Sadhana as a Process



The Dawn Horse Magazine November 1975

he process of sadhana is a shaking up of… unconscious(ness) and (the) subhuman life that you dramatize. But you do not by tendency want to do sadhana. There is no tendency in you to want to do sadhana or to serve me or to continue this process forever. Nothing in you is tending to do that. There is no tendency or desire that you represent that could possibly do it. Your approach to me is based on an intuitive response, an awakening in intelligence, prior to all the mechanisms of your life. That intelligence becomes the foundation of our relationship. But that same intelligence must take responsibility for all the rest of you that does not want to do sadhana, that has nothing whatever to do with the Divine. That is your situation, isn’t it? And no yogic consolations or mystical and magical phenomena can serve you at this stage.

You must go through this responsible transition from a life of suffering whose only destiny is death. Nothing is about to happen to any of you except death. That’s it! That’s your dues for a distraction, a good dream. And you have no capacity for dealing with the technology that appears after this life until you have done sadhana. It is all sleep beyond this life until another equally ignorant condition appears out of nowhere and you have the chance to make it or break it again.

Sadhana is about breaking through the usual life of tendency, breaking through the pattern of destiny, not playing upon your desires, your inclinations, your willfulness, your preferences. This consciousness, this intelligence awakened through the Teaching through which you came to me, must become the principle of your life from this time. And all of the rest of it, every bit of it, flesh and breath and belongings and husband, wife, children, everything must come under the discipline of that intelligence.

There is no other way. There is no “quickie,” no irresponsible path that winds up in God. There are only responsible paths and all of them are the same path. This process of responsibility in Satsang is the timeless and ancient process communicated by the Siddhas, made possible through the instrumentality of Satsang. Apart from destiny and death you have no other choice but Satsang. All your alternatives are brief. When you realize that, and when you are willing to be intelligent, to take on this responsible way, then you become capable of the kind of approach I have described to you this evening.

Until this Teaching has made such a point in you, however, you cannot do it. You will be unwilling to serve me. And if you do not serve me, you may be able to stay in the Ashram for a while, but you will only be tested until you begin to serve. This life of service must become humorous, happy, juicy, living. It is only when you are viewing the possibility of this life of service from the point of view of your tendencies that it seems humorless and difficult. But when you become established in this Satsang, then Satsang becomes the form of your enjoyment.

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