The Mirror and The Checkerboard – The Aletheon – Adi Da Samraj

The Aletheon


The Mirror (Consciousness Itself – The Source)
The Checkerboard (condiionality – The entire “world” of apparently “objective” reality)


pp. 995-1009


As the ego-“I”, you function as the body does with reference to Consciousness Itself—in ignorance of the Consciousness-Position. It is as if the cells of the physical body “meet” together in order to determine how they are going to “dictate”—in an entirely insubordinate manner—the pattern of existence for Consciousness Itself! Then, Consciousness, without direct and intuitive understanding of Its Own Condition, “goes along” with these “demands”—as if the body were, in fact, the Identity of Consciousness Itself. Such is the essence of egoity.

For Consciousness to Wake Up to Its Own Self-Position (or to Recognize Its Own State) Is Divine Self-Realization. However, Divine Self-Realization is not merely a mental process. Rather, Divine Self-Realization Is, necessarily, a Transcendental Spiritual process. And the Real Transcendental Spiritual process requires the orientation of devotion—which is the orientation to What Is Beyond the “self”-knot. To embrace the life of devotion to Me, My devotee must cease to “grant” the body (or the total body-mind-complex, or the complex psycho-physical totality) the “right” to “design” the pattern of his or her existence.

In Reality, the body is not senior to Consciousness Itself. In Reality, Consciousness Itself Is Senior—subordinate to nothing and no one.

However, in the human “world”, everything is patterned by ego. Once the ego-pattern “gets rolling”, it replicates itself automatically. For that pattern to be corrected, you must become aware of what you (as ego) are doing, and you must change your act—and you must be culturally obliged, by means of systematic accountability, to change your act (based on right “self”-observation and right “self”-understanding). All of this is required in order for the Transcendental Spiritual process to be Real—and It cannot be otherwise.

Without My Divine Avataric Intrusion into your life, your ego-pattern merely replicates itself endlessly, relative to everything whatsoever—and you remain trapped in the ego-possessed domain of “point of view”. The ego-patterning of each individual human being, and even the collective ego-patterning of humanity as a whole, is ceaselessly replicated—very much in the manner of cellular reproduction.

The fundamental by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given Law of true Spiritual life (and even of true human life) is this: Never subordinate the Source. If that fundamental Law is discarded, there is not anything that is right. As soon as that one Law is cancelled, the ego-pattern starts taking over everything, in the manner of cellular reproduction. The ego manifests itself virtually infinitely, in a checkerboard pattern that replicates its own state and position.

As soon as there is the ego-position (or “self”-contraction), there is the entire conditionally manifested universe. When there is no “self”-contraction, there is no conditionally manifested universe.

You are “Narcissus”. You are looking at an image, and you think the image is actually “there”—as something outside you, as something that has nothing to do with you, except that you are seeing it as an “object”. As “Narcissus”, you are controlled by that “known-object”. You have already taken up the ego-position—and, from that position, you even regard Me as a “known-object”, “digitalizing” Me into the checkerboard that extends from your little block of presumption.

In the ancient Greek myth, Narcissus is absorbed in an image—but he does not even notice that it is an image in a mirror. The key to understanding “Narcissus” (or the ego-“I”) is not that the “self”-image is an image of oneself. Rather, the key to understanding “Narcissus” (or the ego-“I”) is that the “self”-image is an image reflected in and by a mirror.

The entire “world” of apparently “objective” reality is a mirrored (or reflected) thing. What is its Source? What is its Source-Condition, or “Root”-Condition?

The Mirror (or Consciousness Itself) Is the Source (or the Perfectly Prior and all-and-All-Reflecting Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State) of all-and-All.

What Is the State of the Mirror? What Is the Mirror?

The Mirror Is the Truth. The Mirror Is Reality Itself. The Mirror Is Me—the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

The Mirror Is the Truth. The reflected imagery of “self” and “world” is not the Truth. The State of the Mirror Itself Is the Truth. The “objects” seen in the Mirror are not the Truth.

However, merely to hear this Statement of Mine is not sufficient. The ego may be satisfied with merely hearing My Words—but, in order for the Truth of What I am Saying to actually be Realized, you must change your act, and change your entire life.

