Selfless Service



“Won’t you help me ? “

“What’s it uncle ? “

“I am to go outside the town for some official work. “

” May be.”

“Please, therefore, you go to a religious function scheduled
tomorrow. I’m invited there to recite “Vishnusaliasranam’. You go
there and recite the hymn so long as the function goes on. “

“How nice ? Simply I’ll go there and recite the holy hymn.”

The above mentioned conversation between Shree Rang and his
maternal uncle only revealed that the latter was invited once to a
‘Vishnuyag’ and that he was entrusted the work of recitation of
‘Vishnusahasranam’ in that function.

As told by his maternal uncle, Shree Rang went to the function and
did his work i. e. recitation of ‘Vishnusahasranam’. He was already a
sincere fallow and as such he began to recite tire hymn mindfully.
His correct pronunciations, intonations, etc. attracted the other
participants and visitors as well.

After a while one brahman approached Shree Rang and said,” “Dear
boy, I’m allotted the work of offering oblations into the sacrificial
fire. I am old. I can’t bear the heat and smoke of the fire. Will you
please, carry on my work ? I’ll recite the hymn for you.

“Gladly. “Saying so Shree Rang changed his seat and work.

Within a very short time another brahman said to Shree Rang, ” Why
did you accept this work ? “

“What’s harm in it ? ” Shree Rang.

“Quite innocent you are, ” said the man further, “Don’t you know
that the brahi-nanas performing the oblations are paid ‘Dakshina’
less than those who recite ‘Vishnusahasranam’. I am sure, only to get
more money that wicked cliap must have requested you to do his

Shree Rang understood the point within no seconds. However, he
said politely, “Dear Sir, more or less, I don’t long for any
‘Dakshina’. In fact, my maternal uncle was invited here to recite the
hymn. But he had some other important work elsewhere; so to carry out
his work I’m here. Moreover, to participate in such functions and
that too for the purpose of getting some remuneration is not my
profession for livelihood. Regardless of any comments Shree Rang
continued his business of offering ablations into the sacrificial