The Transcendental Powers of a Siddha

The Transcendental Powers of a Siddha

from a talk by Bubba Free John

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1978

The Mind of the Ecstasy that is God-Realization is the Transcendental Mind


SPIRITUAL MASTER: Anyone upon whom I place my attention becomes known to me and is affected by me instantly. No thought process is necessarily involved; I do not need to read your mind before you come into my Company in order to know your state. Such psychic precognition may occur, but it need not necessarily. I automatically consider what is in you, not through forethought, but through a psycho-physical disposition of prior harmony with all of the psychic movements of my present association. Whatever enters into my field of existence is reflected in me, and one who enters into that field through some form of association with me enjoys my Influence. All of your lawful habits of association with me—approaching me as the Transcendental Spiritual Master, thinking of me, studying this Way, giving me your attention naturally, serving me through all the disciplines—bring you into my field of Awareness. Thus, you will often discover that I am talking about something you have in mind.

The Spiritual Master or the Awakened devotee, then, enjoys an inherently complete knowledge of everything! That complete comprehension is not merely reflected at the level of the thinking mind. Rather, the being itself reflects a total comprehension of everything, because the Transcendental Being inherently abides in the most direct and immediate association with everything. Thus, when the devotee is surrendered in God, all of the excesses, all of the powers, of the Transcendental Being become operative in him. After a while he begins to account for such Influence. He recognizes and acknowledges a higher process of mind than the ordinary thinking mind, but a process that can yet be reflected directly in all his actions. The Transcendental Influence in the midst of all ordinary changes is in fact their true Logic, and It can bring about events in the plane of life that would not otherwise tend to occur. This Influence is the source of miracles, all positive transformations, and of the Transfiguration of the being.

The Transcendental Being literally exists. You are simply not accounting for It and Its Powers. When you are surrendered in God, you are inherently associated with the Powers of that Being. You simply begin to observe these miraculous phenomena and you realize that you exist in a domain of Mind that is beyond comprehension. Everything is synchronous with everything else in universal associativeness and mutual dependence. Dissociativeness, separateness, independence, and suffering also appear as an aspect of the tension in manifestation, but in Truth everything is always already established in the Transcendental Bliss.

DEVOTEE: It often amazes me how you can completely describe a person’s state merely by hearing a single detail about his or her life.

SPIRITUAL MASTER: Yes, and I am not expressing mere thought in the process. I am not acting at the level of mind at which you think I must be active in order to do what I seem to be doing! Everything is inherently known. You notice that I often seem casually to speak about someone, yet what I say turns out to be accurate. This capacity is obviously the product of a consciousness that is totally familiar with the subject, but not, perhaps, by the means that you might think necessary.

I have just given up, you see. I am an Avadhut.[2] That is just the way I am. I talk madly. I have given myself up to Divine madness, and so I function in this natural way. I do not prevent the synchronous intelligence of the Divine Being!

You exist in the same “Room” with me, in exactly the same Divine dimension. Everything about it is altogether the same, except that, apart from my consideration of it with you, you do not understand it and have not become converted in your feeling. You are not presently established in equanimity, native self-transcendence, and Transfiguration. This is not an ultimate difference, though. We are not comparing the results or signs of our participation in God. Equanimity, or God-Realization, is the native disposition—it need not be acquired. When this disposition is simply and obviously true of you, you are totally one with the Divine Being, both manifest and unmanifest, and you will recognize all that arises to be the Vision or Play of God. You will also be immediately and intimately associated with the Mind that transcends the thinking mind, the personal mind, and even the cosmic mind, and yet functions in and via all of them.

The Mind of the Ecstasy that is God-Realization is the Transcendental Mind, and there is much to be observed about it. When you observe that Mind in the Spiritual Master, you can understand how it produces an extraordinary consciousness, without requiring all the changes you now think necessary to that state. The Spiritual Master is a reflection of a Transcendental Realization in which all capacities are accomplished natively, but you think of him only as someone who has self-consciously accumulated great stores of information and power. He is empty, but you imagine him to be full. Likewise, you imagine the Way to be a path of experience whereby you yourself become more and more full of knowledge and power.

No. The Way is instant. It is a process of surrender in Ignorance, self-transcendence, emptiness, and stillness in the highest, most dynamic sense. Realization of the Way grants all Powers spontaneously, without the strife for their attainment that characterizes the usual seeker. I have noticed these Powers in my own case throughout the years. They function in association with me synchronously, spontaneously, rather than in the cause-and-effect sense, wherein I necessarily think of something in advance of its actual, occurrence. Such precognition does occur randomly. My mind is often full of “future junk,” or precognized versions of coming events. But at the level of the Being-Mind, where all of that has to make sense, the future is known absolutely, as well as the present and the past. All time and space are fully conscious ultimately to a Mind that is simply blissful, not apparently full of content. When the mind is blissful, rather than full of everything, then you know everything truly. The more you have in your mind the less of everything you know, the less capable you are of holding on to such transcendental knowledge.

In my Play with you, you can see how the Transcendental Being works in manifestation. You enjoy this Teaching, but you also enjoy a relationship to me that would show itself to be extraordinary, if you were to remain sensitive to it. The Power of the Transcendental Being is present here, naturally manifesting, completely unobstructed. Personal characteristics, both high and low, do not obstruct it. Thus, you have the opportunity to see how that Power works—it is directly present and speaking, visibly, in my form. You can see how it works in your relationship to me. As that relationship matures, you will see the same Transcendental Being incarnating, manifesting, Transfiguring, Transforming, and ultimately Translating your own being into the Divine Domain. And when you are enjoying the process of Transfiguration, you are also naturally being transformed by uncommon powers. You show the signs of one who is being used as a vehicle of Transcendental manifestation. You must become more plastic to God, you see, so that this miraculous capacity can be full and true in your life. ♦

[2] one who is “naked,” who has transcended everything and is thus free in God.