Therefore, My devotee must always live in right relationship to Me—subordinating ego-“I” to Me, living by My Divine Avataric Word and Person, entering into devotional Communion with Me, and (thus and thereby) entering into the Position That Is Perfectly Prior to “point of view”.

I am not looking in a mirror. I Am the Mirror, or the Water Itself—all the while. As “Narcissus”, you do not accept that I Am the Mirror. As “Narcissus”, you presume that what you see in the Mirror is you—and that I am merely some kind of metaphor, representing something that is really about you. No—the Mirror does not represent anything. You are the representation (or re-presentation). You are the reflected “object”.

I Am Always Already Present, Directly Before you, As the Mirror—but you, as “Narcissus”, merely persist in looking at the image of yourself, and either admiring the image or recoiling from it (depending on your attitude of the moment). In either case, you remain in the position of looking at a reflection.

Real practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam is exactly the opposite of the “Narcissus”-position. Looking at the reflection is not the practice I have Revealed and Given. Looking at the reflection is egoity. Looking at the “object”, looking at separate “self”, analyzing your “case”, living the repetitions of your ego-patterning day to day to day to day, until death—all of that is mummery. That is the reflection-game. That is bondage.

Everyone is involved in a primary “cult of pairs”—the “relationship” to “self”, the “relationship” between the ego-“I” and “its” reflection. That is the primary “relationship” for everyone: always staring at your own reflection, in the form of an illusory ego-“I” (or “knowing-self”).

If you are simply bodily present, you do not have a shape. In order to see yourself as a shape, you have to abstract yourself from your own Intrinsic Position, because you have to see yourself reflected from outside. In other words, you have to look in a mirror—either a literal mirror or (otherwise) the mirror of perceptual processes and social associations that give you a sense of outline, a sense of space and time, and so forth.

“Consider” this: Every perception takes time. Therefore, remarkably, you are never in the present moment, with reference to conditional appearances. You are always “afterwards”—because it takes a fraction of a second for any perception to register in the brain. Therefore, none of your phenomenal “experiencing” is in present time. All phenomenal “experience” is mirrored—and you are constantly occupied with your mirrored (or reflected) existence.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of “Perfect Knowledge” (Which Is the “Radical” Reality-Way of the Heart, or the “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam) is not about your mirrored (or reflected) existence. The Reality-Way of “Perfect Knowledge” is not even about the “I”-thought at the core of your presumed separate “selfhood”—because even the “I”-thought is simply another mode of mirroring (or reflection).

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of “Perfect Knowledge” is solely about the State That Is Truth (Itself), or Reality (Itself)—Perfectly Prior to reflections, Perfectly Prior to “objectification”. That State need not be “achieved”—because It Is Always Already The Case. Such is your Real Situation—Perfectly Prior to “point of view”, Perfectly Prior to “known-object”, Perfectly Prior to conditional “knowledge”, Perfectly Prior to reflection, Perfectly Prior to the entire game and mummery and tragedy of “Narcissus”. Reality Itself, That Which Is Always Already The Case, Is Perfectly Prior to any and every problem. Therefore, there is never any problem-“object” to be presumed as the basis for a “program” of seeking for Realization of Reality Itself.

All practice-responsibilities in the “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam are subordinate to the primary matter of the Intrinsic Self-Realization of Reality Itself. The Intrinsic (or Self-Intuitive) “Knowledge” of Reality Itself is the case in every instant of devotional recognition-response to Me. And that Self-Intuitive “Knowledge” is the case in every moment of “Perfect Knowledge” practice. Thus, the practice of whole bodily devotional turning to Me and “Perfect Knowledge” is the twofold “Root”-Practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam. All the by-Me-Given disciplines of right life extend from This Reality-“Root” (or “Radical” devotional “Knowledge”) That Is Priorly Free. The Purpose (or Reality-Significance) of the by-Me-Given disciplines of right life is to enable (or to really demonstrate) the Perfectly Prior Disposition That Is Inherently Free, such that the Priorly Free Disposition may Self-Manifest in the midst of the conditions of existence. And, indeed, if you do not fully embrace and truly live the by-Me-Given disciplines of right life, you are (in that case) always assuming the reflected (or mirrored) position, in which “known-objects” and “shadow-self” (or “object-subject” reflections) appear to be senior to the Intrinsically Self-Evident (and Perfectly Subjective, or Intrinsically egoless and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

