Sadhguru Sri Brahma – Kaliappan in Naduvapatti

Sadhguru Sri Brahma


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century ago, the small hamlet of Subbulapuram, located at the Andipatti Taluk of Theni District in Southern Tamil Nadu, was graced by the Presence of a Master – Sadhguru Sri Brahma.

Sadhguru Sri Brahma was born as Kaliappan in Naduvapatti, Ramnad District, into a poor agricultural family.

One night, as he fell asleep, he intuitively heard a voice calling him, “Come, come.” This was the moment he knew he should take sanyas and walk the spiritual path.

He did sadhana with great intensity, and at some point decided to meditate in a pit underground for a period of 10 days. He started this process in his native village. But within a few days, his sadhana was abruptly disrupted when residents pulled him out of the ground, fearing that he might die, and that they would be made responsible for it. So he set off wandering in search of a conducive place to complete the process.

When he came to the village of Subbulapuram, the residents invited him to stay, and provided him with a meal per day and shelter (adjacent to the then only Lord Vinayaka Temple). Recognizing their trust and devotion, Sadhguru Sri Brahma revealed his intention of doing sadhana underground. The villagers immediately agreed to set up the place and create the necessary conditions. As per his instructions, they dug a pit of 10–12 feet depth and placed a wooden plate on its bottom. The wooden plate, covered with tharpai, a unique grass used for rituals, served as his asan or seat. He sat down on it in padmasana, and the pit was closed with another wooden plate covered with sand. For 10 days, the villagers diligently guarded the place and ensured not the slightest sound or sudden movement would disturb his penance.

On the 11th day, as previously instructed by Sadhguru Sri Brahma, they uncovered the pit and took him out, applied the essence of a particular leaf on his body and poured over 1000 buckets of water on him for resuscitation. He stayed on for some time, and it goes to say that out of his compassion, he performed many miracles for the local villagers.

When it was time to depart, he blessed the village and said that every year, from the day after amavasya in the month of July, for three days, they should perform Guru Pooja and offer annadhanam (free food) to all the sadhus who would come to Subbulapuram. Sadhguru Sri Brahma told them to treat each sadhu as they would treat him. Those days, the village was very poor. There were neither high yield crops nor an irrigation system, only small farmers with lusty hearts, ready to abide by their Guru’s will. Sadhguru Sri Brahma said to them, “Just do this – everything will come to you.” And so it happened. The village grew and is now enjoying not only fertile land with rich crops but has also become a vibrant place to live. This is the oral tradition about the time Sadhguru Swamigal aka Sadhguru Shri Brahma spent in Subbulapuram.


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