The Law Changes All Adi Da Samraj, August 11, 1987

Beezone Adaptation
of an unpubished talk by Adi Da Samraj

August 11, 1987
Original talk
Law that Changes All



For many human beings, even far into their adult life, so
much of their lives are consumed with unaccomplished,
unfinished business. Business of their lives that remain
from an earlier strata of their undeveloped life.

How can one handle lifes unfinished business? By the
straighener, self-understanding and Truth itself. Through
self-understanding you will transcend the past, psychically,
in the psycho-physics of things. You must release the dead
and release the past. You must do so as you get older, you
must do so in your youth. If you are a parent associated
with children, you must understand your responsibility by
helping them to overcome ghosts of the past, present and
future. These ghosts exist in memory, in mind, in body, in
reaction in the form of etheric forces in mind, feeling and

You must accomplish this purification in all forms of
life. With one another, with situations that may seem
profoundly disturbing. This purification is accomplished
through love. Stand firm, take responsibility, handle your
business, complete it and then release one another or
situation. When you’ve done that business you can happily be
free to grow. Until you’ve handled business your lifes
responsibilities you’ll have ghosts haunting you and you can
not grow.


“You can’t move on until you
handle this business”.


You must handle all business. I’ve know this all my life.
I’ve always worked to handle business with everyone, in fact
I’ve always worked to help other people handle business with
one another. I’ve always handled business with my mother and
father, but also worked to help them handle business with
one another, however much they could.

Whatever business is left over from my mother, or my
father now deceased, I don’t know how available either one
of them is to my consideration. But I have handled my
business with them. You should do likewisein all your
relationships. You must handle business. The residual
effects will continue to affect you and you will take them
into all new relationships. You can’t get away.

You must notice what is affecting you, what habits you
continue to dramatize. In one fashion or another, through
the instrumentality of Truth itself, you must handle
business. Even at a late date. You must. You cannot continue
to grow. You can’t move on until you handle business. Until
there is nothing left over, nothing, unforgiven, nothing
unspoken, nothing unthought. You must be physically,
emotionally and mentally purified of memory, of insult, or
engrams. You must be. There are great leaps you can make in
that process. Self-Understanding, responsibility and Truth
release great forces. All sorts of purification may show
themselves but nonetheless you must endure the process. You

Notice everything, be insulted, notice every insult, be
sensitive to everything. This has always been my policy. I
suffer everything. I relieve myself of nothing. This body
will not die with unfinished business, absolutely none. I
will not allow this body to die with any unfinished
business. Therefore I deal with it every day, every moment,
I am sensitive to every gesture. It may seem to you to be
impossibile but it’s not too much, considered from the point
of view of wisdom. One must be sensitive, and do the work.
Invest yourself in the Truth absolutely. Handle all
business, exhaust yourself in the process. You can not grow,
truly, until you do.



The more business you accomplish, the closer you are to
Realization. What is Realization anyway? Realization is when
all business is handled. When there is no more business,
then you stand free. Until all business is handled, you have
business to do. And there’s no getting around it, no matter
how much you idealize it. There’s no getting around it. Your
circles will reappear over and over again until you do.
Therefore be sensitive, and get down to it every day.


“This is not only how your
serve your own Realization, this is how you serve all
Fulfill the Law by handling all


The first law of business is to transcend yourself, to
notice and renounce your own demands and go beyond yourself.
What is imposing itself upon you, you must be directed in
that direction
. Don’t make subjective content out of it.
It’s another, others, the world, the past, memory, limits,
it’s not in you, its your associations. Be purified of them,
through great commitment, based on your understanding,
the realization of Truth at your stage of life

Look at your life, investigate it, all the unfinished
business of your life. If you were on your deathbed you
would think seriously about doing so. You must handle life’s
business while you live. Don’t wait till you’re on your
deathbed to tell your friend you love him or her. Invest
yourself in the business of love, now, presently. Purify
yourself with Truth, purify others. Relieve all beings from
this imposition of insult of nature and unhappiness, and bad
deeds. Be relieved and relive all, by the force of Truth.
That’s it. By the power of Truth you grow. Without its
exercise you do not.

You have to handle your personal business, the business
in your past, the business in your friendship, the business
in your blood relations, the business in your intimate
relations, the business in your friendly relations, your
business with the world. This is sadhana. This is what makes
it sadhana, you see, the concreteness of your obligations,
founded on Truth. Until you get involved in that business
you just sit around blaming others and situations for what
you have not done. You may also sit around with a
silly grin, trying to be religious, spiritual thinking
things are fine. You’re looking to be consoled. You must do
sadhana. You must handle business. You have many concrete
things in life that your are suffering, and others are
suffering. Erase them by the power of Truth. That’s the Way
of the Heart, and nothing else, nothing less, at all. Every
fraction of it.

You cannot grow and move on to the fourth stage of life
until you handle the business of ordinary life of the first
three stages of life. Don’t you know? You all were trying to
be spiritual, and you hadn’t handled the first fraction of
your business in life. You try to avoid the business of life
by becoming “spirtual”. You could renounce the business of
life and become a renunciate. No. You become a renunicate by
dealing with the business of life.

You can try all sort of games with yourself and others
and it may work out for awhile. This strategy may work for a
season but the business you are avoiding will return, over
and over again, you cannot avoid it. The way out of it is to
accomplish it, handle it and transcend it.

To be human is to love, forgive, concretely to handle all
business, to purify, to set one’s self and others free, to
generate a circumstance for continued existence that is not
time bound. This then will allow you to have time to invest
yourself in timeless activities, meditation and other such
growth activities. You are not free enough of time to
indulge yourself in such activites because you have not yet
finished business. You have much unfinished business, and
your insensitive to the present, and you don’t know what to
say about the future other than hopefully wishes.

Unfinished business is the belonging, the sign, the
modeling force of the consciousness, in time. To realize, to
grasp the truth at whatever level of life you are presently
involved in you necessarily, inevitably, inherently
transcend time. This is growth. You are no longer the past.
This is why some say I am not the body, I am not the mind.
You are not the body and you are not the mind when you
transcend time. But right now you are all about time, full
of unfinished business, full of thoughts, full of
reactivity, self-possessed, wondering, trying to find a
loophole in this or that, trying to find some reason to feel
good, distracted all without dealing with the reality of
life’s business, right in front of you.

This is my word to you ladies and gentleman and I
strongly suggest you get on with it.


Adi Da Samraj – 1980