Real Questions – Adi Da Samraj

December 19, 2004


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You’re addicted to your imagination. So the questions you are asking are irrelevant, not to mention basically untrue. They have nothing to do with realization. Nothing to do with reality. Realization is about reality.

DEVOTEE: Yes, Beloved. That’s You, Lord.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You’re talking about yourself. You, after these years supposedly as My devotee, still remain addicted to this absurdity of your own imagination and presumptuousness. This has nothing to do with devotion, it has nothing to do with sadhana. It’s a kind of addiction.

Realization has nothing to do with lies and nothing to do with imagination. Sadhana is about the transcending of this by a process that transcends it, not merely thinking about it a certain way or believing something about it, behaving a certain way and so on. There must be the FUNDAMENTAL transcending of point of view and that fundamental transcending of point of view IS always already the case. It is simply not realized to be always already the case.

There are just permutations of self meaning body-mind configurations, calculations, measurements, presumptions, views, slices of Reality, modes of separateness, modes of relatedness, modes of difference. If every possible point of view were the so-called point of view, then there would be no bondage and no question, no search, and no limitation.

The point of view walks to the microphone, refers to itself, refers to a presumed me as other and the game begins or continues. What recognition of Me is there in it? And yet you say you are My devotee. Who are you talking to? Do you have any sense of Me whatsoever? Do you have any sense whatsoever of The Way that you say you are living or are you just playing the point of view game, the mummers’ game?

I have to keep reminding you of your mumming and yet I know you see Me in this mummery too and you DON’T recognize Me. You are NOT turned to Me. You are NOT surrendered to Me. You are NOT self-forgetting. You are not transcending yourself in communion with Me. And in asking Me your questions you are doing what you are doing altogether. You are being mummers and finding Me in the mummery and I spontaneously and altogether am obliged to break out of that confinement and that play. If I go along with it, then what is the point of all of this, so I have to be able to break the spell.

Now I just said a bunch of words and all of that maybe was followed somehow by you, but so what? What difference does it make? Now that they are said, what’s the difference?

It’s not that the words have become some kind of transformed existence, you see, there’s still the necessity to recognize Me and turn to Me to the point of being surrendered to Me, to the point of not only being sensitive to Me and filled by Me, but to the point of that becoming a tacit, most fundamental self-understanding such that participation in My Person, My Transmitted State, becomes truly profound and ultimately perfect.

I am not the other in your mummery. To be given the opportunity to ask Me questions is to have a basic script for mummery here, to play ashram, to play ritualized religious behaviors somehow, prescribed behaviors, you see. It is to be at least given the opportunity to be mummers, even though that is not the instruction. You could use it that way and you could just go on with your ordinary lives and saying you are devotees of Mine and even behaving in some ways and speaking in some ways that have characteristics that are defined as being MY devotee, you see, but if you’re not living The Way of right relationship to Me, then it’s mummery instead.

So the questions you ask Me should be asked of Me, not of a mummers’ other and they should be relevant to the process of realization. This isn’t the weekly meeting with Evelyn. It seems that you didn’t invite some people here tonight who are residing on the island. Maybe you didn’t invite them because they have to serve somehow or maybe you didn’t invite them because they don’t measure up this week.

Who measured you? Was I given the opportunity? Am I the Master here or the focus of your mummery? Do you maintain that distance from Me that allows you to go on as you are or are you ACTUALLY My devotees in practice? If you dare to ask Me a question that is not relevant to realization, I MIGHT be unpleasant with you. Just imagine how difficult that would be! [laughter]. There must be nothing but pleasant exchanges and I must say things like [speaks in a high, soft voice] “Life is a fountain” [laughter], “Be at peace, brothers and sisters” [laughter], “I have come from the light” [loud laughter], “All is well” [laughter], “Have no fear”, [laughter], “You ARE love” [laughter] and [in a normal voice] “You will be eaten” [loud laughter]. [in high, soft voice] “Oh no, you won’t be eaten, you are love. Even if you’re eaten you’re still love” [laughter. “We deeply sympathize” [laughter.

Well, you see that’s all. Well, it’s what you’re willing to pay for unfortunately. The consumer demand is for lies and that’s why, you see, this is not an exchange of paying customers who now have a right to demand goods to be rendered to them. You see, that’s not the relationship to Me. That’s falsehood. So I must be free to NOT play a role for you or to be tolerant of the roles you all want to play with Me, you see.

So I can freely tell you then you’ve all been phonies all week and you’ve been a fraud for 32 plus years and that’s the way it is. Get straight. I’m still waiting. [laughter].