The Deeper Aspect of Sadhana

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Understand the Deep


“The deeper personality does not come very much to the front in your case. It is suppressed, covered over, by the grosser inclinations and the grosser identification. The next thing to occur when you do significant foundation or purifying, sadhana is that the deeper personality comes more to the front and begins to govern the grosser personality.”



The three stations of the heart – three aspects of the single heart.

The seven stages of life is what Avatar Adi Da Samraj has called the “vertical” dimension of the body-mind. The vertical pathways contain both the descending and then ascending energy, associated with the fourth and fifth stages of life, which, in the sixth stage of life, finally falls into its source in the heart. This description is corroborated by many traditional descriptions, which speak of the chakras rising from the base of the perineum, and reaching the apex at the top of the head.

The three aspects of the heart all appear in the great heart region, or the chest area of the body. Avatar Adi Da calls the three aspects: the left side (or station) of the heart, the middle depth (or station) of the heart, and the right side (or station) of the heart. Consciousness has traditionally been understood to have three basic states, called the “avasthas” in Sanskrit. These are the states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep that everyone knows.

The region of the left side of the heart is the station of the waking state, and bodily experience. The middle station of the heart is the station of the dreaming state, and all that is the deeper psyche or subtle and higher mind. The right side of the heart is the base of the state of deep sleep, and the presumption of an individual separate conscious self. Each of the stations of the heart is, of course, associated with the seven stages of life, as well as the vertical dimension of the body-mind. The left side of the heart is associated with the first three stages of life, and the “general” and “basic” contexts of the fourth stage of life, and thus the descending or frontal line of the body-mind. The left side of the heart is associated with the physical heart itself.

The middle station of the heart is associated with what is often known as the heart “chakra” (or “wheel”), a center of energy in the subtle dimension. The middle station of the heart is linked with the ascending fourth stage of life, and the fifth stage of life, in the spinal line.

The right side of the heart is the seat of the separate conscious self. In the sixth stage of life, the right side of the heart becomes awakened as the root-origin of attention, and the seat of the Witness-Position of Consciousness. As has been described, at the culmination of the ascending process, the Spirit-Energy “falls”, or comes to rest, in the right side of the Spirit Energy in heart.

It is in the seventh stage of life that the Spirit-Current rises again in the “regeneration” of Amrita Nadi, from the right side of the heart to the matrix above the head. In this process, the body itself is infused with the Divine Spirit-Current in the Circle of the body-mind. Thus, the heart on the right remains always as the “foot” of the “organ” of Divine Self-Realization that is “Amrita Nadi”.


KANYA TRIPURA: It is really quite profound, because I felt the body-mind released from the memory of this grosser personality. And then I was feeling Your description of the deeper personality, which is summarized also in the root-contraction of separate self sense.

SRI DA AVABHASA: Which should be the next to govern. You here gathered with Me are being governed by the grosser personality. The deeper personality does not come very much to the front in your case. It is suppressed, covered over, by the grosser inclinations and the grosser identification. The next thing to occur when you do significant foundation, or purifying, sadhana is that the deeper personality comes more to the front and begins to govern the grosser personality. That is not ultimate Realization, but it is the next step, and a necessary step. In fact it is part of the transition to the seeing stages. The equipment for seeing Me is brought to the front by virtue of your hearing Me, by virtue of your having done the true listening sadhana, handled your ordinary life-business, gone through the purifying process of true listening, and come to the point of true hearing and demonstrating it with real responsibility.

To move on from there to level two and the seeing stages is a kind of transition in which the deeper personality begins to come more to the front and to govern the grosser personality. There is a greater Governor even than that—I, My Self, am the Governor, the One with Whom you are in Communion—but that foundation sadhana having been done long enough through the beginning process, then you are available to Me through the structures of the deeper personality. Such sadhana brings to the front your capability not merely for reception of Me in the body itself but for surrender to Me as the body and for relinquishing the governing power of the grosser personality, to such a degree that your deeper motivation and surrender can come to the front.

That process is fundamental to the seeing stages. This is another reason why the listening-hearing process must be accomplished.

The Sign of My “Brightness”


You can’t go on as you all are, being this clubhouse that never does anything, that is always bargaining or telling Me, putting Me off, being out there and around instead of actually in My room, actually serving Me, actually turned to Me, unambiguously, not playing courtly mummery religion on Me and just saying big words about Me to make Me feel like I’m a big deal or something. Why should I feel like I’m a big deal? What’s the big deal? There’s only Truth. There is no status in it. There’s no ego status in My Person. There’s no ego about it. There’s no karmic pattern except the linkage you all establish with Me that provides a mechanism for My Blessing Transmission. But this {gestures to Himself] carries no karma otherwise. The Vehicle has its own karmas, but they run out, you see. The background of the Vehicles here in front -–the Vehicle here before you, both its deeper personality dimension and its grossly born, Franklin dimension, you see–all that’s running out.

This is Serious and You Must Be Too



As further conditionally manifested Means, previous to My present Lifetime, the Divine Self-Realization Re-Awakened in My present-Lifetime Body-Mind was also Served (previous to My present Lifetime) in the many Modes and Patterns of the previous Lifetimes and Appearances of the Deeper Personality (or the Great-Siddha–or Great-Jnani-Siddha-Incarnation-Vehicle) of My present Lifetime. Most recently, That Deeper-Personality Vehicle of My present-Lifetime Incarnation was (Itself) Incarnated as the Great Sid (or Great Jnani-Siddha) Swami Vivekananda.

Adi Da’s Gurus


ADI DA SAMRAJ: The deeper personality is the subtle being. The gross body is made by mothers and fathers in gross form. The deeper personality associated with that form is simply the subtle personality, the reincarnating vehicle. It, so to speak, “chooses” the gross body for its incarnation – but more by virtue of an affinity than an act of will. At least, that is in general the case. But it is not merely an affinity with that gross body itself, but even a affinity with all of its associations. Both the positive and the negative aspects of the subtle personality govern that affinity.

So it is not merely that the subtle personality looks for some body and circumstance that it likes and then floats down into it. It is a karmic affinity with the total circumstance and potential of a particular gross body. And, in general, it is even a rather unconscious affinity.

What I am saying about the subtle body, or bodies, and the relation between that and the gross body, I am saying to you from My direct experience. Also, there is a vast collective experience of such things. Thousands upon thousands of individuals throughout history have corroborated what I am saying to you about this matter. So it is not merely a philosophical matter. It is not just an alternative proposition to materialism, as if it is just another way of thinking, and it may or may not be true. No, it is clearly true. It is based on real experience, thoroughly investigated, and not merely entertained by fools. The most highly developed of beings who have ever lived on earth have confirmed all of this.

Of course, this particular matter is not about Ultimate Truth, or Realization. It is about how the cosmic domain works. It works from within outward – from the subtle toward the gross. What is appearing here, in other words, as gross forms and so on, and gross functions, is an expression of what is subtler. The actual functions of the human being exist on a subtler level, and function from there into the gross.

The Fundamental Structure of Existence – Adi Da Samraj


As soon as you begin to become sensitive to the deeper personality, or you start incorporating the mind of the deeper personality into the play of your life, then you start identifying with that, becoming limited by that. urged by that.

You get more mind, in other words. This is why I call you to the Perfect Practice. I do not even recommend that you go to practicing stage four or practicing stage five. If you must, of course, I have indicated to you what that process is about and what it requires. But I am calling you to enter into a relationship with me directly such that those stages of practice may become unnecessary.

Nothing left But the Ash – Adi Da Samraj

The Illusion Of Relatedness – Da Love Ananda – Adi Da Samraj – 1986