The Only Thing Missing

The Only Thing Missing

Adi Da Samraj, 1996

“Ultimately it comes to the point where that Work on my part must cease and you must make the submission. All I did with all that Teaching Work was prepare you to do such” – 1988
Adi Da Samraj, 1988


Adi Da: Most of your questions if you have them or express them are self-descriptions. They are evidence of that which is preventing you from really practicing and even if I respond and answer questions, I have been doing it for many years.

Even if I do it, even if I enter into every kind of teaching demonstration, every kind of availability to others, still the situation persists as it was. After a time then we came to a point where it was obvious. There was nothing more I could do to teach, to explain myself, to be plain, to demonstrate, and so forth.

It had become so complete that it was there to be considered, yeah. But there really wasn’t anything more to do because the doing of it anymore was not going to change anything. What was missing was not any doing on my part but the responsiveness in the case of others. The response that is practice. That is what is missing. The teaching itself is whole and complete. The demonstration is whole and complete. The offering is whole and complete.

There really isn’t anything significant to add to it. I can polish a line or two. Close up a loophole here and there. Dot an I. Cross a T here and there. Add a little language here and there you see. Pay attention to a few details and continue to speak and so forth but fundamentally it’s there and there’s nothing I am doing or may do in the future that is going to add significantly to what you’ve already been given.

So your own response is what is missing and the reason why that response is not there in your personal case is something you have to deal with and therefore it is entirely your business.

I’m looking for individuals whose response is serious and effective so that the work that I am can serve those who are responsive. The work that I do is not only what I do but which I AM.

The work will continue by the demonstration of my lifetime for the sake of everyone. Others will have the opportunity to be a demonstration for the sake of all others. They will then see and know that this process is alive and effective. The response is the only thing missing.

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