The Impulse Behind this Birth


Adi Da Samraj, 1988


DEVOTEE: On various occasions, you’ve, um, pointed out the ways in which, um, we identify with various limits. And you would… put about in the death event, what are you gonna do in that moment? Are you going to collapse on the anxiety of identifying with the body or you going to stay in sympathy in you’re feeling with you?

ADI DA SAMRAJ:Well, you know, some I’ve suggested to you on a few occasions recently and in the past, Even in the earliest stages, consider, think about, the worst possibilities, Invest yourself through imagination, or have you will in that you see. But, ultimately there’s a realistic contemplation being suggested by that recommendation. A contemplation that is beyond imagination, which is perpetual constant inherent to the conditional state. Its representation is death.

You cover all of the worst events for the contemplation of the essential mortality present deathness of the conditional self. Everything that you would not have happened is expressed in that possibility. And that possibility need not be imagined. It is omnipresent ever present.

At level six. Then again, The transcendence of attention Is the ultimate visit to mortality, The ultimate sympathy with it that goes beyond sympathy with it because you magnify the feeling heart In that contemplation of limitation, of self contraction, of the feeling of relatedness, and so on. The point where you realize that the condition in which you stand Is not implicated, even in the worst of the events, not to mention the best of them, It’s not implicated in the pleasurable events. It’s not implicated in the terrible events, the painful events it’s never implicated. It is always already not implicated.

Well then in the seventh stage working the open eyes, you see The body is mad. The body mind is mad. It is what it is. It it weeps. It is uterlly some pathetic. It is defenseless relative to feeling because feeling has been magnified perfectly. Absolutely. There’s no limit. So there are transfiguring signs, transforming signs. Yes, but the power of recognition is fundamental to all of that. So the sign of indifference is the primary sign in the seventh state of life. However soon it gets magnified.

But, uh, the sign of indifference you see is that as it grows, so to speak, Is the purification from mortality in absolute terms, in effective terms, realization is always already, already the case before this divine indifference, but in the sign of divine indifference, all of the conditional measures are dropped off.

This is the purifications looked forward to by the Buddhist and so forth, Is the ending of passions, the ending of clinging, the ending of implication, the ending of the conditional universe, The utter dissolution of the common design. Not for you personally, already transcended, youu see The dissolution of the universe.

Weep the whole time, my friends in you’re indifference. And even now, if you will, the tears will come, but they’re not ego made. They are the universe collapsing. The universe is sorrow, the end of pain. It’s the end of a conditional egoic pleasure. It’s joy itself magnified. Absolutely it squeezes the body like a lemon. It squeezes the heart like a lime, It crush it all Like those machines. They put on wrecks of automobiles and crunch them down. But it crunches it beyond a spot. It crunches it to nothing. It crunches it into light. It’s the absolute blisfulness.


ADI DA SAMRAJ:Well in the perfect practice at level six. Yes, something of this is realized. You participated it, you begin to participate in it, But you are participating in it only at the beginning. You must fulfill the level six process. You must awaken two open eyes. You must fulfill the transfiguration, transformation stages. You must invest yourself or be invested in the divine sign of indifference and meld these ‘clay pigs’ into absolute brightness.


ADI DA SAMRAJ:The holy joy, Which the body may be covered with tears.


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Until it is utterly unnoticed. And then death becomes extraordinary. Not as an experience. So perhaps to others, you see, extraordinary in its significance? Cause it has NO significance.

So this is what I would have you realize such divine indifference to the degree of translation, Then my children and all of you, likewise are free. So that’s the impulse behind this birth and all of it’s work then. And I’m still urgent with you because this is the crux. The juice. What I would see The complete freedom, the sorrowless community.