The Method of the Siddhas

Rev: 7/87.
©1987 The Free Daist Communion.
ISBN 0-0913922-19-6 (paper). LOCCCN 75-24582.
Talks with Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda (Avadhoota Da Free John) on the
Spiritual Technique of the Saviors of Mankind.
About Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda’s Names.
Foreword: “I Am No Other”: The Sacrificial Life And Blessing
Work Of Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda.
The Principle of Retreat: The Culture of Practice in The Free Daist Communion.


Rev: 4/78.
©1978 Vision Mound Ceremony.
Talks with Bubba Free John on the spiritual technique of the Saviors of

1st edition: 7/73,
2nd print: 10/73.
ISBN 0-913922-01-3. LOCCCN 73-85299.
Talks with Franklin Jones on the spiritual technique of the Saviors of
(transcripts of talks from 4/72 to 3/73.)
©1973 Franklin Albert Jones.
Introduction by The Dawn Horse Communion (9/73).

(The following two parts are identical in the above two versions)

Part One:
The Method of the Siddhas:
“Understanding” (4/25/72).
“The Avon Lady”. “Money, Food, and Sex”.
“Vital Shock”.
“Walking the Dog” (9/21/72).
“The Gorilla Sermon” (6/22/72).
“Relationship and Association”.
“Meditation and Satsang”.
“The Path of the Great Form”.
“No One Survives Beyond That Moment”.

Part Two:
“The Gospel of the Siddhas” (3/11/73.)


The Method of the Siddhas (1973)