To devotionally recognize Me is not to be familiar with Me as an “objective other”. Rather, to devotionally recognize Me is to “Locate” My Self-Evidently Divine State, to be moved to Me through devotional recognition of My Self-Evidently Divine State. All other modes of familiarity with Me are modes of “objectification”. No mode of “objectification” is devotional recognition of Me. Devotional recognition of Me is not merely to “objectively know” what My bodily (human) Form looks like. True devotion to Me is a matter of “Locating” Me As I Am. True devotion to Me is to tacitly “Know” My Self-Evidently Divine State, all the faculties turned to Me As I Am. And that whole bodily turning to Me As I Am is also true of the preliminary “Perfect Knowledge” Listening-practice—because that “Root”-Practice is the moment to moment re-assertion of the Intrinsically Self-Evident State of Reality Itself, Which Is the Communion-with-Me State.

As “Narcissus”, you do not accept the practice I have Revealed and Given to you. Therefore, as “Narcissus”, you persistently tend to “objectify” Me and impose your own ego-patterning on Me and (thus) to “keep your distance”. As “Narcissus”, you remain fascinated by a little reflection on the Mirror surface.

I Am here, Spontaneously (Avatarically and Divinely) Appeared. And, just as you do what you do by tendency, I Do What I Do In Truth—As Reality Itself—Self-Manifested in this conditional realm, and Utterly Free of “point-of-view” bondage.

In Appearing here, I am surrounded by the checkerboard—shifted around in this maze of squares, of stops, of limits in time and space. Repetition, appearance, shift, change. Shift, shift, shift—but always the same. That time-and-space domain of klik-klak is (itself) conditional, with all kinds of limitations. Nevertheless, time-and-space is a domain in which, paradoxically, My Free Divine Avataric Appearance can be Self-Manifested.

The appearance of an ordinary checkerboard is very orderly—suggesting that everything is in order, and (thus) “all right”. All such apparent order is a symmetry based on repetitions. However, the seeming order of the checkerboard is not Truth. The seeming order of the checkerboard is not the Condition of Reality Itself. Rather, the seeming order of the checkerboard is an “object”-imposition, a reflection. The checkerboard seems to be orderly because it is generated from a single square which multiplies itself—in principle, infinitely. The result of that replication-process is a vast checkerboard that appears to be strictly organized.

Such is a metaphor for the usual presumption about the nature of the conditionally manifested universe. According to the conventions of human language and human thinking, the universe is “one thing”, which is organized in every detail—and which is “given” to human beings for the paradisiacal purpose of their own “self”-fulfillment. All such thinking is nonsense—an utter fabrication, with no basis whatsoever in Reality. If the universe is so orderly, why does everybody die? Why is everyone subject to so much suffering? Why is this mode of existence characterized by suffering? It is not merely that bad “experience” is potential here. This orderly universe is suffering. The checkerboard is suffering. It is not merely a matter of how any particular game of checkers works out. No—the checkerboard (in and of itself) is limitation, confinement, non-Reality, bondage, stress, search, and mortality. The checkerboard—in and of itself—is intolerable.

You are supposed to notice this! You are supposed to notice—with every breath, every morning, every day—that this orderly universe, in and of itself, is hell! This, in and of itself, is bondage. The checkerboard does not have good intentions—and neither does it have bad intentions. The checkerboard has no intentions. The checkerboard is simply a pattern replicating, generating seed-forms that are totally arbitrary, non-necessary, and merely apparent modifications of the all-and-All-Reflecting (or Acausal) Condition That Is Reality Itself.

