Unbroken Light – The Grid of Attention – Mummery





Right View


a Discourse by the Ruchria Avatar, Adi Da Samraj January 2, 1999 from Only The Horse Knows pp 139-141

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: Existence in the waking and dreaming states is a mummery … presumptions. Human beings live as mummers…as if the play they are appearing in were the carrying out of a plan they know full well, and reality is evident to them. It is not so. Reality is not evident ..not Self-evident, not evident as the Most Profound State, the “Brightness” State, the Samadhi of the “Brightness”. Your are all mummers because you do not know That Which Is Always Already The Case. You only know the mummery.

I am not merely Principle, I am Person, Fullness of Being, Love-Blissful Self-Consciousness, without the slighest difference or separation or otherness or relatedness or separation. No difference, No relatedness is the characteristic of My Samadhi, of Existence Itself. There is one, Undifferentiated, Indivisible Reality, or Self-Condition, Apparent divisibility is due to a polarizing fractioning of the Light. But that polarizing of the Light, in and of itself, does not change the Light, in of of Itself. It is an apparition, a refraction, a fractal, a spreading of patterned color, with other characteristics proposed by the senses. The Light is nevertheless a Current in the midst. The opposites are lined up on either side of that Current.

Devotee: But the opposites are arising in the Unbroken Light.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: Yes. The Light Itself experiences no difference.

Devotee: Beloved, does that fracturing appear as the grid of attention?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: The grid of attention is the mechanism for the perception of conditional existence.

Devotee: and is that the fracturing of the light?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: Attention itself is that fracturing. The objects are representations of the results of that fracturing, worked out in every possibility of duality. Attention is the feeling of relatedness. Attention is the fundamental gesture of self-contraction, or of the torque that makes the prism, the refracting gesture that displays the colored lights of pattern in their discreet sectors, planes, or worlds.

Devotee: Beloved, it certainly couldn’t be the case that is attention is inherently self-contracted, though, because in the Native Condition that is not longer true.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: Attention is inherently the self-contraction. There must be a transformation of view. Attention does not change. Rather, there is a transformation of view. The right view of attention is not that of attention itself. When attention is found in That Which Is Always Already The Case, then attention is Recognized and is not longer binding. But attention, in and of itself, just as itself, is the self-contraction. it is not that attention is vanished in the case of Realization. No. There is a transformation of view with respect to attention. That transformation of view is inherent in Ultimate, or Most Perfect, Realization.

Thus, in the seventh stage of life, there is the appearance of the function of attention, so it seems, in the play of awareness associated with attention, but it is inherently Recognized. It has not binding power, even though it is just what it is.

The psycho-physical self-contraction, in the ego-expressive sense, is, of course, transcended in the seventh state of life, because eogity has been transcended at the root. There is still a pattern of duality, but not a pattern of self-contraction in the ego-sense of that pattern being a field of bondage. Even so, attention is contraction in the sense that attention is necessary for the bipolarization of light to be the case.

Devotee: It is just that you don’t have to buy the self-contraction as the story of what’s going on.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: It is found in Consciousness itself. The world is Recognized. But this requires a transformation of view, not the elimination of the world….a transformation of view in place.

Devotee: That’s totally radical, Beloved. And it is the most radical expression I can think of ….of waking, dreaming and sleeping being simultaneously true. That the mechanism of self-contraction is still allowed to do its necessary “function”, so to speak.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: In this root sense, Attention itself is the primal mode of self-contraction. In the seventh stage there is not self-contraction as egoic reaction in the midst of conditions. However, attention persists in the seventh stage of life as the principle whereby the apparition of duality is made possible. It could be described as the Divine Self-Contraction. (laughter) It is the inherent, spontaneous Divine Event.

If you think of attention in the seventh stage of life in terms of cause and effect, this is not correct view. There must be a transformation of view. Attention is not arising as a cause of causes and of effects. Experience is not perceived to be merely arising as a threat caused by something else. Right view is required. A transformation of view, therefore is required…in place…in order for nature of all this arising to be Self-evident, pleasurable Oneness.

The basic verses of Da Love Ananda Gita are born of the spontaneous and sudden association of attention with the waking state. (January 2, 1999).


The Wound or Mystery of Paradox

For those who are awakened to the super-physics of all light, Truth, the very Reality, which is salvation or Happiness, is not itself Light or any light in the exclusive sense. Light itself is ultimately resolved in a Principle that includes and is prior to both light and darkness. The Truth of life is not the victory of light over darkness. The Truth of life is not its physics of manifestation or any kind of experiential destiny. The Truth of life is Unqualified, prior to all distinctions. It is not realized via the way of the knowledge of lights or in the objective Shine and Sound of ultimate Brightness. It is intuited via the Wound or Mystery of Paradox, the irreducible profundity of absolute Ignorance. One whose enjoyment is Truth is thus free of all complications, even all the changes that appear in the manifesting Light. Such a one is eternally purified by the Realization that, no matter what arises, high or low, bright or dark, he does not know what even a single thing is.

Conscious Exercise and The Transcendental Sun