1540s, “element or first principle of a science or art,” from French rudiment (16c.) or directly from Latin rudimentum “early training, first experience, beginning, first principle,” from rudis “unlearned, untrained” (see rude).

The sense of “anything in an undeveloped state” is by 1560s. Related: Rudiments.


Man is at a new stage in the event of time. His newness or uniqueness is hidden in the brain. His lower or vital brain, including his rudimentary speech and thought, is part of the summary and reflection of the past. But the middle range of his brain, beginning with the higher verbal or abstract mental functions, is the doorway to the future. And above the thinking and imaging function of the middle brain is the naked mass of yet unadapted purity, the higher brain, which Communes with Light. This higher brain is the structural cauldron of the present and future evolutionary changes of Man and what is beyond Man in the scheme of the World.- The Evolution of Man and the Sacrifice of the World – Scientific Proof of the Existence of Man Will Soon Be Announced by the White House. Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1980

I call you to realize the seventh stage, but you must do so by enduring the sadhana the tapas, the ordeal, the self-transcendence stage by stage. The first three stages of life are the root of your adaptation, the root of your bondage. They describe your egoity until you truly grow beyond them and enter for real into the stages of life, beyond the third. In general, you are all only beginning the religious life adapting to the fourth stage of life in a rudimentary fashion. You cannot fully enter even into the fourth stage of life until this adaptation and bondage in the context of the first three stages of life is thoroughly understood, such understanding is a very profound matter. It is a profound ordeal. You may observe in yourself and in the entire gathering of my devotees, that there is no grand march to the advanced end, the ultimate stages of life in the Way of the Heart. – Adi Da Samraj

The Effort Towards Union Has Nothing to do with Realization, May 25, 1992

The mission has to work – not because I’m in business. It’s so that devotees can have access to Me–as many as possible in My Physical Lifetime–for their benefit, for the benefit of the world so that I can establish means in perpetuity. I’m still talking to you all about rudimentary beginner’s matters. You haven’t even made a Hermitage for Me. You bother Me about business and every kind of trivia and abuse. It’s just completely unconscious and you, somehow or other, think you can argue for your own refusal. There is no argument. It’s dreadful in its result, and you are not gaining from your relationship to Me. You’re not fulfilling your vow and you are not growing to the capability of the Perfect Practice. There’s just nothing of worth in this, except the mere survival game of what a collective can do for its own members, you see. It’s nothing but that. It’s ordinary life. – Adi Da Samraj

This is Serious and You Must be Too – January 15, 2005

I have to withdraw myself from a certain level of activity from time to time, because the Ashram just cannot support the level of activity I had before, it can’t support its own level of activity. We’re in that, we’re in a point like that just right now. Just a couple of days ago we had to change our way of operating because financially we don’t have the base that we had for the last nine months or so. So, all kinds of projects and so forth had to be abandoned. But they didn’t affect my basic way of working with the Ashram, it didn’t eliminate that. It just eliminated some expanded projects we had. Nine months ago, at the beginning of this year, the Ashram almost had to stop. Basically, we had a Community in San Francisco, that much of it was able to survive in somewhat modified and more rudimentary ways, Persimmon almost came to an end. We had just enough to continue it, just merely existing. And it came back again. So it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be unable to continue that work with the Ashram. But it is a possibility and I account for that every day. And there could come a time when I am just living off somewhere, in some city, or somewhere out in the country, or in another country, not having an Ashram, just having a few people there… basically, not teaching them, who cares? It is a possibility, it’s not very possible, very likely. But it is possible. And at the end of my lifetime, I could be a grocery clerk. (Laughter) It’s all right, I’ve been a grocery clerk before. It’s not like a come-down, it’s a, it’s nothing I would believe in certainly. (Laughter) Luckily my spiritual influence does not depend upon the state of degradation in which this body has sunk. (Laughter) Is this recording being made yet? – Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj) – November 20, 1975

as I’ve Told you, there is a … first of all any number of things about it that must be transcended – all of the patterning, ego patterning, that touches on all the different elements of your life that are rooted in the emotional-sexual character. What I’ve told you about entering into emotional-sexual relations and being sexually active and so forth is not something that is just part of the Way of Adidam, it is possible, potentially compatible with the sadhana and must be continually addressed in any case, and modified relative to certain things such as frequency, or whatever, but it is not compatible with this sadhana unless it has the virtues of a yogic and right practice, as part of a total right practice of your relationship to Me. And if you do not embrace that total right practice and practice in emotional-sexual terms in a truly yogic manner as I have Given, and deal with all the elements, offshoots, of it, rightly, to conform your life to the sadhana of this relationship to Me, you are not practicing this relationship significantly, if at all. You’re only practicing it in the most rudimentary beginners sense, and you here, and all the others listening tonight, you see, many of you have been around for many of the thirty two years plus of this gathering and all of you are still student-beginners. – Adi Da Samraj – The Emotional Sexual Character, September 4, 2004

You all are making a long tour out of the rudimentary beginnings of this Way. It’s just remarkable. Just laziness and self-indulgence. Just not getting it, what it’s all about. The fully established practice of this Way is the Perfect Practice. You all can’t get beyond lunch, because you are so weak in your disposition toward Me. So, if you stop indulging yourselves and excusing yourselves and being a social club and just winging it–and being presumptuous and disobedient and relating to Me as a kind of oedipal other or organizational man instead of as your Master, then you’re simply preventing the Way itself, revising it. – Adi Da Samraj, Discourse – July 28, 2004