Psychedelic Bibliography

Harvard Psilocybin Course

Psychedelic Bibliography


The following are the many of the materials used to create this course.

Books and Collections

The Harvard Psychedelic Club, Don Lattin, Harper One, 2011

Timothy Leary, The Harvard Years, James Pennen, Park Street Press, 2014

Flashbacks, Timothy Leary, Putnam Press, 1983

Being Ram Dass, Rameshwar Das, Sounds True, 2021

High Priest, Timothy Leary, Ronin Publishing, 1968

Storming Heaven, Jay Stevens, Grove Press, 1998

Acid Dreams, Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain, Grove Press, 1985

Acid Revival, Danielle Giffort, University of Minnesota Press, 2020

Mystic Chemist, Dieter Hagenbach and Luius Werthmuller, Synergetic Press, 2011

The Immortality Key, Brian C. Muraresku, St Marin’s Press, 2020

LSD – The Wonder Child, Thomas Hatsis, Park Street Press, 2021

Cleansing the Doors of Perception, The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals, Huston Smith, Tharcher, 2000.

LSD: The Consciousness-Expanding Drug. David Soloman, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1966

Clinical Psychiatry and Religion, Edited by E. Mansell Pattison, M.D., Department of Psychiatry University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


A Social and Cultural History of The Federal Prohibition of Psilocybin. A Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy, Colin Wark, August 2007, University of Missouri-Columbia.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: LSD at Harvard, Harvard Crimson, May 23, 2016, Nathaniel J. Hiatt.

Altered States: LSD and the Anesthesia Laborary of Henry Knowles Beecher – George A. Mashour, M.D., Ph.D., University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Acid Brothers – Henry Beecher, Timothy Leary and the Psychedelic of the Century, Jonathan Moreno, University of Pennsylvania.

Beecher Study – The Response of Normal Men to Lysergic Acid Derivatives Di and Mono Ethlamides – Correlation of Personality and Drug Reactions.

Botanical Sources of the New World Narcotics, Psychedelic Review, Vol1, NO2, Fall 1963, Richard Evans Schultes

Brief Life of Henry Knowles Beecher, Harvard Magazine, 2017

Dr. Leary’s Concord Prison Experiment: A 34-Year Follow-Up Study, Rick Doblins, M.P.P.

Drugs Which Antagonize 5-Hydroxytryptamine, J. H. Gaddum and Khan A. Hameed, Department of Pharmacology, University of Edinburgh, March 29, 1954, British Journal of Pharmacology and Chemotherapy.

Enduring contributions of Henry Beecher, MD to Medicine, Science and Society, Edited by Edward Lowenstein, W. Andrew Kofke, MD, and Buckman McPeek, Univerisity of Pennsylvania.

From LSD to IRB, Henry Beecher’s Psychedelic Research and the Foundations of Clinical Ethics, George A. Mashour, Ph.D., Universit of Michigan Medical School.

Glossy Visions: Coverage of LSD in Popular Magazines, 1954-1968, Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy, Stehen I. Siff, November 2008, Scripps College of Communication of Ohio University.

Hallucination Drug Fought at Harvard, Boston Globe, Noah Gordon, March 1962.

Harvard Explains Psychology Aims, Dr. Morton Prince. NY Times, May 2, 1926.

Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber, Alston Chase, The Atlantic, June 2000 Issue.

Harvard LSD Research Draws National Attention, Harvard Crimson, Nikita Kansra and Cynthia W. Shih, May 21, 2012.

I.F.I.F. Group Plans Center For Research, Drug Experimenters to Work in Mexico, Harvard Crimson, Joel e. Cohen, January 16, 1963

Leary and Alpert Attach Monro Stand on Drugs, Harvard Crimson, December 11, 1962, No writer attributed.

Leary Lectures at Harvard For First Time in 20 Years, NY Times, April 25, 1983.

Letter from Alpert, Leary, Harvard Crimson, December 13, 1962, No writer attributed.

Observations from Richard Alpert – Early Interview

Psychedelics and Entheogens: Implications of Administration in Medical and Non-Medical Contexts, Hannah Rae Kirk, Thesis, Oregon State Universit, Honors College, May 23, 2018.

