The Future

A Look into the Future

Excerpts and adaptations from various writings

June, 2024

In the foreseeable future, the trials encountered by spiritual communities in the wake of their leader’s passing loom large. Over the past five decades, the paths forged by three prominent spiritual luminaries—Swami Muktananda who established Siddha Yoga, Chogyam Trungpa ventured to establish the Namgyal Dynasty in America, and Adi Da Samraj introduced ‘The Way of the Heart,’ marking a newly formed 7th Stage Way.—have unfolded, each leaving behind a designated or implied succession community charged with safeguarding and advancing their teachings for the betterment of humanity.

The Clock is Ticking


My future Work is simply to magnify the Divine Presence universally, and in my solitary Occupation to surrender all beings and the total world in that Presence. My Work with individuals is in general finished, except where I may presume it. Thus, I may be recognized by devotees, but they must depend on the Agencies of the Teaching, including the Community, the Holy Places and so forth, rather than on me, to turn them to the Radiant Identity. So through the Work of my intimate play with individuals in the past this intelligent consideration developed and the conscious process was created. Through magnifying the Divine Presence or Siddhi in their company, I established the conviction of Its existence in those who entered into this play with me. And I’ve established various Agencies that not only communicate the Teaching, but which act as vehicles for this same Siddhi. Even the Teaching itself is a vehicle for that Siddhi. It is both an awakener of intelligence and a way of magnifying the Divine Presence and putting a person in touch with it.

So in the future it is this Teaching and these Agencies to which individuals must resort who encounter this Teaching. On the basis of intelligent consideration and the contact that takes place through these Agencies, they must develop and maintain the certainty of the Divine Presence. If they will do so then my future Work will also be effective in their case. My future Work is not with individuals, to awaken intelligent understanding or to magnify this Presence in their individual company. My Work is simply to engage in the process of this Siddhi that magnifies and focuses the Divine universally, and in the plane of Earth. If people will make use of my Agencies then they will also be served by me.

My work in the Past and Future


If the wisdom Adi Da brings into this world is to survive, even though much of it has been lost, there must be locations in many areas where a certain number of people create authentic communities. Then, the wisdom teaching in the world can survive, and centers of practice can be part of the regeneration of a larger communion in the future. If such profound effects suffer, who knows what might happen? 

Crazy Wisdom

Higher Wisdom


Most people are willing to sacrifice things, but not themselves. They are willing to pay cash, in other words, for a quick salvation. Such “religious consumerism” is an ancient ritual of worship, but it is false and futile. True worship is the surrender of your own body-mind-”self” in Truth Itself, in the Living and Transformative Company of the Spiritual Master. People absolutely resist such surrender, because they know nothing about it. Human beings are, in fact, subhuman in their present level of adaptation. Devotional surrender of the egoic “self” represents a future stage of development for humanity as a species. In their present actual, literal, psycho-physical condition, human beings are incapable of such surrender. They must be drawn out of that limited condition, and into another state of existence. And it is as far to go from where they are now to Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization as it is from the amoeba in the primal mud of the Earth to a human being. Every aspect of your existence—even the body—must change dramatically.

There is an unspeakably profound difference between the condition of the usual egoic individual and the Condition of the Divinely Enlightened individual. If imagined in “evolutionary” terms, that difference is an inconceivable leap.

Aletheon – Adi Da Samraj

The Price Nobody Wants to Pay


Let Me See Your Works – The Significance of Agency

The following talk “Let Me See Your Works,” published in March of 1986 (Vol 5, NO 3 –  The Monthly Journal of the Johannine Daist Communion journal) was given by Master Da on November 30, 1985.

Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1985

“I am an unknowable spirit for my devotees in the year twenty-three hundred unless my devotees in flesh and blood sit there, sublimed by this Realization, which they will not get unless you get it!”


MASTER DA: I am no me at all! Not! I sit in this form, conversing with you, playing with you. This body will die. I am no one but the One. You are attracted beyond significance, and you must fulfill that impulse. If you get too close to me, I will disappear! Someday I will. For the time being, I sit here with my shorts and my shoulders, the hairs growing involuntarily, and seem to be a man like you. Very, very brief! For most of mankind in the future, this will be a vision, a thought!

