Lower, Middle and Highest


Chapter 10: The Ultimate Passion of Man

Lower, Middle, and Highest


The lowest order of humanity does not understand even the lowest kinds of functional experience. Therefore, they remain bound to the mechanical repetition of unillumined events.

The middling range of uncommon and extraordinary humanity is founded on a critical understanding of the lowest kinds of functional experience. Therefore, such individuals serve as parental or superior guides and instructors, leading mankind toward higher possibilities. But these individuals, whom we acknowledge as great mystics, saints, and creative or intuitive geniuses, do not thoroughly understand the high and highest kinds of functional experience. Therefore, such individuals remain bound to mechanical contemplation of the luminous events of the higher mind and body of Man.

The highest human type is represented by those yet rare individuals who are established in critical and intuitive understanding of all human experience, both low and high in the structural scale of human possibility. Therefore, such individuals have understood, and thus transcended, even their own highest possible experience. Such individuals represent the ultimate Destiny of Man, which is Ecstasy, Divine Love, or the transcendence of the psycho-physical limit that is Man himself.

When Man is transcended in the Living Truth, then all knowledge and all experience yield to Life, and both body and mind Dissolve in the Thrill of Divinity.