Holy Place Dakor




Mahatma Gandhiji once had been to Ahmedabad after paying a visit
to Dakor. Young Shree Rang had also gone to Ahi-nedabad enroute to
Dakor to meet Gandhiji.


Shree Rang had a little acquaintance with Gandh’iji by that time
and was known to him as a representative of college students from


As soon as Shree Rang paid respects to Gandhiji he asked, “Where
do you come from now, young enthusiast ?”


“From the holy place of Dakor, Bapuji, ” Shree Rang.


“Holy place, indeed. But isn’t it dirty ?” asked Gandhiji


Bapuji, I visited the temple there and had a glimpse of the Lord
Ranachhodji only,” replied Shree Rang politely.


“Didn’t you notice the filth there, all along the roadside and
lanes ?” Gandhiji.


“In zest of having the ‘Darshan’ of the Lord Ranachhodji, as I
was, nothing else could attract me.” Shree Rang.


Gandhiji was looking curiously towards Shree Rang,


“I mean the idol of Lord Ranachhodii captivates the minds of
whosoever happens to be in front of it. so long as I was there, I was
totally oblivious of this flitting world. My mind lingers there yet.
The idol of the Lord still beckons to me and asks me to spend some
more time in front of it. “



“Does it imply that you had visited Dakor as a pilgrim?”


“At least as an aspirant to have a glimpse of Lord Ranachhod.ii to
my heart’s content. ” Shree Rang.


“What would you observe then, if you are sent as a socialworker at
Dakor” Looking straight into the eyes of Shee Rang asked


“Social-worker….. in respect of ?” Shree Rang.


“Especially in connection with the elimination of the squalid
habitation prevailing there.” Gandhiji.


“Certainly, Bapuji, the open drainage and the other foul and
repulsive elements would be my targets, at that time, “


“Oh” ! with a smiling face Gandhiji said further, “One thing at a
time seems to be the motto adopted by you.”


“Not precisely, Bapuji, but I believe in ‘ first thing first’
theory. “


Ultimately, Gandhiji realised that Shree Rang was not merely a
materialistic youth, but had a touch of spiritualism also.