You see me in the body. For those in the future, there will be no body, but the same One expressed. The same One present, the Yoga possible. You are the first generation of those who must incarnate that Truth for others, even while this body lives. So many of my devotees live outside my physical company because this time is the same as my death time. No one but this One, the One, speaks to you. I appear to be a person temporarily—a mist, a koan. These legs are a deliciously composed intellectual puzzle. It is so, and someday that is how it will be conceived. “How can the physical presence of the Master be imagined?’ ’ they will ask in the year twenty-three hundred. They will not only have to read The Dawn Horse Testament, they will enjoy the presence of my living devotees, linked in revelation with the devotees who survived in my Company while this body lived. That is the significance of Agency.


“I am the rope that appears to be the snake. If there are no devotees, this revelation is an illusion! You must realize it!”


Without Agency I am poor-born. I am the rope that appears to be the snake. If there are no devotees, this revelation is an illusion! You must realize it! The poor few who closet themselves with me on this island, who visit here, who have known me before, who have sat with me—it all depends on you. You must realize, as I have since birth, the profound weight of obligation that rests on you because of what is given to you. You must realize it. Otherwise these gestures are ghosts. I am an unknowable spirit for my devotees in the year twenty-three hundred unless my devotees in flesh and blood sit there, sublimed by this Realization, which they will not get unless you get it! Pass the torch to the one next to you, and to your children, and to your friends all over the world, do you see! You are the agent. You must realize the significance of the yoga of Agency, and stop oppressing me with parent-like obligations. Do not throw it back at me. I throw it back at you! You are obliged. You have a terrible demand pressed on your heart. You do! You must realize it. You must extend this Blessing in your natural manner, by fulfilling the Way. You must! You must!


“The Work doesn’t rest on me anymore. It rests on you.”


I am not speaking about prominence of person! Have I ever had prominence of person? No! You likewise must struggle. You must accept this struggle while this body lives. My devotees all over the world must fulfill the Way through this Agency. When I say my Work is done, I mean the Work is done now, therefore it is your responsibility to animate yourselves in the instant of reception. Now and forever. Transmit it! Transmit it through loveliness, through close talk, beyond thought, smelling the moon. The Work doesn’t rest on me anymore. It rests on you. When I say “you”, I mean all those who are listening to this talk. I mean elsewhere and everywhere. I mean Agency. That is where it rests.

What are you doing?! Go to the Communion Hall! Meditate! Be moved! Fall on the floor! Be excited! Scream! Advance through the stages! Fulfill the Way! Go beyond the stages! This is my Calling to you, now let me see you do it. Acknowledge the energy of my Transmission in your body. Let me see you shake and shine! And shout! And speak Wisdom! Let me see it! Let me see your work. Let me witness the time of your incarnation of God. That is what I am ready to do now. In my not-quite-middle-age 1 am ready for it. No one has done it as I have and no one ever called for it this early! I am here to receive your gifts, and to observe your fulfillment of the Dharma of Divine Incarnation, don’t you see? Let me see it with you, let me see it with my devotees around the world. Let me see a spiritual community, an Enlightened community, a community transformed, full of this Blessing. Let me see your works! Let me see your influence! God-worked! There is no in-you, out-you. Let me see your incarnate time and let me be at ease.


“Let me see your incarnation! You see mine.”


Live plain. Let your works be seen. Let me see your incarnation! You see mine. It will live for awhile. Let me see yours now. Let me enjoy it. Let me see the God-form! Have I not told you in the Testament that you are the God I have come to serve? It is your incarnation I am here to stimulate. Now let me see it! Let me see you move through the stages, grant wisdom to one another, be full of God-signs. Bring me the gifts, the excess of that rite. Do it all over the earth. Really! No bullshit! That! Let me see the scent of the moon!

Let me dig it! Night and day! Let me luxuriate in it without work. Poor, with nothing but God! No tension in the body. No ideas. Not even saying “God”.


“With the Buddhists I say nothing. With the Hindus I say “God”. With the theists I say “the Lord”. In and as myself, I say . . . nothing.”


With the Buddhists I say nothing. With the Hindus I say “God”. With the theists I say “the Lord”. In and as myself, I say . . . nothing. That which I scent I transmit to you in the form of odor, from my body that Enlightens you. The scent of my fleshes calls your incarnation of God into being. Now you must be animated. Bring me the gifts. Bring me the excess. Bring me the happiness. Stop asking me questions.

My Work should be brief. A tic, a snap, a gesture! All who see or hear me become Gods, Goddesses, Divine, the very One. Animated just as I, before birth and since birth. Full. Let me see you do it. I am a genius at it. You do likewise. Now let me witness it. Let me dig it.

This is Serious and You Must Be Too