You Must Establish a Culture on this Foundation

I’m Here to Regenerate the Whole Thing

Adi Da Samraj, 1987


“There wasn’t sufficient evidence, sufficient response, sufficient clarity. So we’ve had to examine the whole matter step by step, stage by stage, starting from the most basic level of the beginning. But I think in this examination of all of this, with those who have been associated with me for so long, what is being made plain is that the gifts and the lessons have been already given. The only thing lacking here is this Joyous Response, this Inspired Response, that will regenerate all the things that were your responsibility before.

I’ve even said to you many times in these gatherings; it is difficult for me to imagine that there aren’t at least some in this world-wide gathering who are prepared for practicing stage six. If they’d only consider it, go through this process of recapitalization, reexamination of it all, and embrace their responsibility,the obligation. I would think that there would be some who are already prepared for practicing stage six. And certainly, others prepared for the various devotee stages.

I told you at the beginning when you all were just being students there, remember, I can’t imagine after all these years nobody has heard me”.

In the very beginning of my Teaching Work, I’ve communicated the Radical Consideration, the Radical Argument. You must respond to the degree that makes you capable of radical practice, or the Perfect Practice. So, I’ve had for many, many years consider with you that entire progress. But it’s not suppose to be something that takes you a thousand lifetimes. It’s not a piecemeal idealism, or idealistic practice, in which you basically free over your impulses to be identified with the ordinary humanity, your conventional motivations as a human being.

That progressive practice is supposed to prepare you for the Radical Practice in its ultimate form, the Perfect Practice.

The Perfect Practice is practiced in the context of the sixth stage of life. Therefore it inherently transcends the sixth stage of life, not eventually, inherently. It takes place in the context of the sixth stage of life but transcends it inherently. So do all the other stages of practice.

The listening and hearing process inherently transcends the first three stages of life, inherently does so, when you fully develop it. When it becomes true hearing, it inherently transcends the first three stages of life. It’s not that then there’s a long lot of stuff to do, as a hearing sadhana. It’s direct. The hearing sadhana inherently transcends the first three stages of life, so the work becomes complete, readily. This is why in the first edition of The Dawn Horse Testament have to define the hearing stage as a separate sort of period. Because it’s a most direct principle, that allows you to move on to the devotee stages.

I observed that you were finding loopholes, and not taking that process completely into account. I, therefore, I recommended some details that will help you avoid those loopholes.

Hearing, the sadhana based on hearing inherently transcends the first three stages of life, just as the sadhana based on seeing inherently transcends the fourth stage of life, and the fifth if necessary, and the sixth. The Way of the Heart transcends the psycho-biography of the ego, inherently.

Everything from the student response up to hearing is a process leading up to hearing. Everything up to hearing if your consideration, your time integrating yourself with this Radical Way. From the time of the confession of hearing, you become most fundamentally obliged, engaged with the Way of the Heart itself. You become capable of the Way of the Heart itself is capable, of transcending all of the egoic stages of life. So, from the time of hearing, you must do so, effectively, as described in each stage.

In that effective sense, we could say the Way of the Heart begins at the point of true hearing. It’s the first of the three great signs. The first is Hearing, the second is Seeing, and the third identification with the Witness-Position of Consciousness. Everything that proceeds hearing is a process whereby the individual becomes integrated with that process that inherently transcends eogity. This is why the HearingConfession is so profound. It’s the cutter, the foundation that effectively moves through all the phycho-biography of egoity. From the time of that confession, you are obliged to that demonstration.

If you have heard me there is NO MORE dramatizing your egoic reluctance. You will have understood it all. You will have thoroughly observed it all, to the point of most fundamental understanding of self. Therefore this mechanism of refusal, of balking, resistance will have been thoroughly understood by you. Most fundamentally understood.

You must establish a culture on that foundation. You must demonstrate your response in the form of that culture. You must all develop an inspired and inspiring Way, and you must do it collectively, in the culture and the institution, in both the inner and outer temple. There must be these signs.

If there aren’t these signs then I say to you, you haven’t heard me”.