The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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DEVOTEE: Many years ago in a gathering, You suddenly started to talk to us and said you were the worst person in the room, and then You gave a description of all kinds of tendencies, and we didn’t want to hear it. We tried to prevent You from saying it all. And I realized at that moment that the only way You could do all this, say all this is because You were free of it.


DEVOTEE: So You saw the two sides coincide from that point of freedom. You freely look at everything.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, there’s no self-knowledge process for real without being willing to have any damned thing be true of you. And in fact, you will discover that every damned thing IS true of you. It is! Everything! It’s all there. There are no exceptions. It’s all there in the conditional process of the so-called entity. All the potentials are there.

You know the saying, “But for the Grace of God go I”, and so forth, you see. And in the same circumstance, would you do the same, and all of that, you see. Be grateful you weren’t put in such a position. But on the other hand, if anybody did it, you could have done it. That’s terrible, it is so. If anybody suffered it, you could have suffered it. Anything anybody will ever suffer, could be yet suffered by you in your case, in the case of the body-mind with which you are sitting on the floor right now, you see. So who’s pure?

The appearance of being pure is a sales job, it’s bullshit. Any genuine purity is not merely a characteristic of the body-mind. It’s a Divine or Ultimate characteristic that has replaced the egoic patterning of the body-mind. But it’s not something that the ego can claim. The ego had to be extinguished for such “Brightness” to be manifested. So there’s no pride in it, no status in it. Realization, Enlightenment, these aren’t forms of status. People think of them as forms of status. “I want to become enlightened, I want to Realize. I am Your devotee”, you see. Just think of all the things you’ve attributed to yourself over time. Both positive and negative. It’s all fiction, it’s nonsense.

All the good things about anybody could just as well be true of you too. It’s just pattern patterning. The totality of mankind is your biography. If you can’t know yourself in the form of absolutely everybody, including the worst assholes you’ve every heard about, thought about, ready about, you see. If you can’t understand that that’s your potential too, you see, then you don’t understand anything about yourself. That doesn’t mean go ahead and do it, this kind of knowledge comes through a profound process in which there is the transcending of it, but nonetheless, where there is perfect transcendence, there is a perfect summation of the worst asshole whoever lived. And in some sense, the best, perhaps. But also, none of it makes any difference anymore. It’s cancelled. The pluses and minuses add up to zero and only the “Brightness” remains.

There are no lustrous egos. There are official lustrous egos, mummers whose role it is to play it in public in various ways, you see. There was a man called Chogyam Trungpa, passed some years ago, who I hear once said “Sainthood has fleas”. (LAUGHTER) So he made it a particular exercise of his own to appear to be a totally flea covered dog, you see. (inaudible) was his excuse at any rate, to trying to be saintly was not worth the price, or was bullshit, just a way of seeming. So, why not be as bad as you can be? Or at least, pretty bad. Well, that’s been tried. I’ve had to embrace every kind of play with you all to consider everything.

DEVOTEE: You used to say, Beloved, that You would relieve us of our guilt by dramatizing it all in front of us during the Teaching Years.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Hmmm.  Yes. All this pettiness this sex paranoid that’s usually part of religion, you see, even esoteric religion. That’s all bullshit. I don’t want anything to do with it. So I don’t put on any kind of quality like that. Haven’t. Have specifically, even you could say, exaggerated the opposite of that, at least at times  for the sake of consideration. But also for the sake of stepping out of the mode, of the mummer’s mode of having to appear that way. That’s not what it’s about, you see. It’s not about the opposite either. But all this phony religiousity that’s about manufactured piety and cleanliness, you see, it’s bullshit. It’s social religiosity. It’s like techno-sexual attributes, you see. It’s just something you put on. And it satisfies a certain egoic inclination, and qualifies you for certain kinds of social status, or whatever, prominence for whatever reason. Or belonging somehow to some social grouping of some kind for whatever purpose. It’s typical religious behavior. Conventionalizing of the ego through sex paranoid rules. It’s total horseshit. Like it’s best to be single celibate then, so all you just keep your underwear on because you’re all being good. No, that’s sickening, it’s boring, I don’t want to have naything to do with it, you’ve all–people have tried it over and over again, and I kept on telling them that’s bullshit, you see. So that’s not it. I don’t know what you all think I was talking about when I spoke to you last, but I was making the point that real renunciation has a different origin than the egoic motivation toward behavior change or idealized behavior. Most profound renunciation may have the appearance that you would call being celibate, but that doesn’t mean it’s about being celibate. It simply has nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with sex; that’s all. It’s no heroic self-emasculation job, wearing iron underwear and all the rest, and pretending to be virtuous. In some places, being celibate wouldn’t be considered virtue. But as long as you can parade around in some modes of society looking celibate, that gets points, you see, in a lot of places. You can even get a lot of authority by being celibate in various traditional places. And it’s a crock. It has fleas. Behind every smiling self-contented, clean celibate is a secret biography. And everybody has one, whether they describe it or not, so what’s the point of pretending it’s not so? Really dealing with it is what it’s about. That’s what renunciation requires, really dealing with it. So after you’ve been through the bath from head to toe, then you’re sort of cleaned up. But you’re only bright because your Master patted you on the head.