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The seventh stage of life, or the Realization of Avatar Adi Da’s own “Bright” Divine Self-Condition, transcends the entire course of human potential. Avatar Adi Da is the Unique Revealer of the seventh stage of life. In other words, though the greatest confessions of sixth stage Realization include premonitions of the seventh stage Realization, the seventh stage of life was never, before Adi Da’s Avataric Incarnation, actually Realized, Revealed, and Demonstrated. Seventh stage Realization is a profoundly “radical” turnabout relative to all the ordinary and extraordinary modes of existence that have ever been known to human beings. Therefore, the Awakening to the seventh stage Realization, on the part of Avatar Adi Da’s devotees, requires practice of the “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam in its most intensive, or renunciate, form.

In the seventh stage of life, the impulse to Realize the Divine (as Light) by going “Up” and the impulse to Realize the Divine (as Consciousness) by going “Deep” are (by Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Grace) simultaneously fulfilled. In that fulfillment, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Himself is most perfectly Realized. He is Realized as the “Bright”, the Single Divine Unity of Consciousness and Energy—or Conscious Light Itself. This unique Realization, or Divine Enlight-enment, wipes away every trace of dissociation from the body-mind and the world. There is no impulse to seek or to avoid any experience. Rather, everything that arises is Divinely Self-Recognized to be merely a modification of the Conscious Light of Reality Itself.

The seventh stage Realization is absolutely Non-conditional. In other words, it is not dependent on “conditions” of any kind, or on any form of effort by the individual. Rather, It is a Divine Gift, Given by His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da to the devotee who has utterly surrendered all of ego to Him. Therefore, the seventh stage Realization is permanent. The seventh stage Realization, however, is not a static “finality”. The process of Divine Self-Recognition itself unfolds in phases, in which the Realizer is first Transfigured and Transformed, then becomes profoundly and Divinely Indifferent to all appearances within Reality, and finally is, with the end of the physical lifetime, “Translated” beyond any possible future birth or reappearance in a limited form.
The Aletheon

During the first six stages of life, the various aspects of human potential are awakened and tested to the point of real maturity. But the complete sacrifice of the whole body-being into the Radiant Transcendental Being is realized in the seventh stage of life. The transcendental Self which was realized in the sixth stage is no longer pitted against the phenomenal world. The Self no longer seeks to remain concentrated in the heart-root, exclusive of all objects. The “eyes” of the heart open. The liberated “individual” now Realizes everything to he a modification of’ the Radiant Transcendental Being. ‘the world is recognized as continuously arising in the Ultimate Being, which is coessential with the Self.

“In the seventh stage of life there is native or radical intuitive identification with Radiant Transcendental Being, the Identity of all beings (or subjects) and the Condition of all conditions (or objects). This intuitive identification (or Radical Self-Abiding) is directly Realized, entirely apart from any dissociative act of inversion. And, while so Abiding, if any conditions arise, or if any states of body-mind arise, they are simply recognized in the Radiant Transcendental Being (as transparent or nonbinding.modifications of Itself). Such is Sahaj Samadhi, and it is inherently free of any apparent implications, limitations, or binding power of phenomenal conditions. If no conditions arise to the notice, there is simply Radiant Transcendental Being. Such is Bhava Samadhi, about Which nothing sufficient can be said, and there is not Anyone, Anything, or Anywhere beyond It to be Realized. “

Divine Enlightenment

The seventh stage of life is release from all the egoic limitations of the previous stages of life. Remarkably, the seventh stage Awakening is not an experience at all. The true Nature of everything is simply obvious. Now the Understanding arises that every apparent “thing” is Eternally, Perfectly the same as Reality, Consciousness, Happiness, Truth, or God. And that Understanding is Supreme Love-Bliss.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj calls this Divine Awareness “Open Eyes”. No longer is there any need to seek meditative seclusion in order to Realize Identification with the One Divine Reality. The Ecstatic and world-embracing Confession, “There Is Only God”, is native (and therefore effortlessly perpetual) to one who enjoys the State of “Open Eyes”. Consciousness is no longer felt to be divorced from the world of forms, but Consciousness Itself is directly understood to be the very Nature, Source, and Substance of that world. And so the life of the seventh stage Realizer becomes the Love-Blissful process of Divinely Recognizing, or intuitively acknowledging, whatever arises to be only a modification of Consciousness Itself.

