Introduction to My Study of – Eastern Religions and Western Thought – S. Radhakrishnan – Chapter 7 – Greece, Palestine, and India – Ed Reither, Beezone

Greece, Palestine, and India
Eastern Religions and Western Thought, S Radhakrishnan (India’s first Vice President)

I can’t remember exactly, but it was at a time when I was immersed in the study of Eastern spirituality. What I do remember was it gave me a deep and strong feeling as I read the first 50 pages that I had come across an extremely powerful bridge crossing Eastern spirituality and Western philosophy. I came across S. Radhakrishnan book ‘Eastern Religions, and Western Thought’ in a library at Tulane University where I huddle in a small corner on the second floor for two years studying as much as I could about Eastern spirituality. His book is a compilation of lectures S. Radhakrishnan gave between the years 1936 – 1938.

Forty-four years later I was gifted with Peter Kingsley’s book Catafalque which re-awakened my interest and therefore my study of Western philosophy (not the academic kind). With this new awakening and examination I return to S. Radhakrishnan ‘Eastern Religions and Western Thought’ with Chapter VII, ‘Greece, Palestine, and India.’, a very timely chapter for this day and age.


Chapter VII – Greece, Palestine, and India