The Three Great Principles of All Truth

The Three Great Principles Of All Truth

Divine, Universal, and Psycho-Physical



I. The Divine Principle of Indivisibility:

Reality (Itself) is Inherently Indivisible (One and Divine and Non-conditional and Absolute)


II. The Universal (or Cosmic) Principle of Unity and Non-‘Difference’:

The world (or the conditionally manifested cosmos) is Inherently a Unity (Which, in and As its True Self-Condition, is Inherently Non-‘different’ from the One and Indivisible and Absolute and Non-conditional Divine Reality)


III. The psycho-physical Principle of Non-Separateness:

The individual psycho-physical entity is Inherently Non-separate from the world-Unity (or the Inherently Unified cosmic Totality, Which is Whole and Universal)

Also, Inherently Non-separate from the Inherently Indivisible Divine Reality (or the One and Conscious Light That Is the One and Only Self-Condition of all-and-All)


These Three Principles, Proposed by Me, are (Effectively) an Integrated Whole and Single Proposition.

They (Together) Comprise the philosophical (and Reality-Based, and Reality-Realization-Based) Foundation for the Only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam (Which is the One and Only by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given ‘Radical’ Way of the Heart).

They are, also, the Right and True Basis (and the Right and True Measure) for the Correct (and, inevitably, intellectually Liberating) Evaluation of any and all possible propositions of philosophical import made (now, or in the future, or in any time and place at all) by any one (or any school or tradition) at all.

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