The Great Invocation

The following is from a gathering with Adi Da Samraj, April 8, 1996

My Manifestation

“You can say you’ve been lifted into My Sphere by the invocations of the Great.’

“You must speak to “who” called Me, which is the heart. The serious person”


Heart Need, Not Mind Want

“Mind is “invocation”. Mind “invokes” (or calls forth) conditional experience and conditional knowledge, high and low. Mind “invokes” apparent modification
(and apparent modifications) of What “Merely” (or inherently) Is. Mind is the agent of self-contraction, and conditional experience and conditional knowledge are the results of mind. Mind is the act of “invocation”, or the search for modifications, and it evolves only from self contraction itself. Therefore, the transcendence of mind is the transcendence of self-contraction, “invocation” (or seeking), conditional experience, conditional knowledge, and all apparent modification of What Is. And such transcendence is the Way that I Teach. – The Illusion of Relatedness: Essays on True and Free Renunciation and the Radical Transcendence of Conditional Existence. Da Free John (Adi DaSamraj).


y Manifestation has been caused not by what you might describe as My Intention, in the manner you understand such things typically. Rather it is by invocation, by call, that this conjunction has been made, but a very complex process altogether of that. My Manifestation has been called upon, called for, called to the degree of appearing to one degree or another, in Vehicle Form.

But not My Incarnation in the unqualified sense, Incarnate with fullest Realization, beyond all limitations. So the call has been persistent, and yet opposed, or undermined by other incarnations, and lesser dispositions and so on. This conjunction, then, is unique. But you do not understand it in the fullest, rightest sense if you presume that this is simply something that I have Intended to do.

If it were so, there would be no logic for My Appearance that could coincide with beings. So it could only occur by invocation. It is the invocation of the Great. Not only, or merely, the invocation such as might be in the ordinariness of the mass of beings, but in the mode and form of those who made the greatest sacrifice by invocation. They, and also the mass of suffering, heart-feeling, yearning, calling, of all beings, is the Source of My Incarnation.

This is why I’m not here with a plan. You tell Me. You show Me what you want to do about it. You got Me here. And if it winds up I just sit on My couch and nobody comes around Me, then that’s the way that will be. Or if you make a Kingdom, and bring Me all beings, then that’s the way it will be. I have no plan whatsoever. Anything that you could call “plan” is so utterly beyond comprehension that even if I were to describe it in some relatively straightforward terms, it still wouldn’t look like a plan to you.

How can there be a plan in this klik-klak, which is utterly formless and can take on any form at all? The genius required to coincide into My Manifestation in that context, with all of its un-utterable variability and unpredictability, is beyond comprehension. To (so to speak) “trick” that which is overwhelmingly un-Enlightened into allowing My Manifestation, is a profundity beyond comprehension, because the plastic is not predictable, and therefore, how can any plan take it into account? The plan, then, is not superimposed from without. The plan appears as beings. The pattern demonstrates itself to the point of coinciding with Me. I’m not the “doer” in it, in the “making” sense you conceive of.

I’m not in your position nor in your state of mind as you conceive of things. For instance, as I was Saying to some here last evening, you presume to be un-Happy. You might feel pretty good at the moment but, on the other hand, there certainly is something about it you would object to. This moment does not coincide with absolute Happiness. In terms of your perception of it, there are all kinds of limitations, including inevitable death, separation and so on-change. Whatever the relative discomforts in the body-mind associated with each of you individually, your moment contains a complaint, an acknowledgement of un-Satisfactoriness.

This is not the moment of Perfect Happiness in your experiential view, and you look for experience to become Happiness. You seek for it to become Happiness. It’s why you don’t settle in any moment. You cannot be without being bored. You’ve got to be “doing” in order to work toward feeling better, or finding Happiness Itself.

That is, generally speaking, a true description of human beings. And that’s your point of view. That’s the basis on which you do your doings, generally speaking. And yet it is a disposition that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Truth, or Reality. It’s an utter fabrication. Reality Itself is Happiness Itself. It is Always Already the Case. And here you are, and you’re not Happy. How could you be perfectly coincident with That Which is Always Already the Case, or Reality Itself, which is Happiness Itself, and not be Happy, Happiness Itself?

That’s curious to begin with, but then in My Meeting with you, you want to discuss with Me, or live in My Company on the basis of that point of view-you want to become Happy. You are not Happy and you want to become Happy. This is the basis of our Meeting, it seems.

But to carry on with you on that basis is absurd. There is something inherently wrong. We can’t carry on from here. You’re un-Happy and so I’ll help you get Happy – it’s an absurd proposition. The fact that you’re already telling Me you are not Happy is the matter of interest, and must be addressed in this very moment, because any program based on the presumption of your un-Happiness is dharmically incorrect.