Reality Itself Is Freedom. Reality Itself Is Divinity. Reality Itself Is the Only Real (Acausal) God. Reality Itself is not the checkerboard, not the digital field of cosmic “Nature”, not the perceived universe, not the mind, not anything “objectified”, not any form of conditional “knowledge”. Reality Itself Is That Which Is Always Already Perfectly Prior—Perfectly Prior to conditional “knowledge”, Perfectly Prior to “known-object”. Reality Itself Is the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State That Is the Source-Condition of all-and-All—no matter what apparently arises.

That Is the Truth. That Is Reality Itself. That Is Perfectly Self-Sufficient, lacking no thing whatsoever. This must be Realized. That Realization is what makes the Earth-“world” (or conditional life) not hell—even in the midst of all apparent arising.

Godless universe is hell. Godless and Guruless “every day” is hell. Humanity is constantly pronouncing the advocacy of hell—as if hell were your choice, as if hell were entirely “swell”. It is not! This “world” is seeded with death. This “world” is ignorance. This “world” always does not yet “Know” Reality Itself. This “world” is, as such, Godless. This “world”, in and of itself, is suffering. Nevertheless, human beings are all advocating this “world” simply because, here and there, you have your miscellaneous little pleasures of this and that. Therefore—because you have your pleasures, because you have this checkerboard that looks so orderly, and because your seeking can entirely occupy you—you conclude that your ego-position in this “world” is to be defended at all costs. You are all ignorantly defending your separate position (or “point of view” in space-time) within the comprehensive mummery of egoic life. In that disposition, you inevitably subordinate Me to your presumed “self”, and to the pattern that you think is Reality—whereas, in Reality, that pattern is nothing but mummery. That pattern (including its “shadow-self”) is a reflected “object”—always “after the fact” of Reality Itself, always “post-Reality”.

What Is Reality? What Is the Reality-Condition, moment to moment? That Is What there is to Realize—not endless talk about the “known-object”, the reflection, the “shadow”, the ego-“I”.

The fundamental uniqueness, the essential characteristic, and the Inherent Truth of the “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam is that Reality Itself is “out front”—from the beginning, moment to moment.

The Mirror and The Checkerboard

(section 2 – 4) (pages 1002 – 1009)


I have Visited the “tower room” where klik-klak is happening. I am Telling you that is what is happening. It is dreadful. It is hell. Klik-klak, klik-klak—shift, shift, shift. In and of itself, it is dark, and deadly—and you are caught in it, as if drifting along in some giant intestine, waiting to be crapped out.

In the meantime, what are you doing? You are “hanging out” in that dark “shit-pipe”. That is all you are doing here—because you will not accept the Prior Principle That Is Reality Itself. You will not bend the knee—and subordinate separate “self” (or the presumed “shadow-self”, or “knowing-self”) to What is Perfectly Great.

The klik-klak checkerboard is the actual nature of the conditional apparition of the all-and-All-Reflecting Reality. When you get up close, then you can see the checkerboard, the field of repetition, the field of appearance-shift-change. The black and white squares of the checkerboard just shift into different patterns, making pictures. When you stand far back, you see the pictures—but when you get up close, all there is is the checkerboard (or the “grid”, as I have also called it). There is a grid in the Energy-Field That Is Consciousness Itself—and all of this appearance of universe is merely bits on that grid. In and of itself, the grid is a terrible illusion, a mere reflection.

The question is not “What is being reflected?” The question is “What is reflecting it?”, or “What is the Condition in Which the reflected image is appearing?”

The Mirror Is Reality Itself, Which Is Acausal. The Mirror does not “cause” what appears reflected on Its surface. The Mirror Is Perfectly Prior to what appears reflected on Its surface. The Mirror does not change what is reflected on Its surface, and It does not “causatively” originate what is reflected on Its surface.

Whatever is “causative” is inherently conditional. Reality Itself Is, paradoxically, Acausal—not “causing” anything. Reality Itself Is the Source—in the sense that whatever arises is merely an apparent modification of Reality Itself—but Reality Itself does not make anything happen. Reality Itself does not insist. Therefore, none of what arises has any ultimate necessity. None of what arises is Reality Itself. Rather, what arises is merely an appearance based on the (merely apparent) modification of Reality Itself.

