You Don’t Get Loved

You Are Not the One Who Gets Loved


MASTER DA: No one rejects you, basically. But by getting to feel rejected, you are able to justify your whole game. And you’ve got to suffer it subjectively, not just in relationship with others. In order to fly around and have casual pleasure you had to seriously believe that you are rejected and unloved. That was the original circumstance under which you had sex relations and pleasure of various kinds until you became associated with this Communion.

Rejection was the circumstance that you needed to presume, or were allowed to presume, by your environment. But you can not casually indulge that possibility any longer. You have lived it so strongly that you have developed very strong tendencies, the intense debilitating kinds of emotional dramatizations that can occur if you just indulge this feeling of being unloved.

This sense of rejection is also a physical matter, a physical separation, so you cannot afford to be irresponsible about diet, breath, exercise, and so forth. You’ve got to maintain your connection with the physical, not only in your own body, but through your own body to the environment and your intimates.

Spiritual life must be a physical, living matter for you and you can’t at any time casually indulge this feeling of being unloved. You have got to j us t go about loving. You have got to bring the energy to the moment, not look for the signs that you may be rejected, that you are not loved. All you have to do is notice when you are becoming involved in feeling unloved, see it for what it is, the whole script, and don’t take it the least bit seriously.

Even if it were true, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. In Truth, it can’t make a bit of difference. There may be lots of individuals from your past who don’t particularly love you and all kinds of people who don’t know you and so therefore don’t particularly love you. Inevitably, you are surrounded by some degree of unlove.

So even if it were true in the most intimate circumstances of your life, it can’t justify unlove, the contraction of the Being in you, because it is not true. You are not a child anymore; you’ve seen too much. It has been given to you to understand, in some basic way, the spiritual nature of the world and the consequences of violating the Law of Love. You become less than love by believing that you are unloved.

You are the one who is at fault. By presuming that you are not loved, you create a negative destiny for yourself and everyone else. So you don’t have the right to indulge it, even if it’s true that you’re not loved. This is not sufficient justification for you to not love.

You must remain a strong presence as love, even physically, to Infinity. That is the law, that is your obligation. Everyone is tested in this way. If some people sees a little stronger, it in because they haven’t indulged themselves as you have and perhaps did not have the same kind of circumstance to deal with when they were young and vulnerable.

But the real strength is in the present, it’s not the result of a wonderful childhood It is a resolve made possible by attachment to the Divine, in which you do not indulge the reaction of being unloved, the contraction of feeling attention.

You just do not indulge it. When it arises as a reaction to some circumstance, some moment, some physical moment of weakness, whatever it is, you must identify it with great clarity and not indulge it. You can not afford to indulge it even as a fantasy. You must maintain in a very natural way your responsibility as feeling-attention in relationship and not collapse beyond it, not get into the solitude, the brooding, the whole business, as a blind for disturbance.

You just cannot indulge it. You must stop being concerned for whether or not you are loved in signs, in demonstrations by me or, anybody else. It is the responsibility of the devotee to love, not to get love, but to be love. That’s what a devotee is. People have just the opposite idea. They think to be a devotee is to be somehow cherished by the Divine. The Divine is the Beloved. Devotees are not the Beloved. The devotee is not the one who gets loved. The Divine gets loved.