What is Feared

What is Feared

Adi Da Samraj

(Franklin Jones, 1971)

What is feared, the moment to moment fear, the threat, endings, the death that arises and consumes is the truth itself.  The paths are only consolations that distract men from the core fear at the center of life.  

But one who understands is entirely in that fear, that death.  His consciousness is concentrated in that fear and death, and there is nothing to turn him away.  Thus, he endures that very core, he experiences it utterly, he knows its content directly.

That fear is the critical space in the Heart.  It is the subtlest form of avoidance.  It is the avoidance of relationship itself.  That death and fear is not an object but an action, the avoidance of relationship, sensed always as fear, threat, the death, the void, the emptiness, the black of unconsciousness.

But when there is radical understanding the content of the space of the Heart is known directly.  Only avoidance makes the surrounding of fear and black, emptiness and threat.  

But when that space is known directly, prior to avoidance, the death itself is allowed, and it occurs! There is only that death, which is the realization of non-separation, real consciousness and in that instant there is absolute release, exhilaration, and great joy.  The very fact, the real, the moment that only is, knowledge, consciousness itself is known to be no dilemma, and the mind widens to zero, the void is bright, and there is only the brilliant, deep shout of bliss that is the instant of existence.

True life is itself the after-death state, creative life prior to all seeking.  The rest of it is nonsense, the traditional distraction, and fascination of men.

The following is a discussion by Ed Reither, founder of Beezone on the above early writings of Adi Da Samraj. This recording was done on January 24, 2022.