Start Doing Some Dying Here


DEVOTEE: I have felt very greatly instructed by You relative to how we superimpose ourselves on the experience of Your Transmission. I have noticed that I do that all the time when I am feeling You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Do you see how much reference there is to “I” in almost everything you say to Me? That is why I keep Calling you all to the voice and mind of praise. “Oh, Master” not even “my Master” is the voice, the mind, of utterance that is free of this “I”-reference. Of course, the English language is built on the “I”-reference, so you cannot avoid it entirely. The voice of praise is the balance.

Tell My Leela instead of your story. You think Leelas are about some encounter you had with Me that brought about some change in your practice. Those are Leelas of a kind, certainly, but the fundamental form of Leela is simply telling about the Guru just that, describing the Divine Play itself, not combined with you but just As It Is, just As I Am, just As I Do. This is the most fundamental form of Leela-telling. It is another form of the mind or voice of praise. It is Contemplation of Me, whereas Leelas that are simply about My effect on you one way or another are ways for you to refer to Me while still talking about yourself. There can be some usefulness in that, but it is not the greatest form of Leela-telling. You all tend to be preoccupied with the lesser form.

Most of what I do you hardly tell anyone about. Little of My Leela actually gets told. You basically want to talk about yourself and interest others in how something can happen to them. What you should be interesting people in is transcending themselves in My Divine Company. If you did that, you would be telling them about Me. But you will not do it. Human beings these days, you feel, are invariably interested in themselves and do not want to hear about the Guru. You tell as little about the Guru as you can. Instead, you tell people about yourself and about themselves. It is just another way of enslaving the Divine, dismissing the Divine, and making the ego the subject of religion. That is false religion.

You are even a little bit afraid of getting involved in true religion. You are worldly and conventionally religious by tendency. This is especially characteristic of Westerners. It is a part of the principal fault that Westerners must overcome if they are to develop authentic practice in My Company. In the traditional East, just the opposite is the case. People do not want to talk about themselves. The rule is modesty, make as little self-reference as possible, talk about the Guru endlessly, talk about the Divine Leela endlessly, make as little reference to oneself as possible. In the West it is just the opposite. You are supposed to only talk about yourself.

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, You have talked a great deal tonight about the simplicity and relaxation of the process of self-understanding. I am understanding more that it is all about the self-contraction. I am feeling it more.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You are being it more.

DEVOTEE: Yes, I am being it more, and I am feeling like me.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, and you must transcend that. That is what I am talking about.

DEVOTEE: In that process of Finding You, everything that keeps coming up is suspect.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What is coming up?

DEVOTEE: Even the feeling that I am dying.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Of course you are dying. Everybody is dying. You must commit yourself to dying. You must invest yourself in dying. That is the Divine Yoga. Embrace this pressure, this imposition. Be willing to die. Be willing to do the thing that you fear, the thing that you keep putting forward to the end of time, the end of your life. Do it now.

Start doing some dying here, then. Start giving yourself up if you have any self-understanding at all, and receive Me down behind your tongue here. You have to gulp Me down and give way to Me. So what? That is life.

DEVOTEE: In the process of gulping and receiving You, this pressure does not go away.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: No, you must give yourself to My Divine Invasion. Accept It. Accept that that is life, that is the reason for existence, that is the law of existence, that is the Perfect State you are Given, and allow It completely, more and more, with all your stress, with murders in your heart, in your gut, just done.

All your “oinking” refusal, hatred, anger, upset, pursuit, seeking. So what? You have to make a life out of this acceptance, this embrace. Eat It. Eat the Living God.

You must let your fear of death go. You must accept the imposition of What Is here that you have been refusing all your life, and take Me on. The dying business is a great Yoga, all over your heart, opened, relaxed, because you gave it up. Give it up, relax down, surrender.

You are all in the same boat here in these independent bodies. Death is coming. Do it, then. Do it now. Embrace What is Imposing Itself on you. Do not wait until the end of life. Do it now. There I am swallow Me down. Take a deep breath. Be done with it. It has to happen. Do not wait for the end of life.

That is “conductivity”. Give Me your attention. Let it go, down to the frogs, the toads. Be at peace. Give up your struggle. Be at peace here and now. All your obstructions, your impulses, and your reactivity let them go now. Be at peace, free in your mind, free in your feelings, free in your body, free in your relations.

Take Me down. Breathe Me down. Be at peace in your mind. Be at peace. Do right now what you think you would do on your deathbed right now.

[Speaking very slowly and quietly] Come and sit before Me and offer your gifts, not ceremonially merely, but as a real act of self-surrender.

Sit with Me. Receive Me.

Be at peace here in My Company.

Reside here. Live in My Company.

Be at peace with Me.

Release the stress of the refusal of death and your self-defense. Drop the self-defense.

These bodies go to corpse. You go to Me.

Those who remain behind will wash it and burn it.

See amazingly and during the day, your eyes are open, the mind is clear. All is clear.

The world will live at peace a peaceful life. Relax into it.

This is My Admonition to My devotees: Self-surrendered, self-forgotten, give up your stress, your own act of separateness.

Breathe deeply, down to your toes emotional relaxation.