Once, a funeral procession was passing by the street in front of
the house of Shree Rang. The pall-bearers were repeatedly and loudly
saying ‘ Ram Bolo, Bhai Ram’ (Brothers, take the name of the Lord
Rama i.e. form habit of repeating the holy name-Rama, constantly).
Some elderly women bitterly weeping, were also going along the
procession as its hinter-part.

The funeral procession was noticed by Shree Rang, who was yet a
child. He was deeply shocked by the funereal scene and ran into the
house. Curious to know about the procession, he caught hold of his
father. Nay, he dragged his father to the front door of the house and
pointing to the procession asked, ” Daddy, what’s,” it ?”

Father – Some one is dead.

Shree Rang – Who ?

Father – The person, who is being carried by the four men on their

Shree Rang – Where will they take him to ‘.?

Father – To the crematorium.

Shree Rang – What’s that place ?

Father -All dead persons are burnt there.

Shree Rang-Why —- but —

Father – That’s the only final disposal of the dead-bodies.

Vitthalpant, the father of Shree Rang thought a while about the
prying nature of his son. He was sure that inquisitive Shree Rang
would ‘ not stop asking questions, unless, the matter concerned,
reached the end expected by him. So to avoid further volley of
questions from him, Vitthalpant asked Shree Rang to go into the

Though Shree Rang obeyed his father; his mind was not free from
the dismal incidence and had some queries lurking in his mind.

On the very next day another funeral procession was passing by the
street and accidentally Shree Rang happened to see it. Restless and
unsatisfied as he was to know something more about the cremation, he
scurried into the house and said to his father, “Dad, today also —
someone is dead.”

Father – Hum !

Shree Rang-Dad, how does a person die ?

Father – I don’t know exactly. But it’s certain—-

Shree Rang —- what ?

Father – Sooner or later everybody dies.

Shree Rang – will my mother —- die ?

Father – Yes.

Shree Rang-Will she be burnt ?

Father – No. doubt.

Shree Rang – you – to -one day —

Father – Surely. I ‘II also be cremated after my death.

Shree Rang – Are you sure, Dady, all — all are destined to die
one day or the other ? Can’t one avert death ?

Thereupon, Vitthalpant, for sometinie, looked passionately towards
Shree Rang and caressing him said in a low voice, ” My lad, one can
conquer death.”

“How ” Bounced Shree Rang upon his father, and asked further, “How
to conquer death ? Dad, be quick. Tell me. How, how to …….


“By reciting the name ——- Rama — Constantly “. Interjected
his father and said further, ” By recitation of the holy name Rama,
by heart, one attains immortality.”

“Should I start to recite the name of the Lord Rama ? “

“So far so good.”

“Just from this moment I’ll start to chant the holy name of Rama.


Shree Rang, thence started to chant the name of the Lord Ram