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Beezone Commentary

“I am not calling people to look for God (Truth, Reality) or me, nor am I arguing them into believing in anything. I have Simply come Among you all. And when I come into contact with people, suddenly something much Greater is obvious. But that is not the end of it. That is the beginning of it. From the conventional point of view Realization is the end of everything. But it can only be the end of everything once you have gotten rid of everything. In our Way Realization is the beginning of everything. Therefore, people who come into my Company must be instructed about what they must do now. They must not merely luxuriate in the free gift of Divine Intoxication. They should luxuriate in it, certainly, but not only luxuriate in it. They should enjoy it, they should become completely immersed in the miracle of Divine-Realization in my Company, but they must be instructed about what their obligation, their practice, must be”.

What I Look For, Adi Da Samraj, March 5, 1984


Adi Da’s ‘Problem’*


Student: It is clear to me that the gifts that you have given and the Realization Itself is Realization of You, the “I Am” of You is what is Always True.

Adi Da Samraj: It says in the song “I Am Who You Are”. It is Communion with the Samadhi of the Realizer. It is more than intimate. It is a Paradox Supreme. – Adi Da talking with a devotee, 1987



“Hearing inherently transcends the first three stages of life”

Adi Da Samraj, 1987



 Beezone – Session II on the Current Issues with Adidam


 The Fourth Stage of Life

Why No ‘Hearing’ After all these Years?

1987 dialogue with Adi Da Samraj


Further Reading

If anyone has been a steady student of the teachings of Adi Da Samraj it does not take long before they are confronted by his incessant ‘complaint’ of the failure of his ‘work’ and the lack of response of his devotees. The failure of his devotees to Recognize Adi Da and their inability to bring students into The Way of the Heart (The Way of Adidam) seems to be a foremost ‘shout’ heard from Adi Da throughout his lifetime as Spiritual Master. His shout is paradoxical and not an absolute ‘mark’ of how it should be understood and what it signifies. The full import of this ever constant criticism is not only to his devotees but the world as a whole.

There are two aspects to the criticism that Adi Da had his devotee (or anyone else for that matter). The first is in the conditional nature or background from which the criticisms and assessments are made, and the second is what real sadhana demands.

Experience in and of itself and its potential success and failures have always been the subject of all religions. The Christians call it sin, the Buddhist, dukkha and Hindus call it Maya or illusion and Islam, Dhanb. All these terms point to the nature of conditional life and the individual’s state in it. It is clear from all religions that human beings are ‘flawed’ and life in and of itself is a dead end street, literally!. But the real import of the nature of this doomsday failure has more to do with the individual than with Real Nature of conditional existence.. – Read more

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