Real Practice Requires a Unique Understanding

Real Practice Requires a Unique Understanding

A Study Course on the Wisdom-Teaching of The Divine-World Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”).

For Students of Da Avabhasa International.

Only edition, 1991.
© 1991 Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Pty Ltd, as a trustee for the Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Trust.

(in two vol.)

Book One

Session One
Listening to the Wisdom-Teaching of Sri Da Avabhasa:
The Sacred Practice of Study

Session Two
“In This, My Bodily (Human) Form Itself,
My Revelation Is Shown Complete.”

Session Three
“I Do Not Offer a Method, but a Relationship.”
The Guru-Devotee Relationship in the Way of the Heart

Book Two

Session Four
“This (my) Body (or bodily human Form) Is the the Teaching.”
The “Simple” Practice of Feeling-Contemplation of Da Avabhasa

Session Five
“Attend To Me and (Thereby) Understand and Transcend Your Own activity.”
Da Avabhasa’s Teaching-Revelation on self-Understanding

Session Six
Money, Food, and Sex:
The Practical, Functional, and Relational Disciplines in the Way of the Heart