The Divinely Self-Realized Being is literally “Enlightened”. The Light of Divine Being Flows in him or her in a continuous circuitry of Love-Bliss, that rises in an S-shaped curve from the right side of the heart to a Matrix of Light above and Beyond the crown of the head. This is Amrita Nadi, the “Nerve of Immortal Bliss”, mentioned in the esoteric Hindu Spiritual tradition.

It is easy to fall into the pattern of conventional thinking that belongs to the fourth, fifth, and sixth stage schools of the traditions and to feel, therefore, that the radical considerations of the seventh stage are more or less restatements of the point of view inherent in the fourth, fifth, and sixth stages of life.

In the seventh stage of life, or the context of Divine Enlightenment, the evolutionary process continues. Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes the seventh stage of life as having four phases: Divine Transfiguration, Divine Transformation, Divine Indifference, and Divine Translation.

The following is an edit of a talk given by Adi Da Samraj in 1996 entitled ‘The Unblemished Infinity’ part of The ‘Brightening’ Way Talk Series.



ADI DA SAMRAJ: So the “Perfect Practice” is the practice done in the Perfect Domain, which is the Domain of Non-“difference”.

And the body-mind is not exercised there, except that the Doorway to it is related to a last gesture at the point of contact with the body-mind, which is a gesture of disassociating from it—turning, inverting, so to speak, on the Self. That’s the last gesture to be transcended. But only after drowning in the Well.

You can’t get to the Divine Domain without your death. But its not of mere physical death. You can have lots of those. Its the utter death relinquishment, Outshining, out-feeling, of the knot of separateness.

So it’s in that profound depth of Jnana that it suddenly is noticed that there is this gesture of disassociation from phenomenal existence. It is unnecessary.

All of this apparent arising is nothing but the Divine Self-Condition, Self-Radiant, all Love-Bliss. Hasn’t the slightest effect, in the bondage sense, on the Divine Self-Condition.

So it is Recognized in that last conditional gesture of having to dissociate from it in order to enter the Well. Its released. There’s no leaving the Well. You’ve drowned.

The Divine Self-Position is not left behind. Its that all phenomenal arising is Recognized in that.

And the sign in the body is the Yoga of Amrita Nadi in the body-mind, wherein the Divine Self Radiates from the Heart-Position through Amrita Nadi into the Circle, simply Recognizing what arises, not clinging to it at all, Recognizing it in the Divine Samadhi, the Ultimate Degree Where that Shining disposition Shines through and beyond all conditionality.

Not by being disassociated from it, but by being Recognized. No impediment to the Shine. So it Recognizes all, passes through all, Outshines all.

That is Divine Translation.

But in the meantime, the seventh stage of life is that very Samadhi.

And the apparent arising of conditions makes no “difference” whatsoever to that.

Neither does it make any “difference” to the Witness.

The Witness is not the body-mind. It has none of the troubles of the body-mind.

The Witness must Realize its Source-Condition Most Perfectly.

But it Stands in that very Position, about to Realize it.

So the sadhana of the “Perfect Practice” is the sadhana of the Divine Self-Condition, which is not a psycho-physical exercise.

Its held in place yet, though, by that last gesture made, that holding the world off, so to speak, to enter the Well.

So that is the last relinquishment, when Jnana Samadhi becomes Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi in the seventh stage sense. Open-Eyed, infinite Samadhi. Recognizing all.

So the beginning of that Awakeness and of Existence in that Perfect Domain is to Realize the Witness-Position in the fullest and Spiritual sense, as being the Position that Is Always Already the Case.

Preliminary to this, in basic terms, is the relaxation of your entanglement, the fixity, the mechanicalness of your adaptations, so that you have free energy and attention for this Ultimate noticing.

So you do have to use the body-mind as means of sadhana during all of that. But its just being a servant in My house. (Editors note: i.e. Transfiguration, Transformation, Translation).

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