When you see What is being played on, when you Self-“Locate” the Mirror—the Self-State of That Which Is Acausal and Merely Reflecting, relative to Which nothing arising has any ultimate necessity, nothing arising has any binding force—then you have become Established in the Perfectly Prior Position. The Perfectly Prior Position is not “you”. The Perfectly Prior Position is not the nature of the egoic “self”—and, in Truth, there is no egoic “self”. The Perfectly Prior Position Is Acausal—meaning there is no separate “anyone” there. That is not a state to be achieved. That Is the State That Is Always Already The Case—not the separate “point of view” on the checkerboard, not the presumed independent entity, not the checkerboard-field of universe.

In Reality, ego is not at the “Root” of the “world”, not at the “Root” of the body. In Reality, the body is a reflection. Therefore, to think of the ego-“self” as the body is to think of Reality as a “known-object”. What about the “Subject”-Position That Is Perfectly Prior to the reflection? Before you look in the Mirror, What Is the Case? What Is Always Already The Case? Before you look in the Mirror, you Are the Mirror—not a “thing” appeared as separate “knowing-self”. It is (in some context and convention of discourse) appropriate to refer to the Inherent Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State (or fundamental “Root”-Condition) As “Self”—but the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State is not “a self” (or an “object”-attending “knowing-self”). Rather, the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Conscious Light, or Intrinsically egoless Consciousness Itself.

I Am That.

I Am That here—in this midst, and now.




There are no egos in Reality Itself—none. It is not that Adidam is a Way in which you overcome egoity by a process of “wearing it down”—as if emptying water from a boat with a bucket, such that you eventually succeed in getting all of the water out of the boat. There is no water in the boat. There is no ego in the body-mind-complex. There is no ego in Reality Itself. The ego does not, in Reality, exist. There is no separate entity—and the preliminary “Perfect Knowledge” Listening-practice points to the non-existence of the otherwise presumed-to-be-separate “knowing-self” (or ego-“I”).

If you (as My devotee) engage the preliminary “Perfect Knowledge” Listening-practice based on profound devotional recognition-response to Me, turning to Me with all the faculties, you will (inevitably) re-discover, in every moment, that you are not egoically “self”-identified with conditions of any kind. In that case, appearances of a conditional (or psycho-physical) nature—or all apparently “objective” phenomena, whether seemingly “internal” or seemingly “external”—continue to happen, in some apparent sense. But, paradoxically, they happen on the Basis of the Intrinsically egoless Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State and the Transcendental Spiritual Current of Reality Itself, Which “contains” no separate “one”. All apparent separateness is, in Reality, a unified field of apparent happening—but without any separate entity that is participating in it or threatened by it.

Such is the “radical” characteristic of the Reality-Way I have Revealed and Given. Such is the “radical” characteristic of the disposition of true devotion to Me. True devotion to Me is (necessarily) ego-transcending. True devotion to Me does not relate to Me as an egoic “other”. Only the profoundest devotional recognition of Me can establish profoundest devotion to Me.




As “Narcissus”, you live in the checkerboard field, where everyone is gaming, seeking, looking for a goal at one end of the checkerboard or the other, or even just “messing around”. You are not even working toward getting out to the edge of the field—and, in fact, there is no edge of the field. There is no center on the checkerboard. You simply move around within it. Thus, there is no separate “self”—but there is also no edge. The Sphere of the Mirror Is Centerless and Boundless. The Mirror has no edges—and, therefore, the Mirror has no center.

The “world” of “object”-reflections is what has traditionally been called “samsara”—the “world” of illusion, the “world” of suffering. To Most Perfectly Realize the Condition of the Mirror Itself, Which Is the Perfectly Prior (or Always-Already) Position, is (in traditional language) “Nirvana”—or Divine Enlightenment, or Divine Self-Realization. The Perfectly Prior Position Is Perfect. The Perfectly Prior Position Is the seventh stage Realization, Which I Perfectly Self-Manifest and Perfectly Self-Reveal.