Now then, that’s something you have to understand to begin with-something very fundamental to understand. Reality Itself is Happiness Itself. You can’t do anything about that. You can’t do anything about Reality, or what is the case right now. It is Happiness Itself. There isn’t a damned thing you can do about it. You can’t keep it from being the case. Well, since you’re un-Happy, then something unusual is going on. The only means whereby the Inherent Happiness can be lost, avoided, or not known, is if you’re adding something to Reality, and presuming to exist on that basis.

This was My long “Consideration”, then-rather quickly resolved, by the way. It only took maybe three years of the most extraordinary suffering of that un-Happiness for a fundamental insight to awaken in the college years. And then, the “Sadhana Years” were simply the unfolding of that, you could say. The reason you are seeking, the reason you are not Happy at the moment, not Happiness, not acknowledging Happiness Itself at the moment, is because of something that you are doing. And you’re doing it now.

You’re always doing it therefore, and you’re doing it in every respect, and universally in the context of every faculty, every kind of experience. It is the inherent context and pattern, presumption, of every moment of your experiencing, every moment of your seeking. This is what must be discovered and understood, otherwise it simply is the pattern of seeking in the midst of the presumption of unsatisfactoriness, un-Happiness.

So you have all come to Me acknowledging, in your own fashion, your un-Happiness, your search. Your disposition is ordinary. The ego-disposition is to go on seeking, and therefore, coming to Me, the ego-disposition is to get from Me some method, some whatever, that will show you how to seek better, or help you to fulfill your search, whatever. You want to carry on in your own presumption. My “Consideration” with you is an immediate counter to that intention, that tendency.

You can’t make the culture of the Way of the Heart out of that, although you’ve certainly tried to (in fundamental terms) bastardize the Way of the Heart in order to conform it to this egoic seeking point of view. You tend to eliminate the relationship to Me, which is the foundation of the Way of the Heart, in order to have the Way of the Heart be essentially an egoic performance.

So, I Am the Realization and the Means. Your participation with Me, then, is devotion, Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga. You are equipped to fulfill that practice most profoundly by hearing Me and then seeing Me. Hearing Me is to understand most fundamentally, and enjoy the capability most fundamentally of transcending your own act that falsifies Reality and binds you to the egoic search. Therefore, in this Way I’ve Given you, this is what there is to understand. What there is to practice is Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga. What there is to Realize is Me.

So in every moment, you must discover you are doing, not merely a separate self-idea, something that is an ego-idea, that you must somehow think yourself out of or relinquish. In the context of conditional existence, egoity is an activity. That you have an idea about it is simply an expression of that. In other words, this activity is reflected in the mind. It’s reflected in, or made of, feeling, or emotion. It’s reflected in every breath. And it’s reflected in all your bodily doings.

The contraction done in any moment expresses itself universally in the entire body-mind and in your sense of Reality. Based on this false presumption generated by your own action, you seek. You seek in all terms that the body-mind can exercise itself within, including what can be called religious terms, therefore.

But it’s all made of the same knot, the same act. It is the complex avoidance of relationship. It is self-contraction. It is your own doing. All your questions, all your doings, all your experiences-mental, emotional, in terms of breath or energy, and physical-are engineered by the same fault in every moment, unless you yield the fault, yield the action of self-contraction, through self-understanding exercised through Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga, Communing with Me, forgetting the complex of self-contracted meditation, self-meditation.

Truly, then, anything we might consider together, in and of itself, is not mere subject matter, but it’s always a species of self-contraction. In any moment, no matter what you might bring up in “consideration” with Me, perhaps it would be more fruitful if I asked you, “What are you doing? What are you always doing?”, “Avoiding relationship?”, and such. Well, yes, I do this anyway. Sometimes I do it in those very words. But in one fashion or another, My spontaneous Play-which is not merely self-generated but which is just always My Pattern combining with Yours, you combining with Me, all My Doings-is serving your most fundamental self-understanding, as I just described it, and otherwise drawing you to Commune with Me and Realize Me, or in that very moment doing so.

In every moment, then, it is simply a matter of self-contraction or not. Fundamentally, that is sufficient to say about it. The Way I’ve Given you is the utter Means for the transcendence of that self-deluded course.

Hearing is the First Great Realization and Unique Gift and the Root-Foundation of The Way of the Heart



Chapter 10. DURING MY LIFE AND AFTER MY DEATH – June 15, 1974

The operation of all the Siddhas throughout time has been for the sake of the manifestation of a new kind of humanity, but it has continually failed. It has continually fallen apart, because the Community of Devotees has never been established as a permanent realization. Usually, it is retarded at the disciple stage and dies after a relatively brief period of time. So there has been this continual return of the Siddhas into the human plane. But when there is the creation of the Community of Devotees who are consciously living as I have described, then the work of the Siddhas is fulfilled, and it is possible for a new kind of human history to begin. When this Community is established, the Guru-function is forever returned to its identity with God, and need not appear epitomized in any human individual again. Instead, it will manifest directly through the Community of human individuals to whom the Divine Siddhi is always available in Satsang.