me, and, Thus and Thereby, To The Divine Person) Permits An Infilling With The Divine Spirit (or Self-Radiance).

            And That Infilling (or Constant Baptism) Permits The Fully Responsive Practice Of The Way Of The Heart, So That, By Stages, The Theatre Of egoity Is Out-Grown (Most Ultimately, In The Fullness Of Divine, and Inherently Most Perfect, Self-Realization).

            Most Ultimately, When, In The Progressive Practice Of The Way Of The Heart, The Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and (Necessarily) Divine Self-Position Is Inherently Most Perfectly Realized and Assumed, conditional Nature, conditional others, conditional body, conditional mind, and conditional self Are Inherently Most Perfectly Transcended In The Self-Radiant (or Inherently Spiritual) and Transcendental (or Self-Existing and Perfectly Unconditional) Divine Self.

            Thus, It Is Realized. There Is Only The Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self, and The Not-Self (or All Apparent Separateness and otherness) Is An Illusion, or An Illusory (or Transparent, or Merely Apparent, and Un-Necessary, and Inherently Non-Binding) Play Upon The Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self.

            Thus, It Is Realized. There Is Only Love-Bliss, Self-Existing and Self-Radiant. And, By Merely Being That, The Deluding, Binding, and Joy-Suppressing Power Is Transcended.