At the root and the actual nature of our existence the
dilemma disolves, but what is this dilemma you speak of? I
demand to know, you’ve been babbling on about it and I
insist that you explain to me, as I have no idea what you’re
speaking about.

O.K. my dear friend let me try and explain to you. You
are in a dilemma and are trying to find your way out of it.
You are not aware of this action your motivated by but it is
governing your own life, as you know it. It is a forced
action, on your part. Actually is a felt sense of fear, as
you would describe it in it’s most ‘naked’ sense. The sense
of your fear which you do not recognize.


Actual nature of existence

Dilemma dissolves


Forced action relaxes in a natural unmotivated sense of
intense enjoyment without qualifications

Heart, arisig at the Heart point

Heart point – relationship – unqalified

To that which is without bounds – non qualified but yet

Perfect object of experience

Meditation – Absorbtion

Foce or flight in the “object” (perfect object) coming to
the heart and moving throught the ‘bright’ and