Beezone White and Orange Project – Capitalization and Punctuation

The Following is an example of the ‘derivative‘ format, which Beezone created in response to a reader’s question.


Beezone’s Method of Simplifying Capitalization, Punctuation

A Derivative Work


To make Adi Da’s writing style more accessible and readable, Beezone will at times change Adi Da’s conventions of written English, such as his conventions of grammar, usage, and punctuation (including capitalization). Beezone will also sometimes simplify Adi Da’s more complex language.

The following is an example of Beezone’s changes applied to the Epilogue of the 1991 Dawn Horse Testament.

Adi Da’s Word is italized, followed by Beezon‘s adaptation in Roman text:


I Am Not Hidden, I Am Not Secretive. I Only Reveal My Self, Perpetually.

I am not hidden nor secretive, I am only present, perpetually, even now.


It Is You who Hide Your Always Separate self From Me. And It Is You who Keep The Heart Secret. Your Heart Is A Secret, Even To Your Inmost ego-“I”, and You (By All Your self-Contracting Efforts) Keep Your Heart From Me.

It is you who keep your own heart secret. Your heart is a secret even to yourself and you keep your heart from me.


Therefore, I Must Always Pursue Your Heart. I Am Always Moved To Gather Your attention To Me, but it Flies From The Heart To every kind of place, being, and object, and You Do Not Divinely Recognize This All Of “things” or Stay To Realize Me.

I always pursue your heart and gather your attention. But you fly away to every kind of place and you do not recognize nor realize me.


You Have Not Truly Heard and Really Seen Me Unless attention Is Steadied In Sublimity, Fastened To The Heart-Place.

To “hear” me and “see” me you must keep the attention in your heart.


You Cannot Realize Me Unless The Heart Is Free Of The Knot Of Separate and Separative self, and Free To Feel In The Swoon Of My Given and Mere and Blessing Company.

You cannot realize me unless the knot of attention is set free and the separate self is free to feel my blessing company.


If You Will Only Consent To Be Attracted and Distracted By Me, You Will Feel Me, For My Given and Mere and Blessing Company Always Moves The Heart.

If you consent to be attracted and distracted, you will feel me, for my blessing company always moves the heart.


If You Feel Me, You Are With Me.

If you feel me, you are with me.


And If You Are With Me, Your Heart Cannot Fail To Realize Me, Who Is The Heart Itself.

If you are with me, you cannot fail to realize the heart itself.


Therefore, When The Heart Itself Is No Longer Secret, My Heart-Secret Is Already Revealed To You.

Therefore, when the heart is no longer secret, it is already revealed.


I Am The Secret Of The Heart.

I am the secret of the heart.


I Am The Heart Itself, Revealed.

I am the secret revealed.


What You Must Realize Is This: I Am You! I Am The Heart Itself, Revealed To You, and To Be Realized As You.

What you must realize is this: I am you, to be realized as you.


The challenge for Beezone is to let the Reader understand what is Adi Da’s writings and what is not. The method Beezone uses it to keep Adi Da’s writing in italics. I should note that there are times when my understanding and Adi Da’s writing ”merge” and there is no simple, expressive way to ”separate” my assimilation and expression from Adi Da’s writings. In such cases, Beezone presents the writing in regular type (even though it contains segments and phrases that are Adi Da’s direct word) and, whenever possible, will cite the source from which the excerpt has been made. As much as possible, Beezone will endeavor, to the best of its ability, to keep Adi Da’s direct writing in italics and Beezone derivations in regular case.