Psychotomimetric Drugs, Henry K. Beecher, M.D., Boston, Mass. From: The Anesthesia Laboratory of the Harvard Medical School at the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1958, A Review.

Psilocybin Expert Raps Leary, Alpert on Drugs, Harvard Crimson, December 12, 1962, Efrem Sigel. (expert Dr. Gerald K. Klerman, Mass General).

Recollections of the Good Friday Experiment: An Interview with Huston Smith – Interviewed by Thomas B. Roberts and Robert N. Jesse, 1966.

Reflections on the Concord Prison Project and the Follow-Up Study, Ralp Metzner, Ph. D.

State Will Investigate Research on Psilocybin, Harvard Crimson, March 21, 1962, No writer attributed.

Statement of the Purpose of the Internation Federation for Internal Freedom.

The Effects of Psychedelic Experience on Language Functioning, Stanley Drippner, Ph. D., Psychedelics

The Harvard Review, vol1, NO4, Summer 1963, Josiah Lee Auspitz, May 27, 1963.  Issue devoted to “Drugs and the Mind”.

The Hallucinogenic Mushrooms of Mexico and Psilocybin: A Bibliography, R. Gordon Wasson. Botanical Museum Leaflets, Harvard University, March 10, 1963.

The Strange Case of the Harvard Drug Scandal, Andrew T. Weil, Look Magazine, November 5, 1963.

The United States Print Media and its War on Psychedelic Research in the 1960s, Jessica M. Bracco, Buffalo State College, 2019.

Psychic Research LSD. Time Magazine, Medicine. March 29, 1963.

Walter Pahnke, Harvard Divinity School, Ph.D. Thesis, 1963


Harvard Divinity School Library

Harvard University Archives

Papers of Herb Kelman, David C. McClelland, Timothy Leary,

Harvard Divinity School Archives

Harvard Medical School Archives, Countway Library. – Papers of Henry Beecher.

Herbert Vetter Papers, Harvard Divinity School Archives

Julio Mario Santo Domingo collection – Harvard Archives,  Houghton Library

Lamont Library, Harvard

M.I.T. Department of Distinctive Collections – Aldous Huxley Lecture Series, “What a Piece of Work Is a Man”

New York City Library, Archives

Timothy Leary Papers

Widener Library, Harvard 


I Glenn Cohen – Harvard Law – The Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation

Franklin King, IV, MD, Harvard Medical – Mass Gen Hosptial – Center for the Neuroscience of Psychedelics


Concord Experiment

Harvard Psilocybin Project

Good Friday Experiment

The Effects of Methedrine and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide on Mental Processes on the Blood Adrenaline Levels, 1952, Dr. W. Liddell and H. Weil-Malherbe, Runwell Hospital, Wickford Essex, Journal Neurological Psychiatry, 1953.

The project of Psychedelic Law and Regulation (POPLAR) – Harvard Law School

Harvard Law – Petrie-flom Center – Examine the ethical, legal, social implications of psychedelic research, commerce, and therapeutics.

Timothy Leary and Associates, Papers, 1962, Harvard Archives # 17168

Additional Reference

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Whitmer, Peter. Aquarius Revisited: Seven Who Created the Sixties Coun­terculture That Changed America. New York: Citadel Press, 1987.

Whitmer, Peter. Unpublished manuscript, The Legend of a Mind,  psychobiography of Timothy Leary. 

WPIX – ‘The Thin Line’ – 1959 TV Special on the dangers of LSD (Gregory Bateson, Abramson)