In essence, human society is no different from a beehive or an ant colony. In a beehive, the queen is simply pumping out eggs. And the other bees are “designed”, in the grid-pattern of that particular species, to have their particular functions. Each type of bee has its own genetic and chemical triggers, as a result of which it acquires a certain appearance and functions in a certain manner. Every bee unconsciously fulfills its pre-patterned role—including its participation in the necessary procedures of replication—and every bee eventually becomes obsolete, post-replication, in a pre-determined period of however many days or weeks.

Human society functions in exactly the same manner. There is a necessary biological replication-process, by which “replacement organisms” are made—and also a process of replicating states of mind and states of emotion—and then you (the temporary link) become obsolete and drop dead. What you always cling to as “you” is eventually shed, without a moment’s hesitation—like excrement. From the “point of view” of the universe, the “you” that is the body-mind-complex is nothing but “shit”. The “body-mind you” is nothing but a temporary little event. The “body-mind you” is, in both cosmic (or conditional) Nature and Reality Itself, not treated as having any ultimate importance—and, in Truth (or in Reality Itself), the “body-mind you” has no ultimate importance.

Where is the Freedom from this intolerable bondage? If you look at your actual situation in this “world”, and truly observe and understand what it is, how could you possibly be naively enthusiastic about it? In and of itself, your situation in this “world” is hell. In and of itself, your situation in this “world” is terrible. If there is anything potentially beautiful about your situation in this “world”, you must be (apparently) associated with the “world” from a different position—the Truth-Position, the Reality-Position, the Intrinsic Self-Position That Is (Always Already) Free of the implications of the machine of klik-klak-happening. If this “world” is only repetitive activities and replication—perhaps with a little shift, a minor change, accompanying each gesture, and with the inevitable ending in death—how can that be accepted, except that it is imposed on you by force? What is there of delight in that?

What is greater than that? Is there anything greater? Yes, there Is. But a Reality-Revealer is needed, to make it plain—not only to make it plain through words, but to Be it, to Self-Manifest it, to Show the Way, such that the relationship to That One can become a Way of life for That One’s devotees.

What is it about this that the “modern Everyman” cannot accept? Throughout all human history, great beings, in their various modes of Realization, have appeared in the midst of human-kind and done exactly this. What is there about all of “modern” you, that you cannot accept this, that you insist on subordinating What is Supremely Great to what is “dark” and “sinful”?

As “Narcissus”, your law is to presume your own independence, your own immunity, and your own position of being “in control”. Such are the signs of your desperate search for safety and survival—because you tacitly understand, at heart, that you are in trouble in this “shit-maze” here. You want to pretend contentedness—but you are not contented. All egos are inherently disturbed.

Whatever is orderly is the checkerboard itself. To be a square in that checkerboard is to be inherently disturbed—but you are so bound that your energy of disturbance simply acts as a mover in the game, rather than moving you out of the game. To be in the “self”-knot-position is not Bliss, not Happiness, not Truth, not Divine.

Order is not Truth—nor is disorder. Truth Is Perfectly Prior to both order and disorder. When Truth is Self-Established, then a creative process of Right Order—or the working-out of chaotic situations—happens, but only in That Free and Divine Disposition.

If you remain in the checkerboard pattern, it inevitably becomes more and more complex—because the checkerboard is an infinite field, without center or bounds. There is always more and more and more and more and more.

I Am the Hole in the universe, Perfectly Prior to all this mummery. I Am here, to Break the spell, to Make Right Life and the Real Reality-Way possible, in an otherwise deluded context of “world”-happening. However, the ego’s impulse is to avoid My Divine Imposition, to casually “play around” in this infinite apparent field of the grid of conditional appearances—un-Illumined, not “Bright”, “Thumb”-less, without a clue.

Chaos is also very orderly. If you get down to its up-closest state, you will see: Everything is happening on a checkerboard, a digital screen, a grid. In that sense, everything is orderly. If you step back, you are seeing the piecemeal picture, and it is chaotic—even sometimes appearing to have edges and a center. That is the conditional universe. That is moment to moment ego-existence—feeling that the ego-“I” is the center of the universe, merely because it is the center of its own apparition of grid.

