The Arrow and the Circle

The Arrow and The Circle

In deep meditation, Avatar Adi Da’s Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spiritual Current may be felt in the form of the Arrow (which Avatar Adi Da defines as “The breathless and Moveless, but Upwardly Polarized, Central Axis . . . Of the Cosmically-Patterned body-mind”), rather than in the form of the Circle (in which the natural life-energy and—in the case of Transcendentally Spiritually Awakened practitioners of Adidam—Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Transcendental Spiritual Energy are felt to circulate down the frontal line and up the spinal line).


There is no Kundalini.

There is an Arrow in the wilderness

That flies not up or down

but Stands “Bright”,

having “Met Its Mark”*

Always, Already.

This Is My Form.

Meditate on Me.

Behold Me In Person,

Standing Where you Stand—

Opened, and Reached to Me

and My Unfathomable Imposition.

Once I Stand in you,

you say

I Am As a Pillar

That Extends

from even underground

to the Highest High.

And I Am “Bright”.

And all things flow in Me.

This is What It Is to See Me As I Am.


Two Excerpts from the 1991 ‘The Dawn Horse Testament’

In The Context Of Ascending Practice In The Way Of The Heart, The Awareness Of The Circle May Spontaneously Yield To The Awareness Of The Arrow. In Any Case, All Intentional “Working” Of The Spirit-Current Via the breath Should Eventually (In Any Event Of Truly Deepening Meditation In The Context Of Either The Frontal Or The Spinal Course Of Practice In The Way Of The Heart) Yield To Simple Observation Of the breath-Cycle and The Voluntary (or Even Intentional) Following Of The Movements Of The By Grace Revealed Spiritual Current Of Life. And (Until Spontaneous and Stable Identification With The Witness-Position Of Consciousness Intervenes To Transfer Practice Of The Way Of The Heart To The Context Of The Sixth Stage Of Life) Even This Disposition (That Simply Observes the breath and Voluntarily Follows The Spirit-Life) Must Eventually Be Spontaneously Replaced By The Utterly Ecstatic Swoon Of Faith, In Which body, breath, mind, attention, and All Heart-Feeling Are Simply (and Utterly) Relaxed and Released (or Utterly Yielded To Be Carried) In The Spirit-Flow Of Love-Bliss (Even, Perhaps, Into The Ascending Course).

Also, whether in the technically “fully elaborated” context of the Way of The Heart or, otherwise, in the context of the technically “simpler”, or even “simplest”, practice of the Way of The Heart, it may be found that a natural kumbhak occurs during deep meditation, particularly in the context of either the “advanced” fourth stage or the fifth stage of life in the Way of The Heart. Even the heartbeat may temporarily come to rest in deep meditation. Or all awareness of breath, heartbeat, and body may cease at times. Just so, in the context of ascending practice in the Way of The Heart, the awareness of the circle may spontaneously yield to the awareness of the arrow. In any case, all intentional “working” of the spirit-current via the breath should eventually yield to simple observation of the breath-cycle and the voluntary following of the movements of the by grace revealed spiritual current of life. And even this disposition must eventually be spontaneously replaced by the utterly ecstatic swoon of faith, in which body, breath, mind, attention, and all heart-feeling are simply relaxed and released in the spirit-flow of love-bliss.

Chapter 35 – 1991 Dawn Horse Testament


The total (psycho-physical) human body—with its dimensions of gross, subtle, and causal—must (altogether) become round.

The total human body does not merely have a circular path within itself.

In Truth (or “Located” in Reality Itself), the total human body is a Sphere—and, in its (inherently) perfect balance, it has no “up” or “down”, no “in” or “out”, no central point and no bounds.

When My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spiritual Current Descends Fully Down the front of the total human body, and also (thereupon, and thereby) Rises Up the back of the total human body, such that the “Thumbs” Achieves an Equalization of Transcendental Spiritual Force, Down in front and Up in back—then the Circle becomes an Equanimity, a Conscious Sphere of Tangible “Energy” (or Self-Existing and Boundlessly Self-Radiant Light).

In the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Realization of the Sphere of the “Thumbs”, the Arrow Is the Boundless (and Centerless) Vertical Axis.

The Upper Terminal of Atma Nadi Is at the “North”.

The “North” is not a boundary—It Is Infinitely Above.

The “Center” is not inside (or bounded)—It Is Beyond all symmetry.

The “North” (or Above) and the “Center” (or Beyond) are not “different” (or separate from One Another)—They Are Modes of the Same (or Identical) “Bright” Divine Transcen-dental Spiritual Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State.

The Vertical and the Horizontal Are (Inherently) One (and Non-“different” from One Another, and from all-and-All).

The Realization of This Is the Essential Nature of the Most Ultimate (or only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage) Realization.

Therefore, Whereas Practice Of The Way Of The Heart In The Context Of The Sixth Stage Of Life Requires The (ego-Surrendering, ego-Forgetting, and ego-Transcending) Effort Of Feeling The (By Grace Revealed) Native Feeling Of (Mere) Being (Itself), Immediately Previous (and Most Prior) To The Root-Feeling Of Relatedness (or “Difference”), The “Practice” (or Demonstration) Of The Way Of The Heart In The Context Of The Seventh Stage Of Life Requires (and Spontaneously Demonstrates) Inherently Most Perfect (or Inherent and Spontaneous) Recognition (and, Thus, The Inherent and Effortless Dissolution) Of The (Necessarily conditional) Root-Feeling Of Relatedness (or Of “Difference”) In (and, Inherently Most Perfectly, As ) The Already (and Always Presently) Awakened (and Native, and Most Prior, and Self-Existing, and Self-Radiant, and “Bright”, and Necessarily Divine) Feeling Of (Mere) Being (Itself). And (In The Most Ultimate Event Of The Way Of The Heart) This Inherently Perfect (Seventh Stage) Process (or Divine Power) Of (Divinely Self-Abiding) Recognition Demonstrates Itself (Inherently Most Perfectly) As Divine Translation, Which Is The Very Ultimate (or Final) Demonstration Of Inherent Freedom From conditional Tendencies (or conditional desires, conditional preferences, conditional knowledge, conditional experience, and conditional Existence Itself).

Of Primary Significance Is The Fact That “Practice” (or Inherently Perfect Demonstration) Of The Way Of The Heart In The Context Of The Seventh Stage Of Life (or The Third Stage Of The “Perfect Practice”) Develops From The Already Realized Position Of Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self-Realization (Which Is Free In Itself, and Which, In The Apparent Context Of the body, Is Tacitly Associated With The Right Side Of The Heart), Whereas All Previous Practice Of The Way Of The Heart Is A Process Of Conversion From the conditional or Extended self (or The Otherwise Presumed Separate Consciousness) To The Unconditional, Transcendental, Original, Inherently Spiritual, and Divine Self, and All Previous Practice Is, Therefore, Developed (Originally) From The Extended or Manifested Position Of the body-mind or psycho-physical ego itself (Including The Circle, and, Therefore, Also The Arrow, Of the body-mind, and The Left Side and The Middle Station Of The Heart).

Chapter 44 – 1991 Dawn Horse Testament