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Additional Readings


Administrative Considerations – Feb 62

Alpert Letter to Pusey 5/15/63

Ambivalence of Drug Use – Hofmann

Beats Enter the Program – Chapters 12 & 13 – Greenfield

Beginning of The Harvard Psilocybin Project – 1960 – Storming Heaven


Biology of Consciousness 2016 – Brian Farrell – Harvard

Biology Of Consciousness Brian Farrell

Birth of the Project – Greenfield – Chapter 10

Charles Slack – Madness of the Sixties

Class Readings

Codex Caution – Maria Castaneda de la Paz

Concord Prison Project – Chapter 14 & 15 – Greenfield

Concord Prison Project – March 1961 – High Priest

Dan Wakefield – A Reporters View

Doors of Perception – Aldous Hulxey – 1954

Drugs and Mysticism – Pahnke

Early Mushroom Finders – Reko, Weitlaner, Shultes

First Session in Cambridge – Fall 1960

Foreward – birth of a psychedelic culture

Foreward – The Timothy Leary Project – Zach Leary

Foreword – Flashbacks – William Borroughs

Foreword – High Priest – Allen Ginsberg

George Litwin

Ginsberg and Leary – Best Minds – Weine

Good Friday – Flashbacks

Good Friday – Greenfield – Chapter 17

Good Friday – Interview with Huston Smith

Good Friday 60 Years Ago – Kaleb Graves

Gunther Weil

Harold Gram – Harvard Psilocybin Project

Harvard 2023 Psychedelic Research

Harvard Divinity 2023 Research Panel #2 – King/Forcan

Harvard Drug Scandal – Andrew Weil – Look

Harvard Law Petrie-Flom Panel – Psychedelics – April 2023

Harvard Psilocybin Project – 1960-1963


Harvard’s Henry Beecher LSD Research – 1950’s

Henry Knowles Beecher (1904–1976)

Huehuetiatolli – Oral Tradition

Huston Smith – First Psilocybin Experience – Jan 1961

International Foundation for Internal Freedom – IFIF

Introduction – James Penner – Timothy Leary – The Harvard Years

Introductory Course Video

James Penner Interview

John Blofeld – Psychedelic Experience

Latin – Introduction – The Harvard Psychedelic Club

Leary Meets Wasson NYC – Friedman

Leary on Burroughs – September 1961

Life Magazine – Seeking the Magic Mushroom

LSD and Religious Experience – Walter N. Pahnke

Luminaries and Important Figures of the Psychedelic Traditions

Meeting Huxley – Chapter 11 – Greenfield

Meeting McClelland – Greenfield – Chapter 10

Mushroom Bibliography


Pahnke Enters and Good Friday Begins

Podcast – E.O. Wilson, Richard E. Schultes and Wade Davis

Post World War II – In­telligence-Information Civilization

Prisoners to Prophets – Flashbacks

Program Introduction – Alpert, Kahn, Leary, Litwin, Metzner, Weil

Psilocybin – Black Mushrooms – 1960

Psilocybin and Creativity

Psilocybin and Peak Experiences – Jennifer Lyke

Psilocybin and psilocin – Serotonin

Psilocybin Project – Introduction – Ram Dass

Psilocybin(e) and Psilocine

Psychedelic Pinoneers – Lee and Shlain – Acid Dreams — Chapter 2

Psychedelic Pioneer – Hollingshead

Psychedelic Timeline

Schultes – 1939 Identification of Teonanacatl

Schultes – Descriptions of Peyote Ceremony

Schultes and Wasson – Harvard

Self-Image – Leary


Teonanacatl – Florentine Codex

The Ecstatic Adventure – Ralph Metzner

The First Western “Discovery” of Psilocybin Mushroom

The History of the Psychedelic Mushrooms

The History, Legalization, and Potentials of Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy

The Immortality Key – P1 C2 – Fall

The Peyote Road, 1936 – One River

The Road to Eleusis – Review

The Science of the Psychedelic Renaissance

The Social Relation Department

The State of Psychedelics at Harvard – 2022

Thomas S. Lamont – Fellow – Overseer

Timeline – 1959-1963

Timothy Leary – ‘Con III’ Culture

Timothy Leary’s First Mushroom Experience – August 1960


Vocabulary – People, Places, and Things

Walter C. Clark – The Psychedelics and Religion

Wasson – Adventure in Ethnomycological Exploration

Wasson – High Times

Wasson writes Overseer – September 1961

Wasson’s First Voyage – John Allen – Mushroom Pioneers

Wasson’s Paper 1960 – Hallucinogenic Fungi of Mexico

Who was First – Weitlaner, Wasson, Heim, or Singer?

Zack Leary talks with Ralph Metzner

Zihuatanejo – Therapuetic – Theological