The Invisible Horse

The Invisible Horse

May 5, 1983

Adi Da Samraj with children 1983


“Freud was not just philosophizing about the Oedipal complex. He thoroughly examined people, reported his evidence, and then made judgments and interpretations on its basis. His view of life was limited philosophically, but he did develop clinical evidence about the origins of our lives as sexual personalities. This evidence is confirmed in My experience, not only in My personal life, but in My observation of everyone. Everyone has a unique, characteristic way of demonstrating what Freud called the Oedipal complex, just as everyone demonstrates the character of “Narcissus” in a unique fashion, through a unique history.” – Oedipal Transcended


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You must not just think back and see if you wanted your mother and father. You could think back and see if you did, but more important than that, what you must do is bring attention into this moment.

See your patterning in this moment-rather than going within to find out the hidden content, and trying to overcome your traumatic moments, your birth, early sexual incidents and so forth. That is not the primary instrument for this understanding, this transcendence.

The primary instrument for it is the capability to observe yourself as you are tending to be in every moment. The present moment is the evidence of the unconscious. You do not have to go within to find it. Always be available to observe yourself in this patterned moment, moment after moment. The evidence of dreams and memories can be part of it, but it is a matter of being available to what arises, the precise pattern of tendencies in the moment, rather than taking up some specific technique of releasing yourself through the uncovering of hidden memories.

The Oedipal script does not really exist so much in the form of hidden memories as in the form of an existing, always-present pattern, a personal and emotional form, a pattern of tendency in relations. You must observe that pattern, that persona, that force in its moment to moment self­revelation. Do this until you begin to see what it is describing, what the picture is. You will see that it is a horse, that it is “Narcissus”. You will see how your relations with the opposite sex are being determined by an infantile reaction to your parents’ situation.

Before you had any sophisticated mind at all, you read your situation a certain way, were attached in a certain way. You felt yourself to be opposite to one and the same as another, and were played upon by what you saw, even though you did not quite understand it. And what you noticed provided the basis for your reaction, your response to all of your experiences since childhood, where you were already, as now, being this person.

Every one of you developed this persona in a characteristic fashion, based primarily on this primitive emotional-sexual patterning and then secondarily in the terms of all experiences including the special circumstances of your childhood, from that point. You must come to the point where you can see exactly what you are doing. You are simply perpetuating an infantile sexual situation and a persona that is about two years old!

You must be completely willing and committed to observing yourself in your act. What I mean by commitment is to exercise the capability to observe yourself, observe another, and be able to very plainly discuss what needs to be discussed. Make use of what you are observing for yourself, and make it available to others to “consider” the matter with you, until you can see that it is “Narcissus”. Then, continue your “consideration” until you clearly see that you Stand in the Position of Consciousness relative to all of this, and that there is no necessity to this script. You simply have not observed it before.

When you can fully observe it, then you also realize that you are in a completely free or responsible position relative to what you do, capable not only of living differently, but knowing everything differently.