Heuristic Passion

The following essay sprang from reading Stanley Prusiner’s Memory and Madness: The Discovery of Prions–A New Biological Principle of Disease, New Haven: Heal University Press, 2014. Chapter 11, ‘Jousting with the press’.



The essence and implementation of science, encompassing the incorporation of new discoveries into the scientific canon, are fundamental aspects of the scientific endeavor. Individuals engaged in scientific practice employ a blend of explicit and tacit knowledge throughout the scientific process to achieve novel discoveries, subsequently sharing their findings with others.

Crucially, the pursuit of science is not a solitary endeavor. It necessitates both formal education and mentorship from a reliable guide. A mentor, serving as a trusted figure, plays a pivotal role in fostering a relationship with the student based on trust. This relationship not only imparts knowledge of science but also instills a broader scientific worldview. In essence, science is not just a subject to be learned; it is a holistic understanding that requires guidance and mentorship for comprehensive comprehension and application.


Going Beyond Conventional Knowledge

The Paradox of Heuristic Passion: A Call for Universal Enrichment Faces Resistance

Subheading: A philosophical exploration of altruism and the challenges of universal acceptance

In a world driven by personal ambitions and conquests, a unique concept emerges — heuristic (intuitive) passion — a force that seeks no personal possession but endeavors to enrich the global community. However, this noble pursuit is not without its complexities; it is both a benevolent gesture and an implicit challenge to the status quo for it doesn’t following traditional methods.

Heuristic passion, by its very nature, sets out on a mission distinct from conquest. Rather than seeking dominion, it aspires to contribute positively to the world. Yet, paradoxically, this pursuit is described as an “attack.” It not only raises a claim but places a tremendous demand on humanity. The expectation is that the gift it offers to the world should be universally accepted.

The crux of the matter lies in the response of others. To be satisfied, these intellectual passions must find resonance among individuals. The universal intent behind such endeavors creates a palpable tension. The emotional toll is evident when a vision of reality, to which one has wholeheartedly committed, is met with contemptuous indifference from others.

The suffering is not merely a personal affliction but a consequence of the broader challenge – the demand for universal acceptance. A vision ignored becomes a threat to one’s convictions. The paragraph suggests that a general unbelief, a collective dismissal, imperils personal convictions, invoking an unsettling echo within.

The stakes are high for these visions born out of heuristic passion; they must either conquer the collective consciousness or face a perilous decline. In a world grappling with diverse perspectives, the paradox of altruistic passion unfolds, as individuals navigate the delicate balance between enriching humanity and the universal acceptance of their visions.


Crazy and Stupid Ideas

The 2022 laureates in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine and economic sciences talk to Zeinab Badawi and students in the audience at the Royal Palace in Stockholm about their discoveries and achievements, and how these might find a practical application.



Awakening to the Self – The Heart