The Last Two Years

Is the Early Teachings of Adi Da Samraj Still Relevant? 

(to save you serious worry, YES!)

A Beezone Study

It is important to understand what Adi Da said during the last eight years of his life about his teaching.

In 2008 he gave a talk (below) detailing an understanding of this matter.

In this talk (one is a short summary) he makes reference to His Divine Avataric Teaching and His Divine Teaching.  His ‘Divine Avataric Teaching’ refers to ‘The Aletheon’ (and other books) and His ‘Divine Teaching’ to ‘The Dawn Horse Testament.  It should be clear to anyone who listens to the following audio that He was not ‘throwing out’ the teaching during his ‘Divine Teaching’ years (submission).  He was clarifying that during his ‘Avataric Revelation’ event (Ruchia Dama) his teaching (really after 2005) was termed ‘Final’ and was His Summary Teaching.

Beezone Notes of the following audio.

“I don’t communicate via dialog, I simply Am.”

“I am Proclaiming and Revealing Myself”

“Since 2000 my teaching is fundamentally entirely new and The Aletheon is its principal vehicle.”

“It is adapted from the work before, the Root Teaching, BUT it was not grasped or understood.  That was the submission work.”

“Aletheon is My Divine Avataric Teaching and prior to that my teaching was simply My Divine Teaching that arose spontaneously.”

‘Since 2000 my utterances have been Summary, completely independent of the past.”

“It is not a revision.  I am simply speaking outside of submission.”

Since 2005 I was not engaging in that process (submission) dialogue any longer.”

“After Lopez, there was supposed to be a big change in how devotees approached Me, but that failed.”