The Emotional-Sexual Character

The Emotional Sexual Character

Adi Da Samraj, September 4, 2004




For instance, I’ve told you about disciplines relative to the emotional-sexual dimension of your life. They don’t just relate to matters of sex-function itself, but to all of the elements in the character – social ego and so forth – that are affected by the patterning that is fundamentally of an emotional-sexual nature. And I have made it clear to you in My Interactions with devotees over the years, that this dimension of the patterning of human egoity is an all-inclusive and obsessive dimension of your lives, and it has the power to take over your life and bind you in all kinds of ways that control your life utterly, all your life, and defeat any purpose you may have of a Greater kind, the purposes of sadhana. They can be utterly defeated by it. It’s not something to be casually entered into.

So, as I’ve Told you, there is a … first of all any number of things about it that must be transcended – all of the patterning, ego patterning, that touches on all the different elements of your life that are rooted in the emotional-sexual character. What I’ve told you about entering into emotional-sexual relations and being sexually active and so forth is not something that is just part of the Way of Adidam, it is possible, potentially compatible with the sadhana and must be continually addressed in any case, and modified relative to certain things such as frequency, or whatever, but it is not compatible with this sadhana unless it has the virtues of a yogic and right practice, as part of a total right practice of your relationship to Me. And if you do not embrace that total right practice and practice in emotional-sexual terms in a truly yogic manner as I have Given, and deal with all the elements, offshoots, of it, rightly, to conform your life to the sadhana of this relationship to Me, you are not practicing this relationship significantly, if at all. You’re only practicing it in the most rudimentary beginners sense, and you here, and all the others listening tonight, you see, many of you have been around for many of the thirty two years plus of this gathering and all of you are still student-beginners.

I don’t think I’m saying anything new to you if I Tell you that the fundamental reason for that is due to your emotional-sexual patterns. Of course it’s everything about devotion and right practice in every sense, yes, but this force of inclination takes over the life and reduces life to social egoity, lower purposes. If you concentrate in the lower dimensions of the body, you are concentrating in the primitive dimensions of the brain. And if you excuse yourself for doing this by saying you’re involved in some sort of kundalini process or something like it where you ascend from the lower to the higher, you see, you’re just making up a revisionist form of the Way and otherwise ignoring what you’re really up to, you see. You don’t get higher by concentrating in what is lower. You don’t wash the dog  from the tail toward the head. It’s not about concentrating in a centre of the body at all. It’s about turning to Me beyond the body-mind, and this affects the totality of the body-mind, head first. There isn’t anything going on below the head that isn’t generated at the head. In other words, the brain is related to everything else going on down below it.

So if you think by concentrating in your lower organ potential is yoga, you are fooling yourself, you see. If you think concentrating in your lower energies is some kind of way of ultimately being concentrated in the Divine Condition, you’re fooling yourself. There are lots of things you can read that would suggest to you that this is so, but it plain old isn’t. It’s washing the dog from the tail end. You don’t go beyond what you concentrate on. It reinforces itself. It doesn’t go away when you turn to it, it goes away when you turn away from it, or rather make it subordinate to what is Greater. So you have to deal with all this emotional-sexual patterning, and it affects absolutely every aspect of your existence, functional, practical, relational existence, and limits your potential for Spirituality, for Spiritual Communion with Me.

If you can demonstrate that being sexually active or a participant in emotional-sexual activity is right, yogically true, fully compatible with your real and right sadhana, it’s in that case that it may be appropriate. It’s really not appropriate otherwise. You have to understand this, you see. You all are presuming that being active in emotional-sexual terms is just a part of the Way. You see, that’s part of your revision of the Way. It can be compatible with this Way, but only under certain conditions. Study My Teaching. I Tell you what those conditions are, what those obligations are, what the limitations in yourself are that you will have to deal with, that are already binding you whether you are sexually active or not, celibate even. You are still bound by emotional-sexual patterning, which you have to deal with.

You see, in traditional ashrams, generally speaking, people don’t have sex. There are some ashrams where there may be some who might. There may be Masters who are sexually active, because they’re up to it, you see. Or at least, that would be the right reason. There may be some others who have exhibited characteristics that enable a Master to allow them to be sexually active, because they are yogically capable of integrating it with true sadhana altogether. And then there may be many others who are expected to be celibate.

When devotees come here, or virtually anywhere in this gathering, on retreat, they are expected to be celibate. But when you are not on retreat, you seem to think that it’s just the norm to be animated and active in emotional-sexual terms, and that there’s just sort of generalized Instruction to do so, except for those who are, for some remarkable reason that the rest of you can’t comprehend, inclined to be celibate. You don’t think of celibacy as yogically significant or fundamental to your sadhana. You think of it as an option for some.

 Rightly, in Hermitage, it should be obligatory for all to be celibate, unless particular individuals can demonstrate their qualifications to be yogically sexually active, under conditions which of course must be culturally agreed to. That’s the way it ought to be. That’s the way it traditionally is. Of course, in the highest percentage of ashrams, there is no option but celibacy. That’s that, period. If you’re in the ashram, on retreat or in residence, you’re celibate, that’s it.

 In this Way it’s possible to be sexually active if it’s right, co-incident with an altogether right sadhana. I’ve explained it enough, you see, but you all are not accepting that Instruction. So this gathering has been wandering in emotional-sexual dramas for more than thirty two years, and it required Me to Address not only your emotional-sexual bondage specifically, but all of the extensions of it.

Look at this gathering. Look at its history, its lack of effectiveness, the weakness of disposition that characterizes people generally. Look at the questions that have been asked here in the last several weeks, that reflects about this gathering and its immaturity as a gathering, as a whole, generally speaking. Where are the advanced practitioners? Where are the questions that come in the midst of advanced practice? There aren’t any! You are bound to the of your possibilities. You are dramatizing these limitations.