The “point of view” of attention—the fixed locus of attention in the space-time grid—is what you identify as “self”. You call it “I”. Thus, the grid “point of view” is the origin of the “I”-utterance. From that “point of view”, if there were not a checkerboard in which to presume a position, you would not live. There would not be any separate “I”. And, in Reality, that is exactly how it is. There is no separate “I”.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam Is the Way of Reality Itself. The “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam begins with Reality Itself—and, therefore, the “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam has no goal. Reality Itself Is the Realization Constantly Given by Me in the “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam. Ultimately, that Realization is Most Perfect, Outshining all-and-All—but such Most Perfect Realization is simply the Most Perfect Demonstration of That Which Is the Reality-Way from the beginning.

Devotion to Me (utterly turned to Me, with all of the principal faculties) and the “Perfect Knowledge” Listening-practice—engaged, in conjunction with each other, in every life-context, in accordance with My Instructions (and, necessarily, supported by the by-Me-Given disciplines of right life)—is the Way of Reality Itself. There-fore, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam Is Reality-Realizing, in every moment, from the beginning. Really ego-transcending devotional Communion with Me, demonstrated moment to moment through the “Perfect Knowledge” Listening-practice (and through the forms of life-discipline I have Given), Is the Non-conditional Realization of Reality Itself. Therefore, in every moment, the practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam has the virtue of being Established in Reality Itself—rather than being trapped in mummery, in egoity, in fear.

You exist as if you were outside your own body. In Reality, you are not outside your own body—and you are not even merely inside your own body. In Reality, you are Perfectly Prior to the body (and Perfectly Prior to the total psycho-physical ego-“I”)—which means that there is no “you”. “You” (or “I”) is nothing but a reference to a chronically presumed “point of view” in time and space, a mere illusion of “location” on the centerless and boundless checkerboard-grid of the “world”-mummery.

Reality Itself has no position on a grid. Reality Itself Is Perfectly Prior—Prior to center, Prior to bounds, Prior to “problem”, Prior to seeking, Prior to un-Truth. Reality Itself Is Self-Evidently Divine. Reality Itself Is All the God There Is.

The “Object-God” is false. The “Object-God” is an illusion. Fundamentally, the “Object-God” is merely a concept, politically and culturally used (in the common “world” of egos) to provide a metaphorical situation for the conventional assertion of “authority”, and for the conventional “authoritative” (or “official”) pronouncing (and enforcing) of social imperatives.

The “Object-God” is not Reality Itself. Therefore, the “Object-God” is not That Which Is Inherently Divine.

The “Object-God” is like the “I”-thought: It is merely the illusory center of a language-game. The “world” is another such center of a language-game. The “I”-thought (or the presumed-to-be-independent ego-“self”), and the “world”, and the “God”-idea are the three fundamental categories of Reality-as-reflection. As such, “ego-‘I’”, “world-out-there”, and “God-everywhere” are the essential categories of egoic bondage—the tripartite package of “world”-mummery. Some people throw out the “God”-idea—but that does not make any difference, because “ego” provides the grid, and “world” provides the mummery. And if the “God”-idea is still entertained, it provides the (socially dictated) “rules of the game”. All of that is simply a manifestation (or extension) of ego-mind.

Real (Acausal) God Is Reality Itself. Real (Acausal) God does not have a name. Nevertheless, words can be used—and I do use them, Revealing to you that Real (Acausal) God Is the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State That Is Reality Itself, the Intrinsic Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Self-State, and Source-Condition of all appearances. That “Root”-Condition Is egoless, Centerless, Unbounded, Non-conditional, without limitation, and without bondage.

If you would have your life not be about bondage, Reality Itself must Transform your life. The only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam Is That “Radical” (or Always “At-the-Root”) Transformation of life, Based on Perfectly Prior Establishment In and As Reality Itself.

“Radical” (or always already “at-the-root”) devotion to Me and Intrinsically (or tacitly and egolessly) Self-Exercised “Perfect Knowledge”—the twofold fundamental practice within which all the other by-Me-Given practices and disciplines are to be engaged—is the Avatarically by-Me-Given Divine Means whereby life is Transformed (or Made right) by Reality Itself.

The Aletheon