The You and the It

The following is a Beezone exercise in studying the teaching of Adi Da Samarj.  This exercise amounts to a derivative work which comes from a talk from Klik-Klak: The Pattern Patterning – A Gathering “Consideration” with Beloved Adi Da Samraj at Free Standing Man, Quandramama Shikhara, January 31, 1996


The You and the It


The Subject (you) and Object (it)


Look at something, anything.  Do you find it attractive,  repulsive,  blah, or just it, neutral? Whatever you look at you are seeing a quality that is actually your own characteristic presumed to be there, ‘outside’ you. All you are seeing (every moment) and doing, and subtly looking for is ‘something’ – the quality of which depends on your ‘state of being’ at any moment – you are constantly in a ‘state of search’ – not just ‘searching’ but in a ‘state of being’. That which you are looking for, what is truly attractive, is only in the Being-Position ‘everything’, is klik-klak.

This process is not some kind of “out there in the world” illusion. It is a fundamental illusion. It covers everything, every moment of existence is this illusion of the desirability, continuity in and of klik-klak. You are only being reflected in it, by virtue of your own ‘state, the ‘state’ of viewing.

This process is Consciousness becoming attention and superimposing the sense of its own characteristic on klik-klak. Then you become bound in it because it is desirable – bound in it like Brer Rabbit gets stuck in the Tar Baby or Narcissus at the pond. That’s you. That’s the attitude of conditional experiencing, the attitude of illusion, the attitude of egoity, and the attitude of attention.

What you are finding desirable in all of this is actually you, because it is your quality you are superimposing. That quality is not “out there”. It is in the Consciousness Domain, the Domain of Being, which you are forgetting.

You have to keep looking for ‘it’ all the time, day or night, sleep, dream, or awake. You are always looking for it, because, at the root of it, you’ve become attention “moving into” the plastic, so to speak.  You’ve left the Domain of Real Satisfaction and superimposed its heart-remembered quality on the plastic, klik-klak domain. But having “left it behind”, so to speak, and projected it onto the world unconsciously, you are always chasing the pattern for it. If you truly stopped, just for a moment you would see what you are always looking for is in the Always Already Existing Position, not in klik-klak.

If you can begin to observe and understand this whole matter, this understanding, which is more and more comprehensible than maturity in this practice will develop. Just examining it now, it seems straightforward, doesn’t it? [Devotees agree.] You are looking in the world for That Which Is Where you Stand. Narcissus is looking in the pond desiring that which he already is. Not in his body the viewer, but that which is not even viewing, the Witness, the Consciousness itself. It already has all the qualities in infinite form, which you superimpose on the world and seek. The world is shift, shift, shift. It has no inherent anything. There is nothing but the shift. There is nothing behind it, in it, or about it.

All that which is Attractive, all that which is Beautiful, all that which is Full, all that which is Satisfactory, all that which is Constant, not threatened, all that IS Love-Bliss, all that is Radiant, is Always Already the Case.

You presume it to be in klik-klak. But it is a false superimposition of the Feeling of your own Nature, an illusion generated by the heart – not noticing its own Nature, projecting itself into the domain of changes.

Understand this, notice this – then the illusion of Narcissus, and all the search built on it, disappears. It is not struggled with. The illusion is gone, there is no longer the pursuit of attention and result, but the Native Stand Prior to attention. There is no longer this game of unconsciously superimposing the dualities of the Consciousness Domain onto klik-klak, with the mechanism of attention.

One day, Raymond Darling, in The Mummery , is sitting in his room. He gazes about. He looks at everything. What does he notice? There is no Consciousness in the room. He saw klik-klak. Consciousness is on the Raymond side, the subject, not on the object side, the it. “It’ requires Quandra – Energy is on the Consciousness, the subject side, not on the object side. Energy is not known on the object side. It is known on the Consciousness side. In other words, Union, Oneness with Energy, is there. Whereas the pursuit of Energy, the experiencing of It as object in the form of changes, is on the conditional, or psycho-physical, side. But Energy, as is not different from Consciousness, is on the Consciousness side. Truth is the Consciousness side. Klik-klak is the object side.

This becomes the “Perfect Practice”. When the “Perfect Practice” itself becomes Most Perfect or Realizes Most Perfect Realization, klik-klak is Recognized, Divinely Recognized, Recognized in the Divine-founded in hearing in the Divine, in that sense. Because of that, it loses all power of bondage, bondage-making. It is only “Bright”, therefore, rather than dark, as it is on the attention side. So in that seventh stage Open-Eyed Awakening, the domain of attention is allowed. It is not refused. It is Radiated into. It is not entered. It is not sought. It is not clung to. It is not refused. It is not run away from. It is simply Recognized in every apparent moment of arising. It has no power to bind. It is simply Self-Radiant Consciousness itself. And in any moment of apparent associations, then, it is clear what anything is and what everything is -and What Is, therefore.

That Which was called “I”-which turned out not to be the body-mind, but Consciousness itself-has Realized its Nature, and thereby, Realized the Nature of objects, conditions, processes, patterns-all patterns-at last. Just that. You don’t have to be at any point in the pattern to be in a position to Recognize it. You need to be in ” the ” Position in order to Recognize any point in the pattern-the Position in Which it is arising, as it appears. If you do not Recognize it, you become attention and project the illusions that klik-klak has the characteristics of What is Prior to it-Consciousness, Self-Existing, and Self-Radiant. But Stand as Consciousness, Self-Existing and Self-Radiant, and Realize attention fully-you are What Is . Conditions allowed you know what any thing is, then. You know what every thing is . It is “you”-not by you superimposing your characteristics on it, from the position of contraction, not knowing it’s Ultimate Nature, your own Ultimate Nature, but (rather) Prior to any such conditional identifications. Everything is simply Recognized, even attention in its first moment, then everything that follows – all the same. No klik-klak power.

So, in some sense, the entire process of sadhana leading to the “Perfect Practice”, the entire sadhana in the Way of the Heart until the “Perfect Practice”, is something like “considering” the Argument I just put to you, until you lose all sympathy with the illusion-position of attention, and accept the Nature in Which you Stand Always Already, and do the sadhana of allowing the Revelation of What That Is altogether-What is Consciousness itself. This was My “Consideration”, even as I ended college. It is to have that be Revealed by Grace in the Well of the “Perfect Practice”.

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