Adi Da’s Summary and Final Teaching Word


Understanding the Transformative Teachings of Adi Da

Since the year 2000, Adi Da’s teachings have undergone a significant transformation. These teachings are not merely revisions but represent an entirely new and fundamental shift in his spiritual guidance. While the core principles of his earlier teachings remain intact, this new iteration emerged to address a lack of full understanding of the previous methods. This new body of work is encapsulated in “The Aletheon,” which represents the Divine Teaching in its purest form.

The Significance of ‘The Aletheon’

“The Aletheon” stands as the new Avataric Divine Teaching. This work is a reflection of Adi Da’s transformative process, which is evident in the updated teachings. His teachings underwent a significant evolution following an event in April 2000, known as the Lopez Event. This event marked a pivotal moment in his spiritual journey, highlighting the purity and necessity of his teachings.

The Lopez Event and Its Implications

The Lopez Event is considered the culmination of Adi Da’s work, signifying a turning point where previous teachings were fully realized in their purest form. Post-Lopez, it became apparent that there was a failure to fully understand, recognize, and respond to his Avataric Divine Translation. The purity of his teachings from this point onwards demanded a new level of response and recognition from his devotees.

The Role of Devotees in Adi Da’s Teachings

Adi Da’s work, particularly the submission work and teaching, has reached a point where it is now essential for devotees to respond to his pure and fully revealed presence. This presence is a manifestation of a Divinely Avataric Unfolding Process, which demands recognition and understanding. The story of Adi Da’s lifetime, including the Lopez Event, is crucial for comprehending the process he has revealed and its profound significance.

Recognizing the Divine Avataric Intervention

The teachings and events of Adi Da’s life serve as proof and demonstration of his Divine Avataric Intervention in the world. This is a pivotal time on earth, where his transformation and teachings must be recognized to facilitate a great and positive change. The recognition of Adi Da’s teachings and presence is essential for this transformation to occur in the most straightforward and effective manner.

The Challenge and Necessity of Right Coincidence

Achieving the right coincidence with Adi Da’s teachings is necessary, albeit challenging. This process involves a purification journey that, while difficult, is inherently positive. The purification process is ongoing and inevitable, but it does not need to be prolonged with unnecessary negativity. Adi Da has pointed out the nature and purpose of this purification, urging his devotees to understand and embrace it.

The Call for Global Recognition

It is now time for Adi Da to be recognized globally. This recognition is crucial for facilitating the great help and transformation his teachings promise. The work of the devotee is to ensure that this recognition spreads, allowing the transformative power of his teachings to be realized worldwide.

In conclusion, Adi Da’s post-2000 teachings represent a new and profound shift in spiritual guidance. The Lopez Event marked the culmination of his work, emphasizing the need for purity and recognition. Devotees play a crucial role in this process, ensuring that Adi Da’s teachings are understood and embraced on a global scale. This recognition is essential for the positive transformation he envisioned to unfold rightly and fully.

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Adi Da’s Summary and Final Teaching Word

August 2008