Why Not Hearing After All These Years? – A dialogue with Adi Da Samraj – 1987

“I am Here to Tell You”

Beezone’s edit of “The Urgency of the Teaching” by Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da 1980

The Law is Sacrifice – To Make Sacred

Our responsibility is to be the fulfillment of The Law, which is sacrifice or love. 

A spiritual relationship depends on sacrifice, the fulfillment of The Law. The sacrifice must be true of you and it must be true of me. And no one, just because he likes something about me, somehow or other, on that account has a relationship with me, has any spiritual connection with me whatsoever. I am not a whore. I know my spiritual relations. They are entirely my responsibility. And if they are violated, if they do not fulfill The Law, then that is the end of the matter. 

A true relationship to me does not just float around in the imaginations of people. It depends on a real human process, mutually acknowledged, mutually experienced, expressed at the level of life. If the spiritual and devotional practice is not true of you, then the sacrifice is not true, and my response is not forthcoming.

I am here to tell you that you are always connected to the true food Source through love, through unobstructed feeling-attention via the functions in which you are presently awake. That is The Law. We are fed through the spine from the heart, in all directions, when we are love. When we are not, then we are cut off from the food Source, and in our relations we cut everybody else off from it too. When you love, you are connected with the food Source on which the whole body-being depends. It radiates to you, in you, around you, and as you most especially.

Every being must fulfill The Law, regardless of his or her past. It does not make any difference how difficult it is for you. The Law remains The Law. The Law is unobstructed feeling-attention under all conditions and in all relations to Infinity. If you are obstructed in feeling and attention, you fail to fulfill The Law. That is why you suffer, and why you stop growing.

You must accept the discipline of The Law of love and bypass completely all of your old victim and loveless ways. To love is not a matter of self-denial. Love is the transformation of self through Divine Communion, through pleasure, the inherent Bliss of the body-being when it is feeling to Infinity. No matter how difficult it is – because you can still sympathize mightily with these old incidences of unlove of being a victim, a child – you must enter into the heartfelt enjoyment of the Divine Reality, and be its agent.

So long as people do not respond to the highest wisdom, they remain reactive and conventional. It will continue to be so in our world, and all kinds of problems will result, until there is a universal response to higher Wisdom. Such a response is certainly not likely in the near future, and so there will continue to be problems in the world.

Thus, there are periods of great negative upheaval in the world, including natural disasters, wars, and conflicts of all kinds. On the one hand, during these periods, the world pays its dues for failing to live by The Law. On the other hand, these times of upheaval are the evidence of a continuous process of purification. They are themselves a demonstration of The Law. At the end of these periods, The Law is reestablished in righteousness.


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